51 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

One of the most common concerns of any blogger is to drive traffic to his blog or website. After all, it doesn’t make sense to fill up your website with quality content or good images if it doesn’t get the desired visibility. Hence, it’s an ongoing attempt from the end of the bloggers to increase the page views and make the blog popular among the target audience.

If you are expecting qualified and reliable search traffic, but clueless about how to start, here are 51 innovative ways that will help you achieve your business objectives. Go through these minutely and figure out the most effective ones for your blog.

1. Work on Social media platforms–While talking about social media platforms, you can’t neglect Facebook as this happens to be the most popular networking platform in the present time.

ü  Create a Facebook page of your website/blog, share the newly released posts, and connect a link from the Facebook share post to your website. You can also consider running social media Ads and hosting different contests. Don’t forget to use a Call-to-Action (CTA) button as these inspire the viewers to take the desired action promptly.

ü  Apart from Facebook, Twitter is another popular platform where you can market your blog. It provides you with a high number of followers and you can make your brand popular.

ü  With Instagram, although you can’t get backlinks, but you can mention the link of your blog or website in your profile.

ü  At Pinterest, you can create a pinboard of your own or you can also become a part of different pinboards. Consider adding the blog posts in the pinboards and this way, you will be able to share the blog posts with more number of followers.

ü  Tumblr is another important social media platform on which you can share the blog posts with your followers. But for this platform, you need to be a little patient since it takes time to create a large follower base at Tumblr. But once you are ready with the same, it will ensure direct traffic for you.

ü  If you already haven’t created an informative video for your blog posts or website, this is high time to do that. Share it on YouTube, get more popularity and enjoy a higher traffic drive to your website.

ü  Wondering how you could use Skype for marketing your blog? Well, be smart and insert the link of your website in your status. It will act as a good reminder for all your connections and they might want to check out what’s new on your website.

ü  Finally, focus on your LinkedIn profile. Get connected with as many relevant professionals as you can and consider sharing all your blog posts on LinkedIn. This will not only help generate more traffic to your website, but also will increase thechances of getting noticed by big brands, which in turn, might lead to prospective opportunities in future.

2. Focus on SEO –SEO is undoubtedly one of the most helpful methods thatwill help you achieve your goal. Make sure you are aware of the updates and latest algorithms and take steps accordingly. Focussing on long tail keywords is considered to be one of the most effective methods. Do your own research and create a spreadsheet containing the URLs and the corresponding descriptions. Instead of using vague and too generic short keywords, try using long search phrases. For instance, instead of using only “books”, put in KWs like “books to read after a heartbreak”. This will help you reach to those people who are exactly looking for similar kind of books, and that way, you will be able to reach the target audience.

3. Work on your headlines – One of the major ways to draw traffic to your blogs or website is to create eye-catching headlines. A good headline is that which not only draws the readers’ attention, but also encourages them to click through. Remember, such a headline must be followed up by truthful and actually helpful content. You can generate ideas for bomb basting headlines by reading high quality articles and comments to those articles. This will also help you understand your audience. Make sure you optimize the headlines properly as only such headlines will be able to attract the audience.

4. Become a columnist on a reputed website –If you can become a guest contributor on a well reputed site, it would be great for you. This will not only help you drive traffic towards your site, but will also help establish yourself as an expert in the domain.

5. Increase posting frequency–Keep doing research regarding the right frequency and once you are done with it, stick to it. Posting more frequently will positively help increase your reach to your target customers.

6. Connect with influential bloggers – Build connections with other bloggers from your domain. Maintaining personal relationships with them might result in referral traffic as well as organic inbound links.

7. Interview influencers in your niche – Gone are the days when interviews used to be restricted only to people with huge following. Before you start with the interviewing agenda, give yourself some time and try establishing a relationship with those professionals whom you want to interview. Shortlist the thought leaders of your industry and then send out emails to them requesting an interview. Once you are done with the interviews, publish those on your blog. Make sure you give a notification to the interviewed professionals once the interview is live. Most likely, they too, would like to share the same link on their profile. Thus, youwill get exposed to a completely new audience and it will help you earn more credibility, resulting in more traffic.

8. Create a community – Although it might not seem to be effective initially, it will surely help you in the long run. If you can create a loyal fan base who trust you and is sure of the credibility of your brand, it will help you promote your services better. You can also ask them to share posts and news on behalf of you.

9. Start a YouTube channel – The importance of having a YouTube channel of your own goes without saying. Apart from being a social platform on its own, the videos published on it are usually featured in Google Search results.

10. Create viral content with images – Whenever you sit to pen down a blog post, try making it informative yet entertaining and unique yet surprising. If you can create content that is special it will automatically go viral. Also consider adding relevant images to your post as content with visuals always perform better.

11. Try starting an email newsletter – Consider making an email list and use it for promoting your website content. Through the email newsletter, you can give a teaser of your content. Also consider giving a link to the page on your site from where they can read the details.

