5 ways to increase your site’s ranking

Most digital marketing professionals focus on keywords optimization when it comes to improving the site ranking. But, it’s not the only way to drag traffic to your site. There are several effective ways that affect SEO ranking. Getting viewers to your site is no more a challenge now but it will leave a huge impact if you can make them stay on your site with engaging content. It will not only boost your website’s ranking but will also enhance the usability of your page. Check out five tricks to improve your site’s ranking.

Publish useful and high-quality content: Content being the king of digital marketing always determines the number of visitors on your site. If you update your followers with relevant content they will automatically stay longer on your page. Research indicates content around 2500 words on a website seems to come appear first in search engine results. However, nobody will read your stuff if they don’t find it interesting. On the other hand, if your visitors find the content appropriate they will bookmark your page on Chrome and consequently, it will improve your Google ranking. Don’t forget to update your content at least once in a week. It indicates site’s authenticity and relevancy.

Page load speed: Do you know two major search engines, Google and Bing consider page-loading speed in their website ranking algorithm? Online users are familiar with fast service and if your site takes the unnecessary time to load you will eventually lose some of the potential customers. There are several ways to improve the page loading speed. Proper optimization of images reduces file size and increases loading speed. Using quality images not only offers a good impact but also improves visitors’ experience. Consequently, it affects your site ranking.

Meta tag: Good presentation of your site will help you get good results. The readers will spend more time to go through the content of your site if you use Meta tag. It is the snippets of the page’s contents. It will not appear on the site but people will get to see a brief description depicting what the site contains when they type the name of your company on any search engines.

Outbound links: When designing your site your focus should be on your viewers. Try to treat them with as much information as possible. Linking out your content with established authority is an effective way to make your viewers spend more time on your site. However, unnecessary outbound links can be distracting and it will shift the viewers’ focus from your site to another page.

Mobile optimization: Presently, we are living in the smartphone era and people are consuming content on handy mobile devices. So make sure to create a mobile optimized site to increase your reach. Google has a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. It is particularly designed to give a boost to the mobile optimized site in Google’s mobile search results.

Proper layout and formatting of your pages offer a better user experience. So while designing your site, make sure to keep these things in mind to improve your site’s usability.

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