How to Fix Your Poor Ranking In 2018

If you have been experiencing poor traffic flow in your site and you are wondering what exactly happened with your site that is giving it poor ranking in the Search Engine Optimization, don’t worry you will have it fixed today.

The problem is probably not yours, this may actually been caused by the action of more competitive online business people. They have won their first places in the Search Engine rankings making you drop.

The following tips are what you need to look into so that you compete favorably.

  • Uniqueness

Make sure your content is almost if not a hundred percent unique. Use any plagiarism detecting machine to clean out your content before posting. This will help you to escape Google’s inbuilt plagiarism software.

When Google finds you clean, your chances for top ranking will definitely shoot uptrend.

This is the only place where you can start counting your chicks before they hatch. The moment Google top rate your content, this means your audience are more exposed to your content.

  • Work on Your SEO

Optimizing your content to be SEO friendly involves a number of factors to be considered.

These factors include researching for keywords and placing them strategically, spread out your keywords within your site professionally: like in your links, subtitles, web slogans and Meta descriptions.

Include meta tags in your site that will brief the search engine what your site is all about.

Update your site regularly. It is so irritating to visit a website and find the same content you saw  two weeks ago, you are likely not to come back to this sight. Maintain your viewers habit by giving them new content regularly.


  • Optimize Your Site to Mobile Friendly

If your site is only limited to desktop, then you are not being good to your web visitors. Someone may be in the train and wants to urgently check on something.

They may only be having their mobile phone. They go to your site and what they see is a warning recommending a desktop, so a friend could just die because they could not see the tips to deal with an asthmatic.

Isn’t that a humongous let down? Definitely it is. If your web cannot be accessed using a mobile device, do the adjustments immediately. This kind of web style is called ‘mobile responsive design’.


  • Change Your Web Hosting

There is nothing disappointing like being hosted in a poor hosting company probably because you are paying low premiums. However much quality your site contains it may rank really poor.

Many poor web hosting companies are characterized by slow loadings, in such case Google will simply ignore it and give chances to other less hectic sites.

I would advise that if you want high quality classifications, you have to spend high quality amount of premium. It is only quality can be exchanged with quality.

In conclusion, the importance of fresh and original content cannot be overlooked. They play a big role in the ranking of your site.




Vital SEO changes in 2018

SEO has undergone many changes in the past. Each year, we expect the same to happen. The experts in the field have put up some vital predictions that may affect SEO in 2018. Some of these predictions may need web designers and SEO companies to have an overhaul of their services.

SEO is expected to be more challenging 

According to the SEO heavyweights, 2018 would be a tougher year. Some are already closing shop while others are rapidly changing their business services.

The main reason for this is that the search engine algorithms are becoming cleverer and beating many SEO companies in their game.

The old SEO tactics seem not to be adding any water currently. Those companies that need to stay at the top have to up their game. It’s no longer a walk in the park. Adaptation and innovative failures would result in the extinction of the SEO companies.

The past two decades of changes in search engines algorithms is a solid proof that web designers and SEO companies should brace for tougher times ahead in 2018. Black hat techniques and other short-term SEO methodologies may be history this year.

RankBrain is expanding

Google is staying ahead of the game and the increase of AI in search is being felt. Google’s RankBrain is its third most vital categorizing element.

One thing about the component is that can tell us what we want to search for before we get started. It also gives out all related searches.  It offers the top user awareness as much as possible.

No time for sluggish websites, spamming sites, and excessive ad sites.  All these barriers call for the SEO companies like SEO Service LA to ensure that they are giving their clients services that may not be deemed to be crossing the RankBrain’s path negatively.

The component is becoming hard to crack with tricky SEO methods.

Surges in voice search

As the number of people using mobile phones and related devices for searching, most SEO experts have come to an agreement that voice search may come to a rapid increase in 2018. Web designers will need to have more receptive sites that can adapt to the voice search as the pc based ones are left behind.  The ranking ingredient will also need to include voice, giving the SEO companies a shift from the normalcy that they offer their services.

Penalization of unresponsive websites

Although it has been taking place in the past years, in 2018 there might be an increase. The target may be those sites that are poorly equipped for voice and mobile use.

Changes in search engine listings 

The top position in Google ranking is for competitive keywords is increasing being held by ads. The organic ranking is becoming less important year by year. More attention is given to the promoted results.

In 2018 though organic listing will not be coming to an end, there will be an increase in competition for the first position making it more expensive and more crowded. It will be more difficult to rank organically based on many new factors that Google would be based on.

Need for high-quality content to succeed

2018 will be the year that Google would be targeting sites that have very high quality. For success, up to date content for business oriented sites would be a priority. The content would also need to be more agreeable to visitors. Online businesses may need professional hands to achieve the goal that would help them rank their sites locally.

On top of this, how the social media platform is used by the companies may be very essential. They will need to have the right social media strategies to be successful.

Building links

Link building might not be left behind in 2018. However, how superior and relevant a link is might be some of the outstanding factors that the search engines may place in this year.

The links would need to be relevant for a longer period of time. The way an online business distributes guest blogs for linking purposes would be very vital.

Those that have all their trust in link building might not enjoy good times with Google which has been seen to be taking them under scrutiny. Business owners may need to apply the services of a Professional Web Design company to check out their links and remove the ones that may not be relevant to their site.

As far as the predictions are concerned, business owners may find them a bit demanding. However, with careful planning and action, they might not lose their search engine listing positions.

They may need to look at their strategies a fresh and find ways of arresting any anomalies that might be present on their site. Changes like having a voice responsive site must be given a priority, since soon or later their site might be deemed obsolete. The content provided should also be checked for quality so that the search engine gives it the necessary importance.


Build Your Brand by Blogging

Branding means more than being popular. It’s having getting the chance for value addition in people’s lives and connecting with those in your business line.

