Why Businesses Should Focus On App-Store Optimization

You already know a lot about Search Engine Optimization and have even been practicing it for quite a long time now. But how much aware are you of App Store Optimization?

Well, whether you have heard about it and ignored completely or are hearing the phrase for the first time, all we can say that you are missing out a huge opportunity.

Businesses, which have already gone mobile, should immediately shift their focus onto App Store Optimization while those who are planning to become mobile-friendly should learn about it from now.

But before we talk why and how businesses should do it, let’s develop a brief idea about what App Store Optimization actually is. Let’s start:

What Is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization, abbreviated as ASO, is one of the most vital yet surprisingly overlooked strategies intended for mobile applications. It is basically the technical term used by experts for the process of optimizing app listings. ASO is immensely helpful in achieving higher rankings in App Store searches and that too in a completely organic way.

Why Opt For App store Optimization?

Gone are the days when desktop computer was the most widely used device by worldwide internet users. The scenario has changed quite a lot in last few years and people have moved to portable devices like mobiles and tablets for their online activities to a great extent.

According to the latest statistics, almost 2/3 of the overall time spent on digital platforms is spent on mobile only. In addition, around 85% of that digital time is even spent in using various applications. Hence, it is absolutely a no-brainer that focusing on mobile apps can open up lots of opportunities to businesses.

A survey conducted by Tune revealed that internet users find App Store to be the most convenient platform for discovering mobile apps and nearly 67% of those are downloaded this way. Therefore, app publishers should consider the rankings in App Store as the top priority. Moreover, they should also try to ensure optimal App Store experience for their users.

Not only App Store is the best tool for app discovery but it also comes with a lot of other facilities for marketers. There are push notifications and advertisements for video apps, which can also be utilized for driving users and boosting businesses.

These are enough to make businesses understand why ASO should be taken into account as an important strategy by them. As more and more apps are being added to the App Store with each passing day, optimization is turning increasingly valuable to app publishers for cutting through the clutter and fetching new businesses.

Strategies For App Store Optimization

When it comes to optimizing App Store listing, companies must follow robust strategies to stand out from the competition in this mobile-first world. Typically, an effective ASO strategy is categorized into:

  • Keyword Strategy:

This is all about identifying the keywords or phrases that an app should rank for and tracking those search terms for making the most of the efforts.

Start by researching your target market extensively to know exactly what and how they are looking for in the App Store. You can take help of the Google Keyword Planner for this purpose. There are also a few popular ASO tools that can assist you in strengthening your keyword strategy by identifying your competition in terms of search terms, volumes, relevancy, etc.

The App Store ranking algorithms are changing continuously and you must keep in mind that the search behavior here is totally different than the regular web search ones. Try to be short, precise, and direct with your searches while paying much attention to the title and description of the app.

  • Asset Strategy:

The homepage of your app is your App Store asset, which needs to be tested as well as optimized for increasing click-through rate, improving installation rate, and promoting the business.

App’s homepage plays the key role in drawing the attention of potential users, generating their interest in your app, and helping them make an informed decision about the download.

Make sure that you have optimized all visual elements well on your app homepage. These include the icon of the app, screenshots carousel, and videos (for gaming apps).  On the other hand, if your app is intended for multiple markets, you can try localizing your App Store asset by language in order to unlock global growth opportunities.

So, are you also thinking of going mobile with your business? Do not forget to put your best efforts for App Store Optimization. Or else, you will lag behind in the market badly.


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