Proven And The Most Effective Blogger Outreach Strategy You Should Follow

Say the most critical yet powerful aspect of content marketing these days and blogger outreach will top the chart for sure. From offering great brand exposure to earning first-rate backlinks, it can actually do a lot for you.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Blogger outreach has become the hot favorite of expert bloggers over last few years. They are mainly practicing it to distribute contents through a variety of channels, build their authority online, and establish themselves as thought-leaders within their industries.

As the name implies, it is a technique to extend the online reach of a blogger and needless to say, it works! It is a surefire trick to gain backlinks from trustworthy sources, which organizes link-building initiatives and enhances the online marketing strategy as a whole.

Studies have found that almost 81% of worldwide internet users find blogs more reliable than any other digital touchpoints. Hence, earning a link from an authoritative blog will certainly be a great way to leverage its credibility and win the trust of your readers.

However, the practice of blogger outreach comes with its own set of disadvantages and if not executed strategically, this time-consuming process may lead to a ton of rejections. So, here are the steps of the proven as well as the most effective blogger outreach strategy that will give you maximum results with minimum rejections:

  1. Identify Your Outreach Goals

Proper identification of goals can make your blogger outreach endeavor a successful one.

Reaching the highest position in the SERPs, gaining more traffic to your blog, turning reliable to different online communities, promoting your product / landing pages, or whatever else you want to accomplish, just list them down. Also, try to be as specific as possible while setting your goals so that it becomes easy for you to scale and execute.

This will help you define your next steps and strengthen your focus for an effective blogger outreach campaign.

  1. Find And Target Key Influencers

The second most important task you need to do is look for the key influencers and target them the right way for making your campaign effective.

To do this, you have to create a simple spreadsheet by using any common tool that you are comfortable with. This will be useful for recording all your influencer-related data. So, label it properly and carefully.

Now, make use of any good content research tool to find the online content with maximum shares. All you need to do is type the keyword or phrase of your interest or simply the niche and you will get hundreds of results in seconds. Collect the required information and fill your spreadsheet.

Make sure that you choose influencers based on your specific goals. You can also opt for a reliable influencer research tool that would give you the details of influencers in your niche directly.

  1. Reach Them Out Strategically

Your list of key influencers is ready and now, here comes the trickiest part i.e. ‘reaching out to them’. Without a robust email outreach strategy in place and a relationship-building approach, it will never be possible for you to prove your good intentions and make them work with you.

Remember that being influencers, they already receive tons of similar emails every day and hence, you need to think beyond generic in order to stay unaffected by their picky nature.

Forget pre-made email templates, if you do not want to be marked as ‘spam’ by your preferred influencers. Craft every email in a friendly way with personal touch so that it reflects your interest in forming a mutually-beneficial working relationship with the person.

  1. Give the ‘Skyscraper Technique’ A Try

As mentioned in the previous point, you need to offer something of real value to the influencer you want to be associated with. Nothing can be better for this purpose than unique, informative, and updated content of great quality.

Here comes the importance of the well-known ‘Skyscraper’ strategy. Follow it in three simple steps:

  • Put your efforts in finding a web page with popular and linkable content.
  • Rewrite the content in a more detailed as well as interesting way with updated information.
  • Promote your repackaged content to your key influencers.
  1. Keep An Eye On Your Progress

Last but not the least; keep a close eye on how you are doing with your blogger outreach program. If you do not track your goals, you will never know whether your strategy is actually working or not. Also, you will not be able to identify the improvement opportunities or point out the drawbacks.

Make sure that you know about all your tangible key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the goals you set previously. Your domain authority and backlink profile are two main KPIs that you need to take into consideration first. However, check all other KPIs too in detail in order to measure your success.

This strategy is absolutely kick-ass to give your blogger outreach campaign a clear direction. Just follow it, build your reputation, drive more traffic, generate more leads, and finally push your sales to a huge extent.


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