Millions of people visit the search engines daily in search of solution. If you do proper analysis on the search engines, you may discover that some of the solution offered for various problems may not be sufficient.

You can go a mile further by being the person that will provide the much needed solution and end up being a beneficiary of the same.

Be part of the bandwagon that offers the solution and use that to brand yourself in such a way that your blog can eventually convert and become a source of income.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by blogging and ranking. To achieve this, you need to do more than just setting up a blog and writing.

In what ways should I use blogging for branding sufficiently?

That is one of the key questions that we are going to deal with in this post plus how to brand and improve your social outreach using blogging.

  1. Have your branding and search phrases build in a specific niche

Selecting a niche that you’re passionate about may make your blogging for branding efforts easier although most people have a problem trying to find out where they are talented.

To get to this, you would really need to look inside you and find out from your activities your passion.

Remember that you may not be able to write blogs enthusiastically without doing so within your areas of interest.

Once you have done this, you can be able to offer viable solution in your niche without getting tired.

To do this, you need to ask yourself how you want others to identify with you online. If it’s about a service for example, ensure that everything you have online identifies with the niche.

They may include; postings, webinars, emails and ads. Make sure that you understand your niche quite well so that you can come up with the right content.

When you write, let your focus be on the search phrases. Carry out some research on the phrases; find out how the traffic for each keyword is.

You will be able to identifying the advice that people are looking for in the niche and provide information on how to get solutions for their questions.

After trying out some keywords in your niche and checking out the traffic, you can now make use of the right keyword tool to have deeper analysis of the search phrases.

Then go ahead and chose the right keywords to use to write content in your niche. You don’t need to pay money for the service. You can use Google Keyword Planner.

From the analysis you could get the average searches per month, search phrases with high competition, and bids suggestions.  It’ll help you find out those who are searching for help in your niche, and how you can probably get to them.

Don’t target the most competitive keywords, for you cannot easily rank in them. Just find your niche search phrases, make use of them in all the places. It’s preferred that you begin with long tail keywords within our tail however, take note that even such keywords may still be facing a very stiff competition.

Once your brand building campaign is completed, you’ll start ranking for what you want.

  1. Engaging personality when creating a voice for the brand

Ensure that you try to be yourself despite all the publicity that you may be attracting. You can follow the path of an online successful brander who has built his brand around the ideology given to him by people.

He has gone to the level of outsourcing all his other works except writing. He has made sure that his brand retains the voice. He has remained authentic in the effort he puts in his brand building to the level that it has turned out to be the brand voice something that you also need to have when using blogging for branding.

You should have in mind the idea that people are coming to your brand because of you. Some individuals have built their brand around storytelling and have been successful.

  1. Let your blogging be around your brand

Once you’re done with the identification of your brand voice the tougher side takes control, which is coming up with the right blog.

Designing your blog can either function or disadvantage you.

The main reason for starting the blog would definitely be solving people’s queries. Avoid anything that has nothing to do with that.

Make sure that everything on your blog is strictly on your niche including the ads.

Ensure that a visitor on your site has the ease of navigation so as to have an impressive experience in their first visit avoid any clutter.

Avoid the temptation of crawling into other niches just stick to your choice otherwise you will confuse your visitors.

How your blog is designed can either be an attraction or a send away. The best strategy for blogging for branding would be making use of your name. Apply this in social media and domains.

If you use your name, you will slowly find that results from your niche start showing up once your name is keyed in the search engines.

  1. Churn out relevant content

If you can’t have regular content, then you would not be building a large brand.  You need to churn out large content for the reason that you need people to get your advice, it leads towards an improved SEO, you need to beat the competition outta there, more writing means more refining to your brand and lastly that a refined brand enlarges and becomes better.

Writing a lot of content on a daily basis is not a walk in the park. You have to apply creativity in coming up with new ideologies, churning out content, being an editor and having your posts go live after that, engage the social media platforms in engaging your audience.

It’s no easy stuff however, you can do it with consistency for about three or more times weekly with your goals I mind.

You need to do more to stay engaged, use videos, webinars and live conferences. Daily presence on social media platforms will give you an upper hand.

  1. Apply guest blogging for extension of your reach

Guest blogging is a very good way of brand building and growth it builds your audience and makes you into a better writer.

Guest blogging also assist you in forming relationships with other leaders in your niche. You can do this by involving the use of email or relating to them via social media platforms like LinkedIn.

For guest blogging to function well, you need to have a good number of followers. To do this, you need to have a listing of your other brands; link to your social media and your talk should be targeted towards your personal experiences. .

While guest blogging, you should provide value and point to your readers where they should have further connections with you.

The good news is that you can build your brand by solely making use of guest blogging. However, for better outcome, you should use your guest blogging expertise to direct your readers to your blog.

It’s also a good way of getting your blog some quality links. If your brand is already established, you can still use guest blogging for creating links and SEO.

Getting started may seem to be tough however, the effort pays off. Remember it’s not a quick thing; you will need patience and persistence to make it.

Just remember that the effort will pay off well in the long run even if it takes a year or more.  Blogging is not a ticket to quick money you will need to churn out valued information.

Have in mind the bitter truth that the measurement of your branding success does not feature on the number of followers that you may have, but, how deep the connection is.

A brand can be built quickly using methods like paid advertisements however, for those who need to have a beneficial relationship with the leaders in their industry, you need to understand that you for you to have deeper meaningful relationship, this needs time.


Blogging for branding is not a quick way to stardom, you need to have patience and persistence in order to be successful and build deeper relationship with your clients.

All that is vital to note that it really works so long as you follow the right path, selecting a niche, search phrases research and filling in the void through providing solutions.

Churn out more quality content in your blog and have your name outta there. You will end up getting quality connections that will highly assist you in your branding.

Don’t ever get so much concerned about the time it takes to achieve your branding success.

Just do what you need to do in the right manner and success will follow you in the long run.


