Authority Link Building with Real Time Penguin

Google released penguin 4.0 which is the latest update. It is god to know how this affects to the SEO community. It was announced that Google penguin is now running in real time. This means that those who have gone through the non-pleasant ordeal of paying for low quality SEO and still not see any positive results after removing all the spam links are now saved. Just by removing those links was not strategy enough but now they can carry own well because the punitive algorithm update is paid in full.

Penguin is way more granular to add onto that. It is much more advanced so probably it considers individual links unlike the earlier more aggregate process and approach. It is now for us to sit back and watch just how much it will influence sites.

It will be also interesting to see how penguin will work out together with the many factors that Google uses to rank sites. At the moment both panda and penguin are integrated into Google core ranking algorithm. There will be no more notifications for penguin updates since it is now constantly updated as Google is continually used on the web.

About the importance of links, they are still important as a ranking signal as clarified by Google with Google sensations like John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and even Matt Cutts. But it should still be kept in mind not to use the links as the only SEO strategy and marketing strategy as well. As much as links are important for SEO they should not be looked in isolation.

What Google wants in relation to all this should also be taken into account? There are Google recommendations for example; from the penguin announcement we get that Google wants to create amazing compelling websites. From the link schemes pages we see is that creating highly unique and relevant content is and naturally gaining popularity on internet is the best way to compel other websites to create high quality relevant links to yours. Links are mostly editorial votes given by choice so the usefulness and uniqueness of your content really matters if visitors are going to want or be compelled to link it to their readers. Ensure your website is outstanding.

As much as you are creating quality SEO content make sure people are aware it exists in the first place. Build relationships with people who seem to be interested with what your content is about. Be outgoing and build relationships with related bloggers and website owners and find ways you can help each other or yourself to grow from them.  So you need to create something worth showing to people before involving any audience or fellow bloggers. This is how to build your link volume. More specifically you can employ these tactics for building links;

BASIC PROSPECTING – using advanced query operators you may find resource pages and even high ranking directories that are relevant to your product or service. More content on your website is important for it helps you to easily find other sites that are linking to similar resources.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH – you are required to review links your competitors have so you may get sites that may consider linking to your content.

GUEST POST PROSPECTING – It generates exposure for your site but put quality first all the same.

CONTENT AND OUTREACH -Content goes hand in hand with outreach. You should find sites that link to other articles then try to get in touch with the owners to see if they can link to your content.

BROKEN LINK BUILDING – You are to look for broken links on sites that you have discovered has the ability to bring valuable vote for your business

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS – Choose links that keep you within these local boundaries to build strong ties with local businesses.

PRESS AND PR – A great site should be accompanied by some real world action which will send more people back to your site at the end of it anyway.

Such a unique and clear strategy should be appropriate for you to get your intended results. Determine what the right procedures are for your specific business and its features because some tactics may cause success and failure for different businesses.  Link building should be carried out only as a fine tune in to a good developed content.  Common sense is what should guide you here and often look for the niches available and turn them to opportunities because they are endless.

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