6 Tools for Generating Infinite Content Ideas for Your Blog

Topic selection for a blog is a daunting task but this crucial part of content marketing can’t be ignored. Often bloggers get puzzled when it comes to generating new content ideas for the same website every day. So let’s take a quick look at the easily accessible tools that can help you create new ideas for blogs.

HubSpot’s Blog topic generator: This is one of the commonly used tools for generating five topic ideas at one go. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to use for the novice bloggers as well. All you have to do is enter three related nouns in the search box and click on the ‘Give me blog topics’. Five relevant topics will be at your fingertips in the blink of an eye.

Google trends: This is a popular way of getting the first hint about the content. It can solve your several problems and doubts. From researching on a topic to determining the interest on that particular subject, Google Trends can serve all your purposes without fail. You can dig out related topics and find out the most trending subjects to start your project. Undoubtedly, it’s a handy tool for a content marketer.

BuzzSumo: This is probably the best tool for the content marketer and that’s why it is widely popular in the digital field.  In addition to providing tons of content ideas, it also provides the exact number of shares on social media, backlinks, and spots the key shares. Such relevant information will guide you to write a strong and powerful content which will automatically catch the readers’ attention. The free version will give you limited access while paid version will open many doors.

UberSuggest: If you are looking for an easy to handle tool to obtain engaging content ideas, UberSuggest will be a perfect tool to guide you. Type your keyword and let UberSuggest provide you a dozen of ideas. However, it will not offer you search volume and any Google trends.

Twitter: One of the most popular social media platforms is Twitter where news and views spread at a lightning speed. Go to Twitter and find out the trending topics which have already created headlines. So it’s easy to spot the topic which will be ideal for your post.

Portent: It’s plain and simple to create new cool and catchy blog titles with Portent’s Content idea generator. Go to Portent’s content idea generator page first. Then, enter your topic and click the refresh button next to it. For more topics, click the refresh button and ideas will come up simultaneously.

As discussed earlier that coming up with new titles is a brainstorming task. Fortunately, these tools will provide you adequate content ideas. Most of the tools are free but you have to pay for availing some highly efficient tools. You can also develop some fresh ideas without using any such tools but if you avail them it will certainly help you streamline your concept. Most bloggers across the world rely on these tools which eventually help them popularize their blogs.

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