How to market your brand in 2018 with low budget

For many starting businesses brand marketing without enough money is no easy task. They have to resort to using low budget methods.

The biggest headache is getting to know low budget brand marketing methods that actually work. Don’t worry, I have taken up all the pain and come up with a list of methods that you should apply in your start-up.

The brand marketing methods are not absolutely free. The reason for this being that you will need to involve your employees who may require payment for the services.

However, even if it’s not free, your start-up will save huge amount of dollars which can be channelled to other needs within the company.

Low cost brand marketing methodology works! All you need is a dedicated team that’s disciplined enough to do what is needed in order to get results that means successful branding of the business.

Here are the low cost brand marketing methods that you should try out in 2018:

  1. Acquiring links from your business associates

Those companies that you carry business with can be of greater help when it comes to your brand marketing. Remember that it’s easier to approach your partner’s suppliers etc. for a link on their site.

Avoid purchasing them by all means. Bought links can bring more havoc to your business site that you won’t know existed before.

  1. Look up for the mentions and get linked from them

Your start-ups may have been mentioned across the internet. However, you may find that most of those mentions are not linked. That’s a gold mine.

All you need to do is to look out for the contact information of the writers who have your company mentioned and ask them to add a link back to your company.

  1. Business partnership

Business partnership can be another way to market your brand. Those who have business related to what you offer can market your services while you market theirs.

For example if your company provides content writing services, you can promote a web design company while they market your services.

Both business gains using the method it ensures that they both get value from their relationship. All that is needed are talks and signing of agreements then you are off with your marketingcampaign.

  1. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is mostly overlooked though it’s one of the valuable low cost brand marketing technique. You just need is to make frequent comments on blogs related to your industry.

Your brand gains popularity.

The ideology works best when you provide valuable information for readers. Remember that when commenting avoid spamming and that whatever you post should be targeted towards giving a positive outlook for your brand.

  1. Make use of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) services

Register for the HARO services which have no charges. Should you have a story about your brand, then you can go ahead and use the service to gain popularity.

  1. Have a significance presence on Google + Create a Robust Google+

You can make use of the Google social media as your brand marketing platform. The search engine makes use of your business data to create an online presence which can positively affect your branding.

Ensure that you should do your profile writing well, for your brand to enjoy publication across the web.

  1. Personal Networking

By using physical networking, you would be applying a very effective method of brand marketing that’s overly mistaken.

The power of talking to people about your brand and exchanging business cards cannot be ignored in this technological era.

The method still works and if you try it you will be amazed by its capability.

  1. Contest Running

The method has had a good share of misunderstanding especially for being used in scummy circumstances.

All the same, the power of contest running cannot be overlooked. It has the potential of turning up your brand marketing effort.

Have a contest running and have something to offer. It might be a car, a ticket, or an electronic garget.

Whatever you use, so long as you do it properly, you may be happy with the outcome, as the method can turn your brand marketing into a viral promotion.

  1. Register in an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing can come in handy when brand marketing. The good things being that you will have others promote your business for a fee. In return you save money as your company grows.

Your business grows in an organic manner. The only con with the methodology is that it does not necessarily work for every brand. However it’s worth trying and you would easily find out if it does work for your business.

  1. Tweeting

To really hit a bigger output for your branding, you need to make use of twitter.

Twitter is a killer marketing platform. You don’t have to be an expert to do this.

You need to find those that have influence in your industry and follow them. Once they mention something related to your brand, you can then re-tweet the same message and have them mentioned in your comments.

Slowly you will begin to lay foundation for your company’s platform.

  1. Upselling with your current clients

Marketing is not only a way of gaining new clients; rather, against the thinking of many business owners, it takes place with the existing ones.

You can apply upselling on your present clients which is twenty times better. When marketing for your existing clients it’s cheaper and comes with unbelievable gains.

  1. Be friendly to the major Influencers in your line of business

In each business, there are those people who call the shots.  What they say concerning the niche is almost law.

They have a huge following which makes their opinion trend and change the outcome of business. You should never ignore them.

Be friendly. Don’t beat around the bush, have a direct encounter with them.

Ensure that you have something to offer that will give them your attention. Suggest some partnership with them and offer something in return .

You’ll be assured that when they start talking about your brand  you will have its  popularity grow.

  1. Hash tagging

Using a hash tag can be another low cost method of marketing your brand. Identify the hash tag that you will be using and make sure its present in all your business postings across the web.

The hash tag has the capability of making your brand go viral because it can be searched online.

  1. Acquire Email Addresses

Getting email addresses or increasing the ones you have has a great outcome in marketing of your brand.

You can have a Hello Bar which is basic yet a very effective way of increasing email address acquisition.

  1. Increase your user’s generated content

The benefit of using content to market your brand is just amazing. However, getting enough content when on budget can be tough.

The best cost effective way of having content is to have your users write their stories. Through motivation you can have your users tell their stories and generate content for you in the process.

If you do it well, you will get hundreds of articles written for your brand by your users and have your brand marketed cost effectively.

  1. Engage with your social media fans

Express interest to your fans on your business social media pages. When you get interested with your fans, they reciprocate. You can simply do this by re-tweeting (on twitter) liking their comments (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). Once you start doing this, the fans will get interested on your posts andstart engaging. In the process, your brand’s popularity increases.

  1. Write high standard PR (Press Releases)

Though PR has lost its glory as an SEO method, but it still holds water when it comes to brand marketing.

Making use of sources like PRWeb, would need you to have some hundreds of dollars. Since you have insufficient monetary allocation for brand marketing, you can resort to sources like, which charges nothing.

You might not be in line to getting quality syndicate, but, it doesn’t matter.

Whatever you will get will be substantial putting in mind that it’s free and saves you money.

You need to have is a high standard PR and a no-follow link to your website and you are ready to go.


