Social Media and SEO – Connection Defined

Search Engine Optimization is the need of modern business. Being an SEO professional in today’s highly demanding industry is certainly a challenging job.

I often wonder, how modern business have taken a leap in a decades time and today’s SEO strategies have evolved with the evolving changes in Google’s algorithms.

With the advancement in the social media platforms, Search Engine Optimization has become even more complex as incorporating social media strategy has become an essential element to make a website search engine friendly.

People often ask me about the connection between SEO and social media and I always say that they are like a pair of shoes, becomes useless when gets parted.

The main aim of writing this article is to define the importance of social media in Search Engine Optimization and will be of great help for the SEO experts especially who are trying to set up their business and looking for recognition in the industry.

Social media influencers have a great impact on purchase decisions of the consumers

Search Engine Optimization focuses on various elements like keyword optimization, on-page and off page optimization, PPC, ORM, blogging, SMO and web development, but Social Media optimization leads to maximum leads because the influence of social networking among the adults aged 18-34 is flourishing every day and most of them are likely to follow a brand on these platforms.

A survey from Twitter highlights that in today’s world of digital marketing 49% of consumers get influenced by social media while 40% of Twitter users revealed that their purchase decision is often directed by a Tweet made by an influencer. The impact of social media in an SEO campaign is evident as only the consumer’s reach decide the position of a website over the search engines.

Social signals influence the web page ranking – A variety of studies have proven that search engines look for social signals for ranking a web page. Links to content on social media websites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and other networks provide a signal of site’s credibility to search engines and then is ranked on the basis of keyword selection.

Social media is a modern form of word of mouth marketing – Social media influencers often add the worth to an SEO campaign by acting like word of mouth marketers. The traditional advertising system has been revolutionized and has taken a modern avatar in a digital front. This boosts a brand’s online visibility and generates more traffic for a website.

Recommendations are likely by the people who had a positive experience on the brand’s social service – Almost 70% of customers are likely to recommend a brand to others who have had an excellent social service with the brand.

Higher shares = more leads – Apparently, a higher number of social shares boosts the online visibility of a brand and serves the purpose of SEO.

Mobile social media campaigns are the contributing factors – With the growth in the mobile social media campaigns, the need for social media campaigns gets intense. There are almost 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts throughout the world, and about 1 million users join the ongoing revolution everyday making mobile advertising cheaper and happening.

SEO is no more mechanical – SEO is no more confined to technical aspects. It involves social media influence that is obviously based on the parameters of reach, relevance, and repercussion.


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