6 ways to grow your podcast audience with SEO

Content is the king of digital marketing and engaging content coupled with appealing infographics can help you drag the attention of your target group easily.

Effective SEO strategy does the rest of the part. Blogs, articles, images and videos are now considered as the traditional form of content marketing strategy. Amidst these highly effective strategies podcast is often taken as an underestimated medium.

However, if it is used properly, it can help you drive the traffic and establish your brand in addition to supporting your link-building. To make the most out of it, you have to know its implications.

Here are some useful tips for the beginners on how to leverage your podcast for SEO.

1. Tricks lie in the title: Title is the main lead to promote your podcast. Make sure to use the interesting and catchy title as iTunes ranking algorithm mainly emphasizes on the title of the podcast. However, a total number of the subscribers and reviews also leave their impacts. The title that you are using has to be relevant and use the keywords in the title to ensure maximum reach.

2. RSS feed optimization is a must: Do you know that your RSS feed promotes your podcast on various podcast platforms including Google Play Music and iTunes? When people subscribe to your podcast available on any of these platforms, they immediately get connected to your RSS feed. The feed consists of podcast information and you can easily update your show’s status there. It hardly takes 24 hours to update the information on iTunes and Google play Music.

3. Leveraging your website: Although your podcast is an audio but you still can earn SEO points by using your website. Google will automatically send traffic to your podcast as you can always use it to attract the links. You can also create supporting content to boost your reach. For instance, feed episode description, transcript, episode art, and more to your followers. It will eventually help you get more listeners.

4. Recycle your content: The content that is already available with you can be a great source to boost your ranking. Wondering how? Simply use your podcast content like episode description or the checklist and turn it into an engaging blog. Don’t stick to only articles and blogs but go for infographics and videos, and slide presentation as well.

5. YouTube is the ideal channel: More than a billion users vigorously follow this platform and hence, this should be included in your SEO strategy. YouTube is itself a search engine and its content also appears in the Google search results. But, it’s not that easy to turn your podcast recording into a YouTube video. You need to apply file converters and video editing software to make your file compatible with YouTube.

6. Link building is essential: Interesting, entertaining, and engaging podcast content is effective enough to attract the links. You can also look for a podcast guest speaker who can promote your podcast on his own site. You can arrange an interview session and approach the guest to promote that particular podcast episode on his site. In this way, his followers will also get linked to your platform.

Podcast and SEO go hand in hand. Make sure to use them strategically.


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