You don’t need tonnes of dollars to make your brand popular. With sufficient time in your hands, you can turn around an expensive brand marketing campaign into a low cost success story. You just need to have a dedicated team in your company and you’ll be on your way to a successful business branding path.

The choice is yours, you can decide to pick a few of the budget brand marketing techniques I have shared with you, or you can decide to only pick one and do it till positive results start trickling in.



How to steal your competitor’s links in 2018

Backlinks are a very important as far as online marketing is concerned. Almost all business owners understand this, however, only a few are ready to burn the midnight oil and get them.

So that your online business is found in the search engines using certain keywords related to it, you will need to be very serious with backlinking.

An outlook on backlinks and their importance

When you get a link back to your site from a quality site the search engine awards your site by ranking it better. An essential thing to do is to have an anchor-text. Remember that with links, getting more is not vital. You need to get quality links.

When backlinking, the best practice is to use an anchor-text in content the issue is not just about getting the backlinks; it’s about getting the most reputable ones. There are so many spammy backlink providers online that sell them.

You need to tread carefully and avoid the spam link sellers found everywhere on the internet. Your site might end up getting banned by Google for example and result in huge losses.

You should know that even if you got a link from an authority site, it doesn’t mean that your site will rank the next day. No! If you don’t have the right connections, getting quality backlinks is not easy.

How do you speed up the process of backlinking? Several tools may come in handy to assist you with the process of getting information about your competitor’s backlinks.  All you need is to find ways of grabbing their links and benefiting from them.

What backlinks do you need to focus on?

Google has a reason for allowing us to have an access to backlinks. Remember that all backlinks are not the same some can transfer their problems to your site and really worsen your SEO while others can make it even better.

For most starters, buying backlinks is the easiest way through. While others turn to online directories for free links. However, the truth is that the two methods of acquiring backlinks cannot in any way beat the organic backlink.

Online directories will not provide a viable solution, the reason being that backlinking to them needs some cash if you are ready to pay to get a backlink without caring about the quality.

The efforts will amount to nothing because the search engines algorithms are made in such a way that they cannot value a link from an online directory. For it, the backlink adds no value to your business site ranking. So, where do you start?

Backlinking is one of the essential factors considered when ranking a site. If you happen to write the best copy and have nobody linking back to it, according to the search engines, your effort is in futility. In this case, it’s the quality of the backlink that counts.

For backlinks to assist your ranking efforts you don’t just backlink to thousands of links in the hope that everything will at that time work for the best, you need to have backlinks from different sources and domains.

You also need to backlink with sites that have high linking authority. DA (Domain Authority) is the one that gives your business site power rating by the search engines.

It basically means that you would be better off backlinking with a site that has a DA of 80 and above rather than the one that has 35 DA.

When high DA sites give you backlinks, the search engine would automatically rank your higher.

You need to focus on the sum total of the backlinks targeting your site, getting backlinks from different domains and industry and high DA sites.

Spying on your competitor’s backlinks (step by step)

After getting informed as to why backlinking is vital to your ranking efforts, it’s now clear for us to check out how we can spy on our competition backlinks.

You need to find out the high DA sites that your competitor has.  The efforts will need you to have a spreadsheet. You need to record the DA, the topic of the content, PA and a post from your blog that goes one on one with their linking history.

If for example, your competition has a link from site x, check it out online and have some information about it.  You will get to know its DA and PR. Record the information on your spreadsheet.

Using the Open Site Explorer go down on your competition page and check out all the backlinks from external sources. From there you can get started on the location of the best links available.

Choose root domain targeting only external link sources. Check on the DA. Get the highest DA.  The process will reveal backlinks that will ensure that you can boost your SEO efforts.

Check out for the trends and try to find out the posts that people tend to link to most. On your spreadsheet, have a list of the web address of each link and the topic of the content.

You should also record all the diverse links that your competitor has.  The aim is to have a list of all the sites linking to your competition and the topic they have linked to.

Spying on the posts

The moment you have the list ready, you need to go to the second process which is the specification of links. Spying on particular posts will help you discover which one has many backlinks.

You will need to have the most popular link to your competition and carry out some searches using the Open Site Explorer. Let the filter remains as set previously, go down to the inbound links you will be able to have an analysis of the chosen single topic.  You can either write a post that relates to the post, or if you have it already, you can target to have about ten backlinks to it.

Once your spreadsheet has all the needed information, then you are ready to steal your competition’s backlinks. You only need to find out how they got the backlinks and copy the procedure.

They may have gotten them from guest blogging which is one of the best ways to get hold of backlinks in exchange for the blog content.

The golden question would be how you would get the backlinks to your site.

Reaching out through email for links (step by step)

In the world of business relationships are built on giving and take basis. You only get after giving. Nobody likes the guys who want but do not give in return. Marketing relationships are a give and take.

That is the same principle we are going to apply to get a share of the backlinks that your competition has. Don’t be the kind of person who sends emails asking for backlinks when you offer nothing in return! You will be definitely be spamming on others!

There are only two best ways to get links; having an exceptional content and relating well to others.  You will start by visiting the site that you would like to get a backlink from.  Here, you can try to get their email, if it’s not present, and then try to locate their pages on the social media platforms.

The company’s link would mostly take you to the employees. Look for the right employee that has influence in the blog/site. Once you have found the person, you should now go ahead and start relating positively to them.

If it’s LinkedIn for example, you can use the Inmail function to contact them.

Don’t ask for backlinks in your first message. If you do so, you will be taken as a spammer. Tell them how delighted you were after reading their post and that you have also written a similar post and linked back to their post.

Such a message would be aiming at building a strong relationship based on the same interest.

Be as friendly as possible, don’t ask for backlinks. It might look tedious, but the effort pays well.  The secret is that you cannot rank higher in the search engines without backlinks. If you go ahead building a friendship with people of influence on a blog/site, your effort will not be futile, you will definitely get links.

