8 Tools That Small Businesses Cannot Do Without

Admit it, small business owners. No matter how much you put efforts in positioning your brand to the top, it is really hard to survive this super competitive market if you do not have the right tools in your hand.

There are tons of tailored business solutions including technologies, platforms, and services available to ‘ensure’ the success of your small business apparently, but you must identify the right ones in order to focus on your operational tasks, keep up your efficiency, and increase your overall productivity.

Let us help you out. Here are 8 must-have tools without which your small business is going to suffer a lot:

  1. Slack

Slack is a ‘cloud-based team collaboration tool’, which was initially launched as an internal tool for the company itself. It offers a common platform for all communication and collaboration needs of your team through real-time searching, messaging, and archiving. Apart from these core functionalities, the channels in this tool can also be used for sharing files, making phone calls, etc., which enhances modern team communication manifold.

  1. GSuite

Developed by Google, GSuite is basically a set of intelligent apps that makes collaboration easier, faster, and more secure by offering a complete range of enterprise functionality, thereby boosting productivity to a large extent. The best thing about GSuite is that it allows to communicate, collaborate, and share anytime, anywhere. Opt for your branded domain and keep all your business needs centered around it while creating better decisions and generating greater results at an affordable price.

  1. GoCo

When it comes to managing HR, GOCo can be a great alternative to all those complex and chaotic tasks. It is a free, web-based, all-in-one HR platform serviced by expert benefit advisors, which makes operations easier for small businesses by streamlining the HR-related workflows. It can also be integrated with management software as well as the currency payroll so that you can actually forget paper-heavy works and still handle, manage, and administer everything efficiently.

  1. Goodhire

Small businesses often find recruiting new staff to be a highly complicated affair. With Goodhire, it can turn out to be the simplest and the easiest task ever. The pre-employment background check services offered by it include a whole lot of necessary verifications to ensure fairness, safety and trust for businesses. Simple paperless works, faster delivery, and pay-as-you-go policy make Goodhire a perfect choice for small enterprises.

  1. Upwork

These days, many small businesses prefer independent working professionals over regular employees and Upwork is an amazing solution for them. The global freelancing platform is known to be the ‘world’s largest online workplace” where business owners can connect and collaborate remotely with professional freelancers in almost any niche and that too in a safe and secure way.

  1. Quora

Quora is basically a ‘crowdsourced question-&-answer forum’ intended for sharing and gaining knowledge. The platform has a community of verified users, who are allowed to ask, answer, edit, and organize questions. Hence, if you are a small business owner who needs unique insights into anything out of your area of knowledge, you can easily find ‘experts’ with their contribution of high-quality answers.

  1. Telzio

Do you need a robust phone system that can work exclusively for you small business? Telzio can offer you hosted communication solutions by powering your cloud phone system through a simple, visual, and pretty intuitive web interface. It will help you set up, run, and maintain a system for your team members that will help them in managing calls and messaging across devices in different locations while offering advanced design and HD call quality.

  1. Intercom

Studies say that small businesses mostly fail in communicating with their customers the effective and efficient way and here comes the importance of Intercom. Being a reliable customer communication platform, it provides a suit of functionalities for generating sales, taking care of marketing, and offering support. It also works as a customer messaging app for educating customers and interacting with them smoothly, which eventually results in better customer engagement.

These 8 tools are simple and easy to use but have great impact on the operations and productivity of small businesses. Try at least a few of them and you will understand the difference yourself!


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