12. Host Podcast & Webinar – Podcasts and Webinars are the most popular recent trends of the present time. Consider hosting a webinar so that you can educate your target customers about your offerings properly. For podcasts also, if you can strike the right chord with the listeners, it will help you build a loyal and consistent audience, ensuring increased traffic flow for your website.

13. Publish Press Releases – Whenever there is a newsworthy event in your business, make it a point to submit a press release regarding the same. It will definitely help you reach our audience on the right time.

14. Consider creating infographic – Infographics are one of the best methods to grab the attention of your target audience. These are also perfectly sharable and these not only help improve the referral traffic, but also inbound links.

15. Follow a content marketing strategy – Following a robust content marketing strategy is of immense importance. Be sure to share high quality content at a regular interval so that you remain visible to your target audience.

16. Share relevant posts – Apart from sharing your own articles on social media platforms, consider sharing other relevant posts that are actually informative and will be helpful for your users. This will help increase your credibility amongst the target users.

17. Respond personally – When someone comments on your blog, be sure to respond to it. Read the comment carefully, try to comprehend it thoroughly and craft your response accordingly.

18. Focus on the size of blogs–It’s one of the most important strategies to follow. Too long or too short a post won’t really serve your purpose. Do thorough research and identify the ideal length of a blog post.

19. Add essential plugins – There are multiple plugins that help increase your social reach. This is a great method to encourage your readers to share your posts on social media. Recognize the most useful plugins and add them to your website.

20. Run contests – If you are a business blogger and plan to sell services or products on your website, consider creating interesting contest. For instance, create an offer like a chance to win an exceptional discount on the most popular product of your brand. Or you can also consider giving away one of your service packages for free. Be smart and ask your visitors to share the news of contest on social media as much as they can in order to ensure their chance to win. This way, you won’t have to take the pain of promoting the news. As an alternative method, you can announce the method on your social media page and ask users to go to the website for doing a particular task.

21. Consider writing an e-book – Although it might initially seem that writing an e-book has no connection with increasing the website traffic, it’s not quite the case. Quite interestingly, writing a simple kindle book can help you increase the web traffic significantly. You can insert the direct link of your website in the kindle book while submitting the book to Kindle Direct Publishing. On top of it, if you can arrange a free giveaway, it will help you earn even more traffic.  

22. Focus on affiliate marketing – If you want to boost up the sales as well as traffic flow, you need to focus on affiliate marketing. Create an affiliate program with generous commissions. Following this method, you will be able to gain a lot of new followers and traffic.

23. Attend blogging conferences – Keep on looking for blogging conferences that are relevant to your domain. Attending these conferences will definitely help you gather niche knowledge which you will be able to incorporate in your blog posts, improving their quality.

24. Participate in blogging competition – This is another way to keep the writers’ block away. If you keep participating in such competitions regularly, it will definitely help you come up with unique blogging ideas. This will surely help improve the quality of your blog posts.

25. Focus on ethical link building–While link building is a very common SEO practice, make sure you are on the right track. Search engines like to give a higher rank to sites that follow ethical link building approach.

26. Reduce bounce rate – Keeping a track of the bounce rate is of crucial importance since your key goal would be to minimize it as much as you can. Consider creating a responsive layout, improve the speed of your website and make the text readable as these steps will help decrease the bounce rate to a significant extent.

27. Post comments in relevant forums– While searching on internet, you might have come across multiple forums and blogs that are relevant to your niche. Make it a point to go through the forum discussions and comment where applied. Try to include the link of your website in your comments, if relevant.

28. Understand your audience – know the pain points – Figure out what your audience is passionate about and what they hate the most. Knowing your audience in and out will surely help you optimize the content in the best possible way, ensuring the desired traffic flow.

29. Be a little personalized – While writing a blog, try to create appeal to your target customers. For instance, consider showing them how a particular product or service, offered by you, will fit into their lives. That way, you will be able to create a personalized approach.

30. Market the USP of your products/ services – One of the sure-fire ways to improve the traffic flow to your website is to impress your target audience. And you can do it best by highlighting the USPs of your services and products. Make it a point to include the special features of your offerings in your write-ups.

31. Make a uniform content template – Consider publishing all your content in a uniform template. This will help you not only generate the articles faster, but will also produce high quality work consistently.

32. Create evergreen list posts – This is a proven strategy to increase blog search traffic. For creating evergreen posts, be sure to use fresh and original headlines and make the post thoroughly useful.

33. Email traffic generation – This is quite an effective way to improve the traffic flow. All you need to do is create a specialized list of subscribers and nurture them specially so that they always open and respond to your emails. Make sure you create a special landing page for the same.

34. Try twisted guest blogging–While you are pretty familiar with guest blogging, you can consider trying out a unique approach to it. Known as twisted guest blogging, you can secure a great boost of traffic following this method. Do search for blogs with social influence and check the top ranking sites and finally pitch it the proper way.

35. Keep restructuring posts–When you write up a long blog post, consider repurposing it in various formats. For instance, you can create a PDF version of it, discuss it on a podcast, convert it into a live webinar or transform it into a video.