It’s better to have twenty high PR and DA annually than have thousands of link spammers and online business directories.


The whole idea of backlinking might look tough. However, the rewards of quality backlinks are just tremendous and rewarding. Your site will improve search engine ranking boosting your traffic and sales.

Many folks find it hard to follow the best and easiest method I have revealed above. They end up buying backlinks and getting them from spammy sites across the internet which affect their site in ranking, while some go as far as being banished by search engines!

As I have mentioned above, the secret of backlinking is quality. Getting a couple of quality links every year would definitely improve the ranking of your site.


How to write a converting PPC Campaign

PPC campaign can be complicated and be tasking. Despite that, the choices for PPC platforms are many. You can tailor your bid, have your target keywords, and start marketing.

You can then apply some metrics to see how the site is working. If not done well, with PPC Campaigns you can open it and get frustrations. Despite that, it can be a very good tool for driving brand awareness.

Research reveals that an average company that applies PPC may have two times ROI.

Should your online business be selling products and services, then PPC should form part of your marketing strategy. It’s a faster tactic of achieving your traffic and conversion goals.

Luckily, there are many PPC marketing campaigns that you can emulate and succeed.  Note that when starting out a PPC campaign, you should have a strategy to be applied.

General look at PPC and its benefits

Why should a business apply PPC as a marketing strategy? Well, PPC is a tremendous marketing technique, that for those businesses that are not applying it, they are at a loss as far as earnings and online visitors are concerned.

What are the benefits of PPC?

  • PPC gives your online business a faster entry into the market

Unlike the organic SEO where you naturally rank for a certain keyword that converts in your niche after a long duration, PPC acts as a short-cut that starts you off immediately and you don’t need to wait long for traffic and conversion if the PPC ad is done right.

It widens the net for fishing out more traffic and conversion, equalizing your chances with companies that were formed many years before yours.

  • It can be tracked and measured

The tracking and measurement of PPC take place immediately.

The stats can act as a good way to see if the PPC campaign is doing well or not. There are many tools online that assist in these processes in real time.

  • Gives out beneficial information

The periodical reports that you get from PPC campaign tools can be helpful in realizing whether your ad needs changes or not.

  • It makes a vital contribution to the business prospects

With PPC campaigns, you can prospect and plan your business.

The tools present can give you the stats for your achievement which are handy in planning for your business future.

You are able to see how much you have spent on the PPC campaigns and whether you have gained from your investment.

  • The process is under your control

You can steer the campaign and make decisions on how you will reach your potential clients.

It all begins with the keywords you chose to have and the restrictions you want to put into practice.

Should you want to begin small, then you will definitely have a choice as to how much you are willing to invest in your PPC campaign.

  • PPC Campaigns can function well with other marketing methods

Content is the king in online marketing; business owners are putting more effort into driving traffic towards their content.

PPC can be the most appropriate method of marketing content for more traffic and conversion.

  • Large target choices

With PPC one can easily target a selected audience in a specific place. You can go for those who have had an exposure to your brand and those who haven’t.

When and where to apply PPC campaign

PPC campaign can be applied anytime to your online business. You can use to market a brand new website or to boost the organic ranking of your business site.

PPC can be used on various platforms that include all the main search engines plus the small ones, social media platforms, forums, and dozens of websites across the internet.

You can also use PPC when you want to drive sales to make a killing in a particular season like Christmas.

You may be running some special discount and you need the word to get across the internet faster. The best option you may have is using PPC.

  • Getting the PPC campaign copyright

How you write your PPC ad copy is what will tell whether it will convert or not. Whichever platform you are using the copy should be prioritized.

PPC is actually the fastest way to drive traffic. A single twist to your header may result in changes in your ROI. It doesn’t mean that you stop there.

There are many strategies that you can use your ad copy to bring more traffic and conversion. The topmost PPC campaigns on social media use emotions as a trigger.

How is this done? How can you apply the same to your PPC ad campaign?

How to apply emotions in your PPC campaigns

Emotions play a vital role in the conversion of PPC ads.  Those PPC ads that have emotional undertones, according to a recent analysis have a double chance of doing better than those that don’t.

Remember that not all emotions resemble, and take care not to add a negative emotion to your PPC campaign. A good example is having an ad copy that brings the feeling of fear and desiring at the same time.

If it’s a travel PPC ad copy, you can have it express the fear of being left out when others are having fun! It can drive people’s emotions and lead to them clicking the ad and converting.

You need to come up with a method that’s different from the rest. Make use of social proofs in your PPC ads campaign too. If used well, it can increase your traffic tremendously.

  • Social proof integration

Social proofs work well because people have a trust in product and services that have been previously reviewed. They would like to find out what others are saying about the product or service before they make a purchase.

Online businesses are using them to build trustworthiness in their businesses. People would read the product reviews and compare the pros and cons before making a decision on whether to buy a product or not.

If a product or service has no review, then converting a visitor to a buyer would be an uphill task.

To integrate social proof into your PPC ad campaign you need to provide answers to the following:

How many people have consumed your product or used your services? Who are the regular users? Is there a large company that uses your product or services?

Do you have evidence concerning the feedback of those who have used your product or services?

The answers to the queries will guide you in getting your social proof. Include it in your PPC ad copy and you will see the changes that will hit your online business in form of traffic and conversion.

  • Inserting flexible keywords in your PPC campaign

Insertion of dynamism as far as keywords are concerned is one of the best methods for a successful PPC campaign.

It reduces the workload of having to make many landing pages.

It’s my go-to, gold standard when it comes to driving conversions and saving time. It increases the level of relevancy and makes conversion easier.

After writing your PPC copy, input dynamic keywords related to your niche and you will begin to see changes in your ROI.

  • How to dominate the search engine results through branded keywords

Branded keywords utilization in your ad can be another method of dominating and even defeating your competitors.

