Future of SEO – How SEO is going to Shape up in 2017

The importance of SEO is growing day-by-day and every year we can find some advancement that not only meet the current trend, but also take the online market a step ahead. There is no doubt that in this aspect, SEO will shape up tremendously in 2017 with many innovations and advanced techniques.

Being aware of how the search engines are advancing or changing is imperative to upgrade your SEO strategy. Besides all, it is also very important to make the move before your competitors do it.

Highlights of SEO advancing from 2016

SEO is evolving in a faster pace recent months. To point a few highlights of advancement from 2016 to 2017, here follow;

  • Google Penguin is now part of core algorithm and it is real time. Penguin is now part of 200 signals that are used in Google core algorithm, which helps deciding the ranking of a website
  • Since Penguin has become real time, there is no need to wait for years to see your website progressing
  • Google send direct warning to the website owners in the webmasters, especially for those websites that are not mobile-friendly
  • Google announced mobile indexing update in November 2016
  • The introduction of AMP pages has increased the attention of the schema mark up and this has made SEO important, especially in technical terms
  • Optimizing website for mobile with desktop has become important
  • SEO is one of the effective tools for the local brands to gain qualified leads

How SEO Shape in 2017?

Technical SEO

The significance of technical SEO cannot be ignored. It is not only the content, but the page speed, site structure, navigation and many other factors decide the success of the content marketing campaign. Moreover, it is also essential for the website to be technically optimized to gain the real benefits of building links.

This emphasizes the need for improved website structure, Meta tag optimization, clean navigation and better website speed. In addition to it, the importance of technical SEO should be emphasized on marketing campaign such as email marketing, PPC and other approaches.

Making the website technically optimized with Google standards will be the higher priority in 2017 digital marketing campaign.

Natural Backlinks

Most of the online businesses are still struggling with earning backlinks. There are some companies and individuals struggling to making spammy backlinks or pay for unethical activities. However, making natural backlinks is very important to sustain long run.

For instance;

  • A local brand can make profiles on online business listings and on various directories to earn natural links
  • Blogging is an other best way to gain natural links
  • Participate in discussions, communities or forums to build quality backlinks
  • Invite professionals to write about your services on their blog
  • Request customers to leave original reviews about your services on the review based websites

Relevant Content

To achieve best SEO approach in 2017, focus on relevant content. For instance, if your website is travel based, then focus on giving relevant content, videos or infographics to travel and tourism, than deviating to any other niche. Moreover, you should also be flexible with the content marketing strategy according to the business niche.

Remember, every website is different and their goals vary, therefore when you enter into content marketing, set a definite goal and choose the right channel to proceed with your SEO strategies.

In addition to the above said SEO advancement and techniques, there are also many elements to be taken into the considerations such as, local search, which is very important to achieve better ranking for the website. If you are targeting a successful market in 2017, then put mobile first and desktop as second. This can help you attract big deals in current trend.  Make your website wrap speed with lightening quick.

Voice search is an other growing trend to continue success rate of an online business. Moreover, this will be a practical and efficient way to promote your business online. Finally, think about scannable content that can certainly improve the user experience, as it enables the readers to quickly move through large volume of content while finding their information.


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