6 Things You Should Know About Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Businesses across the world are struggling to optimize their ‘leads to sales conversion rates’ aiming at fueling their overall growth, but the task of ‘Conversion Rate Optimization’ (CRO) is actually as tricky as the term sounds.

It is not all about driving more and more traffic towards the websites. Rather, it revolves around a number of fine-tuning of websites as well as overall marketing strategies followed by various companies.

If you are a marketer, who wants to take CRO at your company to a whole new level, you have to learn these 6 things about it. Keep reading:

  1. Text-Based Call-To-Actions (CTAs) Are Essential

While putting a banner Call-To-Action (CTA) at the end of the blog post is quite a common practice, it often fails to entice readers. Banner-like CTAs are typically thought to be regular advertisements and hence, are ignored by most people. Moreover, a huge chunk of readers simply ‘snack on’ the content and leave off without even reaching the bottom of the blog post.

Including an ‘anchor text CTA’ (a standalone line of text) within the blog post can easily grab the attention of readers and encourage them to take the desired course of action.

In fact, it has been found that text-based CTAs contribute to as much as 93% of leads generated by blog posts whereas end-of-post banner CTAs convert more or less 6% of traffic into leads.

  1. Lead Flows In Blog Posts Are Really Effective

Lead flows are basically high-converting pop-ups, which can be designed in a number ways, such as a regular pop-up box, a slide-in pop-up box, a drop-down banner, etc. based on the type of the offer determined by a business.

Creating a good lead flow plan for a blog can give your conversion rate optimization a significant push as it attracts the attention of readers easily and also offers value at the same time.

According to HubSpot, the inclusion of lead flows in blog posts can increase click-through-rate and submission almost 192% and 27$ more than end-of-post banner CTAs.

  1. Landing Pages Should Be Tested Thoroughly

The importance of landing pages is enormous in digital marketing but many marketers simply do not pay enough attention to these. Whether it is converting your website visitors to leads or engaging your existing leads with your brand more intensely, all these happen on landing pages and hence, they should be made absolutely perfect.

Running A/B tests on each of your landing pages will help you ensure that they are performing flawlessly. Test each and every component including the copy, design, images, content of the offer, question in the form, etc. that can impact your business eventually, thereby increasing your conversion rate to a great extent.

  1. Strategies Needed For Marketing-Qualified-Leads

Not many practice it, but businesses can actually turn marketing leads into qualified sales fast by following right strategies. There are times when visitors want to talk to sales representatives directly without focusing on marketing offers and you need to leverage exactly these situations.

Encourage your visitors to become marketing-qualified-leads (MQLs) almost immediately they land your website just by helping them in their way. All you need to do is be thoughtful with your landing page design and team it up with a smart call-to-action (CTA).

Based on the products offered and the sales process followed by you, you can optimize your website as well as your conversion paths so that it becomes easier and smoother for your visitors to get in touch with your sales representatives.

  1. Automated Sales Workflows Help A Lot

It is crucial to make your sales process as much friction-less as possible in order to boost your conversion rate significantly. Introducing automation in different phases of the marketing procedure can be extensively beneficial for this purpose.

Analyze your entire process of marketing and try to identify the segments where automation can be incorporated. Marketing automation can create smooth workflows, which are essential for enhancing the sales process, thereby impacting the conversion rates positively.

  1. Messaging Tools Often Come Extremely Handy

When it comes to converting leads to sales, communication plays an important role. Businesses should make all possible efforts to ensure that their website visitors get every single piece of information they need to know. A messaging tool can turn out to be extremely handy for this.

Choose your high-converting web pages and introduce messaging capabilities in them by adding a reliable messaging tool. Real-time chatting with website visitors will help you solve their queries efficiently, effectively, and above all, in a more personal way. In short, it will create a sense of reliability in your visitors, which will increase your conversion rates eventually.

While businesses should always focus on the responses of their target audiences for conversion rate optimization, following the best practices is certainly helpful. Start with these simple yet powerful strategies and drive results for your businesses successfully.

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