Branded keywords give you an equal playing ground with the big players in your niche. Get the most popular and converting keywords in your business and have a PPC ad copy running on them.

Some of the branded keywords may turn out to be expensive; however, the ROI is always higher. As more people click on your PPC ad, your PPC cost goes down.

Ensure that you have a target for spending each day. If, for example, your PPC is $7 and you have one or two people converting for every ten, then, depending on the returns of your business, you may end up making a kill.

Supposing your service or product or service costs $100, 10 clicks will cost you $70 if you have two conversions, then your profit will be $130.

The PPC for branded keywords does not come cheap; however, it all depends on the cost of your service or product.

  • Conclusion

We have seen that what you do to the copy of your PPC is very important. If the ad targets online visitor’s emotion in a rightful manner, there is an increase in traffic and conversion. The tactic can work for your business, even for the running ads. You can make changes to them and still gain where you weren’t.

The ad copy should also be accompanied by dynamic keywords to make it relevant. Putting these methods to use will highly assist your conversion and traffic.

You can also incorporate the use of branded keywords. They will assist your PPC campaign in running side by side with your competitors and larger business. Due to their relevancy, they would uplift your conversions and traffic.


How to use Social Media Marketing to increase sales

If used right, social media marketing can be a superb channel to increase sales for your online business. To most of those who have tried this marketing channel, the idea of sharing pictures videos and sometimes going live on Facebook is well received. However, the biggest huddle lies in converting the followers into buyers.

For some, social media marketing only comes in handy when promoting their brand or a new product. It’s true. You should never stop social marketing just because it’s not driving people towards buying your product or service.

The good news is that social media is growing rapidly and the use of it as a marketing tool is possible so long as it’s done right. Ignoring it will mean leaving behind platforms that people spend their time on every day; this might be the worst decision for your business.

All you need is guidance on how you should use the social media platforms for brand awareness and conversion.  The following are the tips on how to use media marketing to increase sales for your business. These are the tactics I have personally used to increase conversion on my blog in three months.

  1. Build a fan base and interact with them

Social media marketing is all about interaction. Once you have your connects, followers or friends, how you relate to them on the social platform is what might assist you in your marketing strategy.

Create your business page and relate to your fans genuinely. Let the conversation flow, keep them well informed.

Let your postings be friendly, those that elicit warm feelings. To make them feel privileged, don’t share your products yet, you can post videos and pictures of events in your company.

You could also engage with other groups similar to your company on Facebook or LinkedIn by sharing information and being active.

When engaging with other groups, make sure that you familiarize yourself with their guidelines to avoid spamming them. Find out if they permit your brand promotion.

You can increase your group following by offering something valuable in exchange for membership. It could be an eBook or maybe a course. When they sign up for the offer, they then get admitted into the group. It could increase your fan base tremendously.

  1. Connect with the key persons in social media

On the social media platforms, you will definitely find those people who have millions of followers or connections.

Get to know them. They can come in handy in your social media marketing campaigns. From YouTube to Facebook and Twitter, get closer to those that have influence. Meet them and give them an offer to recommend your brand.

Their followers tend to believe in them. If they have something good to say about your brand, believe me, it might change your sales completely.

The right route to getting a person of influence to market your brand would be to give them an offer that is profitable for them to gain their trust.

  1. Paid social media marketing campaigns

The number of businesses promoting their brand on Facebook has shot up.

The advantage of using paid media marketing campaign on Facebook is that you don’t need the fortune to do it.

With a couple of dollars each day, your business can achieve its goal of increasing visitors to your online business.

However, you need to check if the ads are really adding your visitor’s number. If you find that they are not, then it’s advisable to stop or do some optimization on the ad.

You should also ensure that your Facebook ads don’t cost more than a few cents per click.

You can begin by having several free posts and see how they work out. Then you can go ahead and use paid campaign for the one that is well received.

  1. Carry out some tests with the ‘buy now’ button

Note that the social media platforms vary while Twitter and Facebook are excellent in increasing your brand awareness, Pinterest and Instagram may be different since those found here have a buying mentality.

Most social media marketing ads lack in providing the users with a superb shopping engagement. A good number of them send users away from the social media which is not good for business.

Luckily, you have an option of using an application that empowers users to buy from your online business without getting away from the social media platform.

On Facebook, for example, you can now have shopping carts on your company’s page thanks to some apps.

On the other hand, on Pinterest, you can use a secured ‘buy now button’ without leaving the page.

Test the apps on your various social media platforms and see what works well for your business.

  1. Don’t post too frequently

It might sound odd, especially having in mind of the idea that the Search Engines have a liking for frequent and fresh content, this has resulted into companies posting daily or even several times in a day with an aim of creating awareness of their brand and driving sales.

Be very careful with frequent posting on the social media platforms. Ensure that you have a very high standard of information you want to share.

If you don’t, then your frequent postings might actually work against you and reduce the number of followers you have been enjoying.

Keep in mind that this does not mean you don’t post frequently on your blog. No!

Rather, what you post most often on your blog is not a must for it to appear on your social media platform.

You can leave that to the best content you have maybe once every week.


From the perception, social media marketing can be a very good platform for popularizing your brand. However, it may be an uphill task in changing your followers, connects, etc. into buyers. If not done right.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that this cannot be done you will need to try out the above tips and find out which one really works for your business.


Effective Strategies to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

What Is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice is a Google product that allows users to search the web by speaking on a mobile phone or computer rather than typing.

In order to use this feature, the searchers must say a wake-up phrase, which is ‘OK, Google’ and wait for the words ‘Say Your Search Keywords’. This can be done either by hands-free voice command or by tapping on the microphone icon found beside the Google search field.

Inception of Google Voice Search:

Google Voice Search was born in Google Labs in 2010. Initially, it required users to call a phone number from their mobile device, after which they were made to prompt a recorded message to ‘Say Your Search Keywords’.

