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Miten Shah is the guiding light and spirit behind the firm SeoWebSolutions. With a passion to provide high quality content and web experience, he has always endeavored to put forth his best.

5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Small Business Marketing Online

Marketing a small business is quite a challenge as most of them have a shoestring budget or sometimes, even no budget at all! If you have a small business, you must already know how difficult it is to create brand awareness among the target market and keep an eye on the Return On Investment (ROI). [...]

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5 Excellent Tools To Make Every Part Of Your Digital Marketing Job Easier

As the world of digital marketing is getting more complicated and competitive, innovative tools are being launched almost with each passing day in order to make the tasks of marketers simpler. Making proper use of the right tools can heighten marketing strategies in a number of ways and hence, you must choose your marketing tools [...]

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6 Things You Should Know About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Businesses across the world are struggling to optimize their ‘leads to sales conversion rates’ aiming at fueling their overall growth, but the task of ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’ (CRO) is actually as tricky as the term sounds. It is not all about driving more and more traffic towards the websites. Rather, it revolves around a number [...]

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5 Tactics Digital Marketers Should Reconsider In 2017

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Here, a proven method can quickly get ‘obsolete’ as a new trend takes the limelight whereas a ‘not-so-appealing’ new trend can turn into the ‘proven method’ after years. It is vital for digital marketers to keep a close eye on user preferences in order to keep up [...]

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4 Tips To Fuel Your Business Growth With SEMrush

The digital world is continuously evolving and the level of competition is increasing like anything. Businesses are leaving no stone unturned to overcome marketing obstacles as well as reap fresh opportunities to stay ahead of their rivals. However, if you are yet to find the right way to fuel the growth of your business, SEMrush [...]

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A Robust Pre-Launch Strategy For The Perfect Social Media Campaign

When it comes to a successful social media marketing effort, the worst thing one can do is to rush into the engagement with followers without even knowing what they wish to accomplish precisely. Having a robust planning at place and keeping a close eye on the key performance metrics are essential to stay focused in [...]

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Facebook Advertising: 3 Must-Use Tips to Drive Results

Are you tired of losing money on the Facebook ads you post? There are some advertisers creating new ad campaigns daily, with the hope they may finally achieve success. If you are using this strategy, but still can’t seem to create a profitable ad it may seem like you are just wasting your money. What [...]

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4 Industries Which Should Start Leveraging ‘Local SEO’ Right Now

With the latest algorithm updates by Google, ‘local SEO’ has become a priority for businesses across industries. It is especially true for services, which are offered in a local basis as they need to top geographically relevant searches to get necessary exposure. However, there are certain industries, which are yet to realize the incredible benefits [...]

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Progressive Web Apps: A Revolutionary Technology for Websites and SEO

The world of app is constantly progressing bringing new technologies and concepts. The continuously evolving app market has recently witnessed the entry of new concept called Progressive Web Apps. This concept is slated to be the next big thing in the app industry. The Progressive Web Apps concept was first introduced by the search engine [...]

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8 Tools That Small Businesses Cannot Do Without

Admit it, small business owners. No matter how much you put efforts in positioning your brand to the top, it is really hard to survive this super competitive market if you do not have the right tools in your hand. There are tons of tailored business solutions including technologies, platforms, and services available to ‘ensure’ [...]

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