8 Most Useful Content Curation Tools For Marketers

Where creation fails, curation succeeds! Well, in content marketing, this is slightly different. No matter whether you are struggling with your content creation or not, curation of relevant content from a variety of sources will always give your content marketing a remarkable boost.

However, with so many self-proclaimed ‘best’ content curation tools available in the market, finding the right one is pretty challenging. Let us help you.

Check out the list of 8 highly effective content curation tools intended for marketers of different levels of expertise:

Beginner Level:

There are quite a few simple sources of information around that could make beginners trustworthy and you should definitely take help of these in order to curate content on a sustainable scale. Moreover, these tools are absolutely free and include no convoluted dashboards.

  1. Pocket

Being the simplest tool in the list, Pocket offers easy and fast options to ‘save, discover and recommend’ the most interesting as well as highly popular stories across the Web. You can accumulate all useful content (articles, videos, images, and so on) at this place for future reference, group them by using tags, and share them easily with the help of the built-in search functionality. It also provides seamless integration with more than 500 applications including Evernote.

  1. Twitter Lists

When it comes to following a Twitter feed, people often feel overwhelmed. A Twitter feed is nothing short than a ‘streaming mess’ and ‘Twitter Lists’ can help you keep things well-organized. They basically allow you to put all the accounts you follow in order and categorize them for ease of use.  In other words, creating lists will give you curated groups of accounts, which can again be managed and updated as needed.

  1. Newsletters

Subscribing to newsletters relevant to your industry can make content curation much easier for you. It gives you an opportunity to catch everything remarkable on email, which you might have missed on your social channels. However, if there is no good newsletter in your niche, create your own after a thorough research. There are tools like Redef, Quartz Daily Brief, Internet Brunch, etc., which are making the most of the original content curation practice and helping readers stay in the loop the best possible way.

Intermediate Level:

If you already have mastered the basics of content curation, choose tools that offer more comprehensive solutions. Most of these intermediate resources come with subscription options, which can generate news digests, feeds, etc. by following certain algorithms and help you curate the best content for your readers.


If you like the simple yet intuitive user interface of Pinterest, you will love too. The platform allows marketing professionals to start with their topics of interest, curate great content on those, and publish the content on their own page in minutes. It basically helps you create as well as grow your online presence by generating the most relevant articles on specific topics and enabling you to share those to your social channels. Besides, the site also offers features like recommended complimentary topics, daily topic updates, etc. to give you a seamless experience.

  1. Feedly

Being one of the most popular RSS feed readers available in the market, Feedly can help you speed up your research, marketing, and sales by providing the best content in your industry. Be it organizing your favorite content, reading your topics of interest, or sharing valuable information, you can do a whole lot of things at this ‘central place’ through web browsing or new aggregation. Moreover, you can enjoy the services on both your PC and mobile devices without interruption.

  1. Storify

Storify is a social storytelling platform that takes content curation to a different level. The website comes with a simple interface, which allows its users to browse various social channels and create compelling stories from what people have posted there. The best things about these stories are that they are completely unique and come with engaged audiences automatically, which can grow even more through publishing.

Advanced Level:

Content curation should be taken much more seriously at enterprise level and professionals need to dig into some sophisticated tools for effective and efficient solutions. A proven content curation platform is typically enriched with advanced algorithms, which assist its users in finding quantitatively as well as qualitatively relevant content for their audiences. Furthermore, it features a centralized platform for content publishing with necessary customization options to provide tailor-made solutions to businesses.

  1. Curata

The business-grade Content Curation Software by Curata is an amazing choice to fuel any content marketing initiative. If your enterprise is struggling to come up with high-quality content in adequate volumes, the self-learning engine of the tool will help you discover the best pieces for your target audience within a few minutes only. You can also repurpose your curated content, publish it on your own page, and promote it through social networking channels.

  1. PublishThis

Enterprises can consider PublishThis as a reliable alternative to Curata and produce better content for their digital platforms through curation. The tool has an advanced content IQ engine featuring exclusive semantic search as well as tagging technology, which ensures the delivery of the most relevant content to its users. Being powered by ‘Big Content’, PublishThis can source tons of content specified for your audience in a very short time and help you get rid of the hassle of manual curation. You can also customize your curated content and distribute it across different media for greater reach.

Marketers might find it tricky at times to select the right content curation tools that would serve their purposes perfectly. If you are also going through the same dilemma, try to analyze your marketing strategy in order to understand the importance of content curation in it. Also, take the size of your team into account so that you can establish your requirements well. This will help you determine your level and then, you can choose the most suitable tools for your operations.

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