In the subsequent years, Google integrated its voice recognition technology into Google Products such as Google Maps, Google Now and other underlying search engine technologies. Today, Google Voice Search has become an integral part of Google’s experience and is compatible with lots of applications.

Growing Popularity of Voice Search Queries:

Data obtained from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report has revealed that use of Voice Search has increased sevenfold since 2010. As of May 2016, one out of five searches is a voice search. Andrew Ng, the former chief scientist at Chinese search engine Baidu, speculated that by 2020, around 50% of searches will be made through voice recognition technology.

How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search?

So, by this time, you might be wondering how to make your website friendlier to voice searches. If you are using the best SEO practices, then you have only little thing to do. However, we have come up with effectual tips that will give you ideas on dominating voice search.

Create Contents Using Long Tail Keywords:

Your content should address the needs of both the mobile users and the desktop users. These two types of searchers are entirely different, and the content you build must gratify both the type of users. Searchers who use voice search will be looking for immediate and quick answer while those who type queries will undertake extensive researches.

One of the best ways to gratify both types of searchers is to build content using long tail keywords. While long tail keywords are extensively used in voice queries, it can fetch more relevant contents, which would be beneficial for desktop users as well. In simple words, content build using long tail keywords will be appealing to both types of searchers.

Build Mobile-Friendly Contents:

As voice search is conducted extensively via mobile devices, optimizing your content for mobile will help attracting, engaging and retaining existing and potential customers. According to a study by HubSpot, websites or contents that are poorly optimized for mobile have a higher bounce rate. This means that voice search should be your priority when running a mobile optimization campaign.

Focus On Mobile Page Speed:

It’s not just enough to build a responsive website, but should also focus on how it loads and performs. Searchers using voice queries are typically on the move and expect quick answers. So, loading speed is more important for mobile users than desktop users. Apart from optimizing images, you will want to minify code and reduce redirects.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights will provide up-to-date information on improving the speed of your mobile site. You can also use Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ tool to make sure if your website adheres to Google’s mobile algorithm guidelines.

Optimize For Local Listing:

Optimizing your mobile website for localized search terms will increase brand awareness as well as foot traffic. Mobile users will search about local business by adding ‘near me’ or the specific location at the end. When you optimize your website for geo-targeting keywords, it will be easier for search bots to crawl and index your website. It also gives your website more visibility in the search engines for relevant voice queries.

Moreover, when listing on online directories including Google My Business, you must provide accurate and up-to-date information about your business. Name, address and phone number of your business must be consistent in all directories.

Consider Analytics:

Despite the popularity of voice search, accessing reliable analytics and metrics to build a solid strategy can still be difficult. However, paid search can be used to assess the impression and determine the queries conducted on mobile.

At present, there is no special mechanism to determine voice search queries. However, mobile searches can be filtered to identify which of these mobile queries are voice search based. Using analytics and metrics is proven to be beneficial in formulating voice search strategies that can deliver successful results in terms of engagement and conversion.

Use Schema Metadata:

Schema is a markup language that allows site owners and webmasters to provide additional information about your site to search engines. Furthermore schema allows you to elaborately describe about the data on your website. This makes it easier for Google to understand what your website is about, which in turn increases visibility.

Schema Metadata is one of the potential yet rarely utilized SEO practices. So, if you implement schema markup to your site, you can put yourself ahead of the curve and dominate your competitors.

Featured Snippet:

Whenever a user instigates a voice search, they want a quick answer for a little input. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting a list of search results when you need an answer in a timely manner. This is especially true in case of voice searches.

The mobile users will use voice search queries to find an answer on the go. In order to cater to this type of answers, Google has introduced Quick Answer Box or a featured snippet that displays a summary of an answer relevant to the user’s search query.

To rank with Quick Answers, you need to find questions that people might be asking pertaining to your business. Then, give the answer to that question in bulleted points or a couple of sentences.


Undoubtedly, voice search will continue to become more responsive, accurate and intelligent. So, site owners and webmasters should get prepared for optimizing their website for mobile searches.


Step By Step Guide To Google Maps Marketing

Local SEO has become a hot topic for startups and small businesses. Its strategic use can give them a cutting edge over their bigger, even global competitors.

Google Maps marketing is an explicit part of local SEO, helping businesses to use Google’s data for diverse marketing efforts.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most powerful web mapping service developed by Google. It offers street maps, 360° street view, satellite imagery, real-time traffic condition and route for traveling by car, bicycle, foot or public transportation. In addition, Google Maps also display crucial information about local businesses along with its physical location details.

What is Meant by Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps Marketing is a process of using the features of Google Maps to make your business easier to find when the potential customers search for your products or service. In other words, it is an indispensable tool to market your business through Google Maps.

The major objective of Google Maps Marketing is to get your business on the top 3 local listings on Google Maps results for the relevant keywords. Moreover, you will be able to grab the attention of local audience, increase brand visibility, build trust and boost the conversion rate. Needless to say, Google Maps Marketing is a cost-effective way of advertising your business.

Step By Step Guide To Google Maps Marketing:

Google Maps marketing is not a child’s play and is not as easy as you think. There are certain quintessential steps that will facilitate in perfecting the right marketing strategy.

Step 1) Create your Google My Business Account:

NAP Details: Google My Business is a dashboard that gives you a chance of sharing your business information that will appear in the search results. For this, you need to provide complete and verified NAP (name, address & phone number) so that people can find your exact location. Make sure that you have used the same location details wherever your business is cited.

Business Category: Defining the category of your business is extremely crucial to get noticed by the potential customers. Your business category can become the unique selling point in your locality. So, apart from listing your primary category, you can also include additional categories that are relevant to your business.

Business Radius: Some businesses have a physical storefront, but they also serve a wide area. If this is applicable to your business, then mention the names of nearby cities or towns that you are serving. It is important for a business to define its area of delivery so that the orders start pouring in.

