Effective SEO Tools to Improve Marketing

You need the assistance of several SEO tools to improve marketing. Only content optimization doesn’t helps to you to improve marketing. The SEO comprises a long process involving many steps. They are keyword research, reporting and goal setting, content building, page optimization, social and link building, follow up reporting and analysis. All these steps require the help of the tools to complete.

Once the conceptualization of the plan is made and the project is ready to start. The tools requirement is also take into consideration before initiating the work on the project. The SEO tools come with a heavy price tag. The silver lining is that there are many SEO tools available for free. Any SEO firms can make use of these tools easily to improve marketing. Eager to know more about them! Read on the article to know more.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the God of online marketing.  It is free, efficient and wonderful SEO tool. The current internet world is dominated by Google. This also holds true in terms of SEO. It provides unmatched data source with high quality and detailed information. Other SEO tools mimic Google analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools

As mentioned above, Google dominates the online marketing world, Google Webmaster Tools are the other gift of Google for online marketing. GWT helps you to know your website status in the top search engines. It further helps you to track bugs, alerts, and indexing issues. Unlike Google Analytics, it is more simple and easy to use.

Keyword Planner

Keyword research is one of the important step in SEO process. Before anything, keywords research is done to initiate the SEO process. Keyword planner makes your research easier by helping you to research keywords. Furthermore, it also helps you to new keyword and ad group ideas, extract search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups, get traffic estimate for a list of keywords, make multiple keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.


MozBar is the perfect place to know all about SEO. You think it you have it at MozBar. The toolbar of MozBar has three main sections of data such as Page Elements, Page Attributes and link Data. Page Element shows the all the on page SEO details. You can access lots of information at once. Various tags like title, description and H1s are all visible.

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This tool helps you to get a report of any website and plug in a website URL. Though this tool is like any other SEO tool, it provides you the report quick and hassle free data. The tool page display useful icons to inform you if there is any issue with the page. The tool offers online videos tutorial on SEO. It also gives a complete list of keywords through keyword analysis function.


Though look simple, Woorank offers some unique features. It helps you to generate report within a second. Woorank shows “Top priorities section”. It also displays Social shareability section which enables free analysis of social network data in a given place. One of the most interesting feature f Woorank is the mobile section.

QuickSprout is one of the popular free website analyzer. The visual layout of the tool is intuitive, well-organized and provides important information. The best feature of the tool is the competitive analysis.

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