10 SEO traps to avoid Google down-ranking in 2017

To keep your website more visible and competitive, you should know the latest 2017 tactics. In the past years, the SEO strategies, that used to ran better, have changed drastically. Google ranking has also undergone some severe changes, so as a website owner, you should be aware of the traps, that you should avoid to prevent Google down-ranking.

So here are 10 SEO traps you should avoid in 2017.

  1. Link Building

Link Building is very unnatural in SEO, so webmasters should avoid it. Any links, that intend to manipulate in ranking, are considered as violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Selling, buying or asking for links is alright, as long as you don’t violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you are not violating any rules is to review your current link building strategies, and check all outbound and inbound links to your website, so that your website is not penalized for wrong links and you are not going against the webmaster rules.

  1. Unfriendly mobile design

Mobile friendliness of a website is among Google’s top SEO ranking factors. Mobile friendly websites perform better, than websites that are not optimized for mobile users. Certain factors like, very small texts and links that are close together, hamper the user experience on mobile devices. Because of the increasing number of mobile users, it is important to create mobile friendly sites. You need to design your page in a way that caters to the mobile users. This will improve your site’s performance. Result in better conversion rates, and will improve your SEO ranking.

  1. Anchor Text

Exact match anchor text is equal to link building. Few years ago, the use of keywords as anchor texts, was considered as the easiest ways to get a higher ranking, but with Google’s Penguin Update, using an exact match anchor text, is seen as an act to manipulate search engine rankings. Abusing anchor texts can be considered as over-optimization, and can get you penalized. If you really want to use anchor texts, you can use a few links that use a variety of anchor text links and some major keywords.

  1. Targeting some specific pages

A good link profile is among the most important SEO ranking factors. Google has even brought algorithm changes to improve search results quality and filter out bad linking schemes. To ensure that you have a good link profile, you should perform link evaluation by using your Google Webmaster account.

  1. Low site user engagement

Engaging visitors in your website is a very big challenge. Low user engagement leads to lower search engine rankings. Some of the factors that affect your Google search results rankings are; page views, time on sites, and bounce rates. You can improve your user site engagement by looking at the preferences of the targeted audience and gaining insights of the visitors’ behavior. You can use A/B testing to optimize your website for better user engagement. This method is about using two similar but slightly different designs to determine which design results in the most clicks and conversions and appeals to your targeted user. Then you can find out the choices that appeal most to your target audience, like fonts, colors, and word choices. And then you can apply them to your website, to increase the user engagement.

  1. Poor user experience

Google considers the experience the users have while visiting your website. A bad user experience can dramatically damage your search engine ranking. If the visitor quickly leaves your site and goes to the search results page again, then it means that the user did not find, whatever he was looking for. Then it’s a red flag for your search engine ranking. You need to make your website visually appealing, with an easy navigation and having high quality content, so that the user stays on your website for a longer time.

  1. Use of Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are full screen ads, which cover the screen space completely. Recently, Google has announced that, it will start punishing sites that use interstitial ads. It will downgrade the rankings of websites that use interstitial apps.  Apps which feature interstitial ads prevent the users from going through the content and information of the website. The users have to search for tiny buttons to close the popups.

  1. Low quality content

Unique content is a great way to optimize your website for search engines. However the content should also be useful and valuable to visitors. By avoiding low quality content, you can get better user experience and higher search engine rankings. Readers prefer content that are informative and are relevant to the topic. The Google Panda update is finding about thin content, which is inappropriate. The examples of thin content are, thin affiliate pages, copied content from other sources, automatically generated content and doorway pages. You should focus on creating unique content, which would help and impress the visitors.

  1. Mishandling reconsideration requests

Once you have made the necessary changes to your website, Google will allow you to send a reconsideration request. This process helps you in revoking any manual action, which has been taken against you. But several websites misuse these reconsideration requests, and start violating the guidelines after the penalty is revoked. Repeated misuse of reconsideration requests, can lead to straight refusal of your reconsideration requests in the future. So don’t misuse such opportunities.

  1. Lacking fresh content

The two important factors, that are important to maintain and raise your search engine rankings in 2017, are fresh and original content. You should show your visitors what you are capable of, by presenting a wide variety content, which addresses their queries. Consistently updating your content, will act as an active factor to rank higher in Google. Fresh and relevant content is a splendid way to build a good user engagement.

Creating a website is easy, but maintaining it in the competitive market is very difficult. While going through these traps, you should plan your SEO strategies, accordingly, so as to remain in the safe side.

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