7 amazing content marketing ideas for 2017

Content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing which has significantly evolved over the last few years. Since the world is going digital, content marketing has become a relevant tool that helps reach out to the potential target group. Digital experts distribute the content in the various related platforms to ensure maximum reach.

Let’s take a closer look at seven surprising trends of content marketing to watch out for in 2017.

Some conventional forms of content marketing which have been used for several years are the guest blog posting, webinars, case studies, and infographics.

There’s no doubt about the immense impact of this age-old techniques but the situation has changed a bit in the present scenario.

   1) Mobile is your all-time companion: Today, almost everyone carries a smartphone so it is expected that mobile content marketing will definitely gain a momentum in 2017. The content marketers have already targeted the mobile users for promotional activity.

   2) Engaging content is the new cool: One of the biggest challenges for the digital experts is to produce engaging content so that people will automatically get hooked to it. Evidently, it has to be an interactive forum where your visitors can write down their remarks. Considering this effective formula, content marketers are showing their keen interest in pools, quizzes, short videos, and surveys to make their customers engaged.

   3) Email marketing is highly effective: One of the cost-effective solutions is email marketing where you can address a long list of customers at one go. Most industries rely on newsletters that they design with dedication and care. To announce any lucrative offers and product launch, nothing is better than a newsletter.

   4) Paid marketing on social media: No one can question the effectiveness of social media. It just takes a few clicks to make content viral. No wonder, the marketing experts use this technique extensively. You can choose both organic form of advertisements and the paid version as well. But, investing in the promotion, you can actually create an unlimited impact. Else, you will be out from the competition.

   5) The latest buzz: Keep your focus on the latest trend to remain in the race for the long run. If you are a social butterfly you must have noticed the trend of coming live on Facebook. Well, in addition to that, vertical videos are gaining popularity with Snapchats. So, this is something that can change the whole scenario of content marketing in 2017.

   6) Personalized content: As we have already discussed the relevancy of interactive content but its effectiveness increases when the content strategists make it more personalized. Customer-centric contents are more cognitive and people can easily relate to that.

   7) Treat for the shopaholics: As the number of the online shoppers increasing day by day, it paved a big opportunity for the content marketers to target their group. To lure the impulsive buyers, many digital platforms have incorporated purchasing options. For instance, Pinterest has launched buyable Pins that allow a wide range of products to its customers to choose from.

New trends and strategies will continue to emerge in the coming quarters of 2017. This is undoubtedly a vast field and to make the most of the digital benefits, you have to keep your eyes open to follow the recent trends.

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