Get Verified: The verification process can be a little strenuous. You need to wait for a couple of weeks before all your business details are verified over the phone. You will receive a unique PIN on your local address with which your web listing can be verified.

Optimize Your Listing: after verifying your business, you need to update other information. You can give a brief introduction on the products or services you offer and what sets you apart from your competitors. Other information such as opening hours, contact information, description and photos of your business can also included to your Google My Business profile.

Step 2) Increase The Accuracy Of Citation:

Google spiders are always crawling the internet to gather accurate data. They will find and relate all the mentions of your business across the web. That’s why it is recommended to increase the accuracy of citations (business name, address and phone number) when listing your business. Including incorrect data in multiple places makes it difficult for Google Spiders to relate the relevant data.

Step 3) Build New Local Landing Pages:

Your business information available on your website or other listings will have great impact on the Google rankings. So, try to use original contents, including address, landmarks, directions and local places along the way. If your website has local information, the Google can access, index and make it available to your local audience.

Step 4) Build Your Website Links:

This is one of the most important components of Google Maps Marketing. As a business owner, you should dedicate good amount of time in building backlinks to your website. Linking is indeed an ingenious way to promote your business without investing your money. Though it takes some time to build resourceful links, it will pay you off in the long run.

Step 5) Get Reviews:

Google often ranks results by star ratings. These star ratings are given for reviews and testimonials left by your customers on your Google My Business profiles. So, it is important to provide excellent customer experience and encourage them to leave 5 star ratings.

Benefits of Google Maps Marketing for Business:

  • By listing your business on Google Maps, you receive an exclusive online presence, showing where your business is located.
  • Getting listed on Google Maps is an amazing resource for startups, small and medium size businesses to get listed on the search results when people look for the service or products they provide.
  • By getting your business listed on Google Maps, you can offer exact directions to your potential customers who wish to visit your store or office.
  • According to a recent statistics, 97% of consumers search for local business online. When they look for the product or service you offer, your business will get found on Google’s first page for a free of charge.
  • Being listed on Google helps people find, rate, share and recommend your business to others. You can also see what others are saying about your brand, and respond to their reviews.

Having discussed about all the basic concepts, we can now define Google Maps marketing as a perfect blend of all the resources and tools available for a business to optimize their presence in Google Maps.

To be more precise, it is not all about appearing higher in the Maps results, but to provide the best user-experience and enhance their engagement with your brand.


How To Improve Your Local Search Rankings

If you are a local business, you want to get noticed in search engines and generate more customers to be successful. To accomplish this, you have to understand what local SEO is. Without exercising a local SEO plan, your business cannot take complete advantage of online demand for your services or products. Undertaking an effective local SEO campaign will allow your business appear on the first page of Google’s search.

Ways To Improve Your Local Search Ranking:

Google My Business:

Setting up a Google My Business account is incredibly important to dominate local search. Without it, your business will not appear on local map listing that is displayed on the search engine result pages. While setting up an account, make sure that you add all the necessary information such as business name, address, phone number, opening hours and other required details to have your profile 100% completed.

Proper categorization of your business in Google My Business will influence your ranking on the search engine. If you have chosen irrelevant categories for your local business, you may find it difficult to rank for your specific business type. Being an electrician, there is no use of selecting your business category as plumbing.

Keyword Research:

When people search for anything online, they will use keywords or key phrases to conduct the search. As a savvy business owner, your ultimate goal is to appear on the top of search engine result page for the targeted keywords. Whenever a potential customer searches for your main keywords and find your website, they will click and land on your website, and probably buy your product or service.

In order to get found on the SERP, you should find the best keywords for your business. Google Keyword Planners is one of the most effective keyword research tools that you can use to get some good keyword ideas related to your business.

If you are optimizing a local business website, you can choose local keywords, which is simply the combination of the most important keywords + your local area. Though, these local keywords have lower search volume, the intent of the customers searching for these keywords will be more defined. Furthermore, you can go after long-tail keywords as they will get you more traffic and paying customers.

Responsive Website:

If you want to reach a wider market, it is important to ensure that your website’s design is responsive and compatible will all devices.

In the recent times, the impact of mobile devices and smart phones in the digital marketing landscape has grown manifold. Google has also announced that the websites that are not 100% mobile-friendly will be penalized. Moreover, the search engine giant is relying more on the performance of mobile website to determine overall rankings.

On the flip side, more and more people are accessing the internet on the go to find their required product or service. So, you need to test your website’s performance on mobile devices and see how smooth and responsive it is.

Local citations:

Local Citation is a crucial local SEO ranking factor and is referred to as mentions of your business on other websites. It involves listing your business name, address and phone number (NAP in short) together. A website with more citations on the web will appear higher in the search engines.

It is crucial to have as many citations as possible in third party websites. When the search engine robots crawl these websites, they will find your business details and give better SEO value to your website.

You can also get your business mentioned in local blogs, local business directories, classifieds, industry focused directories and so on. There are also some special tools available that can help you analyze the citations of your competitors and replicate them.

Online Reviews:

When it comes to local SEO, getting online reviews should be one of your primary goals. This will help improving the local SEO and credibility of your business.

Online reviews and testimonials are more crucial as they can grab the attention of search engines, build your online credibility and directly impact the ranking of your local business website. Moreover, good reviews can also lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which in turn leads to more exposure, higher authority and more customers.

You can ask your satisfied customers to leave reviews. This will be a great opportunity to get some good reviews for your business. One of the best ways to get more reviews is to provide an incentive to gratify people who review your business. Alternatively, you will get more positive reviews, if you provide quality products or service to your customer base.

A good SEO strategy will not only increase the ranking of your website, but also benefit the usability of your site. When you pay special attention to all the above mentioned factors, you will definitely get higher local ranking and generate more online sales.