36. Fill out category descriptions – If you are already done with the SEO agenda, you must have created different categories for the website content. Now you can focus more on the categories instead of just promoting one single post. All you need to do is click on ‘categories’ from ‘posts’ and then click on the ‘category description’ and fill out the field of description. This is a great chance to include a long tail keyword which is relevant to your domain. This is quite a fruitful strategy to ensure a top spot in the search engine results.

37. Create resource pages – If you have been running a website since long, you must have apps and tools that you need in your daily life. Consider creating a page listing them all and add a brief description for each mentioning why you like using them. If you are confident enough, consider preparing a post explaining how to use those tools and how one can achieve the similar results. Don’t forget to link the posts to the resource page. You can also create a library of free content which you might give out at frequent intervals.

38. Participate in time-based challenges – According to human behavioural studies, people love to take part in challenges. The idea of participating in challenges is quite popular among bloggers and your audience will love it when you will share the same with them. Simply search on Google for a challenge, relevant to your domain. Most likely you will find plenty of options to choose from. If not, consider creating your own. Once you are sorted with which challenge to participate in, select one particular area in which you would like to improve in a given time, for say, in the span of next thirty days. Next, you divide the entire challenge into small and actionable steps so that each one of those can be completed daily. Invite your target audience to take part in the challenge and also inspire them to share the challenge on their social media profiles by using a hashtag.

39. Capitalize on videos – As we all know YouTube is the second largest search engine today and videos are definitely the centre of attraction of all. If you know and consider the fact that YouTube videos get indexed quite quickly in Google, you should very well understand that utilizing video as a part of your marketing strategy would be a great boost to increase the traffic. While creating a video, don’t forget to communicate with the audience and tell them why exactly they should go to your website. Do optimize the video description box. In fact, in order to take the best advantage of it, consider including a brief call to action right at the beginning, along with the URL of your website.

40. Submit answers on Quora – Going through a writer’s block? Well, not to worry. Quora is one of the greatest platforms to provide you with unique blog topics when you are really out of any concept. On top of that, it’s one of the most credible ways to establish yourself as an expert in your domain. Quora is a platform where you will get to see multiple new questions on a daily basis, out of which you will find many that are relevant to your business domain. Keep answering questions which are familiar to you. You can also sign up for email notifications on the topics that are relevant to your domain. Consider following this smart strategy – provide concise and short answers to the questions and prepare a blog post containing a detailed answer. Finally, include the link of your blog post in the answer.

41. Ask for referrals–Although it’s an age ole method and you might not think of it as effective enough, this method actually works.  If your family and friends are not already aware of the website, explain them what is it about and mention how you are trying to attract more people to it. Once they are clear about the purpose of your website, ask them to share the blog link with at least three or four people who they think will find it valuable. This will surely create a major influx of traffic to your website.

42. Add a sharing button to posts–Make sure you add an easy to share social media button in each of your blog posts. This ensures if your readers find an article sharable, they will be able to do it without any hassle. This, undoubtedly, will help lead more traffic to your website.

43. Focus on newsletters – Newsletter is undoubtedly one of the most effective and popular ways to get more traffic. Consider designing a newsletter of your own and then check the results. You can take help from a professional if you are not sure how to create one.

44. Use HARO – The term HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out”and it acts as a sourcing service. The platform helps connect journalists with expert sources so that the demanding deadlines can be met and brands are enabled to tell their stories right on time. If you can take your time out to answer a pitch it will lead to not only a great PR but also a lot of referral traffic to your website.

45. Submit to Site Aggregators – Site Aggregators are considered to be good platform to submit your website so that people can find it out easily when they look for it. If your website performs well, they will secure a higher place for it and the flow of free traffic will easily increase.

46. Add your article to Wikipedia references – Go through Wikipedia articles of your domain and see if you have written any blog on a similar topic. If yes, place a suggestion of back-linking your website as a reference for that Wikipedia page. Even though it’s a no-follow link, it will help drive some traffic to your website.

47. Create a Wikipedia Page – If you have already secured a moderate number of page views, you can consider creating a Wikipedia page of your own. Within that page you can also link back to your own website for driving more traffic to it.

48. Avoid grammar errors and typos – Make sure each of your posts is free of any kind of grammatical & syntactical errors and typos. If required, edit and re-edit the posts before making those live. This is crucial for a good search engine ranking.

49. Interlink your post – When you have a directory of multiple blog posts, consider including the links of all other blog posts in each post you create and this way, you can interlink the posts. This not only helps improve the SEO ranking, but also make the audience stay longer on your website.

50. Optimize your content – Make sure your website is well optimized from every possible aspect. This is important as search engine giants like Google likes content that are optimized. Consider looking for errors in your site through Google page checker and if there is any issue, try to resolve those as soon as possible.

51. Be genuine with what you do – Last, but not the least, it’s of great importance to be genuine with all your efforts. Make sure whatever you do, you are doing it whole heartedly and you are absolutely sure of each of your action. Following a proper agenda will surely help boost up the traffic to your website.


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