Build Your Brand by Blogging

Branding means more than being popular. It’s having getting the chance for value addition in people’s lives and connecting with those in your business line.

Millions of people visit the search engines daily in search of solution. If you do proper analysis on the search engines, you may discover that some of the solution offered for various problems may not be sufficient.

You can go a mile further by being the person that will provide the much needed solution and end up being a beneficiary of the same.

Be part of the bandwagon that offers the solution and use that to brand yourself in such a way that your blog can eventually convert and become a source of income.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by blogging and ranking. To achieve this, you need to do more than just setting up a blog and writing.

In what ways should I use blogging for branding sufficiently?

That is one of the key questions that we are going to deal with in this post plus how to brand and improve your social outreach using blogging.

  1. Have your branding and search phrases build in a specific niche

Selecting a niche that you’re passionate about may make your blogging for branding efforts easier although most people have a problem trying to find out where they are talented.

To get to this, you would really need to look inside you and find out from your activities your passion.

Remember that you may not be able to write blogs enthusiastically without doing so within your areas of interest.

Once you have done this, you can be able to offer viable solution in your niche without getting tired.

To do this, you need to ask yourself how you want others to identify with you online. If it’s about a service for example, ensure that everything you have online identifies with the niche.

They may include; postings, webinars, emails and ads. Make sure that you understand your niche quite well so that you can come up with the right content.

When you write, let your focus be on the search phrases. Carry out some research on the phrases; find out how the traffic for each keyword is.

You will be able to identifying the advice that people are looking for in the niche and provide information on how to get solutions for their questions.

After trying out some keywords in your niche and checking out the traffic, you can now make use of the right keyword tool to have deeper analysis of the search phrases.

Then go ahead and chose the right keywords to use to write content in your niche. You don’t need to pay money for the service. You can use Google Keyword Planner.

From the analysis you could get the average searches per month, search phrases with high competition, and bids suggestions.  It’ll help you find out those who are searching for help in your niche, and how you can probably get to them.

Don’t target the most competitive keywords, for you cannot easily rank in them. Just find your niche search phrases, make use of them in all the places. It’s preferred that you begin with long tail keywords within our tail however, take note that even such keywords may still be facing a very stiff competition.

Once your brand building campaign is completed, you’ll start ranking for what you want.

  1. Engaging personality when creating a voice for the brand

Ensure that you try to be yourself despite all the publicity that you may be attracting. You can follow the path of an online successful brander who has built his brand around the ideology given to him by people.

He has gone to the level of outsourcing all his other works except writing. He has made sure that his brand retains the voice. He has remained authentic in the effort he puts in his brand building to the level that it has turned out to be the brand voice something that you also need to have when using blogging for branding.

You should have in mind the idea that people are coming to your brand because of you. Some individuals have built their brand around storytelling and have been successful.

  1. Let your blogging be around your brand

Once you’re done with the identification of your brand voice the tougher side takes control, which is coming up with the right blog.

Designing your blog can either function or disadvantage you.

The main reason for starting the blog would definitely be solving people’s queries. Avoid anything that has nothing to do with that.

Make sure that everything on your blog is strictly on your niche including the ads.

Ensure that a visitor on your site has the ease of navigation so as to have an impressive experience in their first visit avoid any clutter.

Avoid the temptation of crawling into other niches just stick to your choice otherwise you will confuse your visitors.

How your blog is designed can either be an attraction or a send away. The best strategy for blogging for branding would be making use of your name. Apply this in social media and domains.

If you use your name, you will slowly find that results from your niche start showing up once your name is keyed in the search engines.

  1. Churn out relevant content

If you can’t have regular content, then you would not be building a large brand.  You need to churn out large content for the reason that you need people to get your advice, it leads towards an improved SEO, you need to beat the competition outta there, more writing means more refining to your brand and lastly that a refined brand enlarges and becomes better.

Writing a lot of content on a daily basis is not a walk in the park. You have to apply creativity in coming up with new ideologies, churning out content, being an editor and having your posts go live after that, engage the social media platforms in engaging your audience.

It’s no easy stuff however, you can do it with consistency for about three or more times weekly with your goals I mind.

You need to do more to stay engaged, use videos, webinars and live conferences. Daily presence on social media platforms will give you an upper hand.

  1. Apply guest blogging for extension of your reach

Guest blogging is a very good way of brand building and growth it builds your audience and makes you into a better writer.

Guest blogging also assist you in forming relationships with other leaders in your niche. You can do this by involving the use of email or relating to them via social media platforms like LinkedIn.

For guest blogging to function well, you need to have a good number of followers. To do this, you need to have a listing of your other brands; link to your social media and your talk should be targeted towards your personal experiences. .

While guest blogging, you should provide value and point to your readers where they should have further connections with you.

The good news is that you can build your brand by solely making use of guest blogging. However, for better outcome, you should use your guest blogging expertise to direct your readers to your blog.

It’s also a good way of getting your blog some quality links. If your brand is already established, you can still use guest blogging for creating links and SEO.

Getting started may seem to be tough however, the effort pays off. Remember it’s not a quick thing; you will need patience and persistence to make it.

Just remember that the effort will pay off well in the long run even if it takes a year or more.  Blogging is not a ticket to quick money you will need to churn out valued information.

Have in mind the bitter truth that the measurement of your branding success does not feature on the number of followers that you may have, but, how deep the connection is.

A brand can be built quickly using methods like paid advertisements however, for those who need to have a beneficial relationship with the leaders in their industry, you need to understand that you for you to have deeper meaningful relationship, this needs time.


Blogging for branding is not a quick way to stardom, you need to have patience and persistence in order to be successful and build deeper relationship with your clients.

All that is vital to note that it really works so long as you follow the right path, selecting a niche, search phrases research and filling in the void through providing solutions.

Churn out more quality content in your blog and have your name outta there. You will end up getting quality connections that will highly assist you in your branding.

Don’t ever get so much concerned about the time it takes to achieve your branding success.

Just do what you need to do in the right manner and success will follow you in the long run.

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