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Miten Shah is the guiding light and spirit behind the firm SeoWebSolutions. With a passion to provide high quality content and web experience, he has always endeavored to put forth his best.

How to Optimize Your Website Page Load Speed

The one thing that every online consumer looks for is speed.  Delay in responding to a visitor’s request can drastically affect the performance and productivity of a website. Speed has a telling effect on where your page will rank as Google has stated its preference of a faster website for better page ranking. Visitors get [...]

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How to Generate More Leads Using Twitter

Twitter is a top social networking site that allows its users to build a network of followers sending, receiving and sharing tweets. It can work as a great platform to find probable customers. You have heard stories of how people have successfully been able to leverage Twitter to get organic traffic and you want to [...]

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Speed up your E-commerce website Page load exceedingly

Fast and reliable websites are very much essential for a successful E-commerce website to develop in the technologically grown world. Even if you own a particular e-commerce website and it is running smoothly if any ground lost in performance can really affect the business effectively. Widely the fact is cited that a page must load [...]

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10 Rules To Drive Traffic On Website and Social Media

Designing a website or creating a social media network can be addressed as the easy part of the job. Understanding how to drive traffic, generate leads or get conversions along with engaging the audience and maintaining their interest is what takes a major toll on the peace of mind. A brand is identified with its [...]

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YouTube: How to generate a million viewers using this platform

Marketing is surely the key to the success of any and every business, and quite interestingly, YouTube is one sure-fire way to strike the right chords when it comes to marketing. However, the potential of this platform is not exploited properly and as a result, businesses are losing out on major probabilities. Why people tend [...]

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Tips to Secure a WordPress Site against Hackers

Hackers have become smarter than ever. The threat to PC, laptops, mobiles and websites from hackers is commonly witnessed worldwide. Technically, there is no operating system or application that doesn’t come under the radar of hackers. Hackers mostly target websites, database and file system to extract information. Most of the websites are now build on [...]

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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Other Than SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to pull traffic to a website. However, don’t let it be your only approach as if it fails to click all your money, time, and efforts go down the drain. SEO is a long-term strategy and this makes it more important for a business to make sure [...]

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Leverage Big Data To Enhance Your Online Marketing Strategy

The concept of Big Data is nothing new. Many companies are now starting to realize its importance and how it can generate revenue for them. In fact as early as 1950s, the term “big data” is already being used for uncovering insights and trends. The Goal of Analytics The goal of analytics in “Big Data” [...]

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How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO

Ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile SEO is crucial nowadays. With Google adding mobile friendliness as a ranking signal last April 2015, going mobile is the way to go if you want your website to rank in search engine results. That year, Amazon generated more sales from mobile. Facebook is used most frequently [...]

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Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic from Facebook to your Site

The most important thing that your website requires is traffic. However good your content may be, without visitors and viewers it will be difficult for you to sell. SEO is a necessity however it is not the only platform to create an awareness about your website to internet users. Social media is an equally effective [...]

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