How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website

In this era of competitive business, it is extremely important that you make all your moves to stay ahead of your competitors. When you are running a website, blog or a store, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can certainly push your business to the next level. There are a lot of companies out there advertising amazing SEO deals and packages, so as a website owner, you need to know how to hire the best SEO Company that would help you meet your business objectives.

 Ask Your Friends


One of the easiest way to find for the best SEO Company is ask your friends, if they have any experience in hiring any SEO providers. And if you find any information about any company that has done them some good work, then it is a good point to start with, and eventually, dig deeper to know more about that company and eventually hire it as your SEO provider.




Search the Internet

google-seo-companyIn Google, when you search for “best SEO provider” or “best SEO Company”, you can see some sponsored ads on the top, these PPC ads are provided by SEO companies, who have invested some money to secure top position in the search results. This also means that they can’t spend money blindly on ads, unless they have a certain ROI. Hence, you can certainly count on them to provide good service.




Organic Rankings

Again with the help of Google, the companies that appear on top of the search engine rankings, below the sponsored ads, are the ones who’ve invested a lot of money to bring their website on top, and it is a proof that they have the talent and resources to bring yours also on top.

Take a look at their Portfolio

One more aspect to find the best SEO company is to take a look at their portfolio provided in their website. Don’t fall for companies who have the logos of big corporate companies, it is a common trick employed by amateur SEO companies to attract more client. Check to see if the companies provided in their portfolio really do exist. But some client doesn’t want their names appear on the SEO company’s website, but the majority of the companies don’t mind getting listed in their SEO provider’s website. It’s also cheap publicity for them. Also, call up the SEO company and ask for referrals or any website URL’s that they worked on earlier.

Take a look at their own SEO

Sometimes if the company is newer, they might not rank on top of the rankings. Check to what place they come in the search engine rankings. Also, check their website for meta descriptions and see whether it is really makes sense. And check how their other pages come up during the search. But this kind of checking can only be made by people who have some basic idea of SEO, and if you have no basic idea and you are just a business owner looking for an SEO provider to optimize your site for the betterment of your website, then just leave this aspect.


The next thing that you need to check is what kind of quote is the SEO Company offering, and if you see that they selling like “10 keywords for $400”, then better you dump that company. A professional SEO company would definitely go through your website thoroughly and make an analysis of your market, business, future goals and latest trends etc., before providing a quote for their SEO services. Some SEO firm may charge you hourly, but would give a detailed breakup of the work done.

Some may charge a fixed fee, but however they charge, professional and experienced SEO firms will provide you with a detailed description of how they tend to approach this task. To make it simple, let’s assume you want to paint your office and ask for a quote from a local painter, and if the painter offers a quote without even visiting your house to check how many square feet of area needs to be painted, then you can probably conclude that this guy will not come up with a good painting job.

Ask Questions

Search Engine Optimization is just not about optimizing for search engines or adding SEO keywords in your blogs, there are many tactics and measures need to be put into place to make sure that your site shows up in google rankings. A good SEO company would take time to understand your customer base, your current SEO position and your company’s goals. They won’t guarantee first page results for a certain period of time. So ask these basic questions to the SEO Company and how the company plans to tackle these issues:

  • How the SEO firm intends in doing the keyword research for your company?
  • Ask them about their optimization program details and schedule?
  • Ask them whether the competitor analysis is a part of the SEO program?
  • What kind of link strategy does the SEO firm propose?
  • What off-page and on-page tactics are they going to employ


We certainly hope that the above suggestion would point you in the right direction to select the best SEO company for your business. The reason one should go for experienced and professional SEO firms may even exceed your expectations and help your business grow to a great extent. But do remember that there are a lot of them who claim to SEO specialists, don’t know nothing about it. So stay away from them and don’t waste your money in schemes like “5 keywords for $100” as these may not help your website, but you are on the risk of getting blocked by search engines.


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