5 Ways An ‘Explainer Video’ Can Boost your Business

Have you ever visited any website featuring a short, informative video that is fun and entertaining to watch? It is called an ‘explainer video’ and surprisingly, it can benefit any business in an incredible manner!

Well, don’t believe us. Rather, check out the following 5 amazing reasons to include an explainer video in your business website:

  1. Be A ’Magnet’ For Your Target Audience

Nothing can be more visually appealing than a clear and fresh video. Hence, an explainer video can help you grab the attention of your target audience easily and effectively. Though text and image are the most common forms of content used on websites, video has also been quite loved by internet users.

With 500 million and 10 billion videos viewed every day on Facebook and Snapchat in that order, watching videos has become one-third of all activities in the web world.

Sounds promising, right?

  1. Get People Interested In your Offerings

As much as 78% of total number of internet users worldwide watches online videos every week.  Hence, the simplest way an explainer video can help your business is by generating enough interest among the target market about your offerings.

In fact, a survey conducted by BrightRoll among 150 executives from various top advertising agencies came up with the following interesting facts:

  • Almost 91% of the survey participants considered online videos to be equally or more powerful than regular display advertising
  • Around 75% of them believed that online videos are far more effective than televisions
  • At least 68% of them found those videos to be more impactful than social media

The survey also let us know how online videos actually influence potential customers. It disclosed that more or less 64% of them go for a product / service online after watching a video about it. Moreover, the report unveiled that an enjoyable online video can boost purchase intent as well as brand association 97% and 139% respectively.

So, does it really need more explanation to understand that putting an explainer video on your website can generate massive interest in your offerings?

  1. Make The Objective Of Your Offerings Clear

An ‘explainer video’, as the name suggests, explains your business offerings in a lucid manner. It allows you to clarify the functionalities or usefulness of your products or services through simple demonstrations so that the objective of your offerings becomes absolutely clear to the target market.

Studies have found that nearly 90% of online video watchers across the globe consider product / service videos to be the most useful thing for making their purchase decisions.

  1. Improve SEO Benefits For Your Website

Whether you upload an explainer video online or share it through the social media, you can fetch significant SEO benefits for your business website. According to the algorithms of both the search engine giant ‘Google’ and the social media giant ‘Facebook’, any online video that offers major value to its viewers and engage them at the same time is a ‘high-quality video’.

Being informational and useful, explainer videos fall in this category, which improves the rankings of the website in SERPs and helps in getting more traffic.

  1. Create A Lasting Impression

With an explainer video, you can easily create a lasting impression in the mind of your target audience as video content is known to be easy to digest and have more impact on us.

A study published by the Online Publishers Association in 2007 depicted that around 80% of online video watchers can remember a video advertisement they have seen in last one month. Among them:

  • 26% feel interested about and seek out more information
  • 22% make an effort to visit the product / service website
  • 15% land the official website of the brand itself
  • 12% end up making a purchase

In essence, video content is remembered by the viewers better and hence, more information about your business is retained by your target audience.

An explainer video, if put to use the right way, can increase the click through rate as well as add to the conversion rate, which eventually promotes lead generation. However, make sure that you keep the duration of the video anywhere between 2 to 3 minutes, and turn it into an interesting one by including captions.



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