5 Things you can do to help your page race to the Top – SEO Tips

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your content to maximize traffic while users launch a search on a search engine.

Here is a quick compilation of some easy to implement but effective SEO techniques which will help you race ahead in your pursuit to the top of search engine listings:

  1. Meta-Description – The front face of your webpage

Meta-Description is like the beautiful receptionist of your company, it is the first impression. Meta-Description is what appears as a few lines of text just below the Title tag in the search page and is usually of 150-160 characters in length.

A good meta-description which concisely expresses what the user can look forward to will be a deal winner.

  1. When you are not sure where to look – Look Within

As much as we would want traffic to be driven from the external links, we could do some work with our internal links to make sure our page is highly ranked. Whenever you publish a new article, just go through your archives and look for old posts that you have published in the same/ relevant area and link it back to the new one.

  1. Using Broken Links to Bridge your SEO:

Millions of links which gets broken when the content is relocated during migration could act as a bridge for your SEO activity

Here is a quick step by step guide that will help you do this:

  1. Identify a web page with high quality content and a huge traffic.
  2. Identify a broken link on the webpage with the use of a tool such as the Chrome extension called Check My Links.
  3. Contact the site administrator stating you have found a broken link on their page.
  4. You may strategically place an offer to re-direct to your webpage using that broken link. Since you helped them better their webpage, the chances are the favour would be re-paid.
  1. The magic of Title and ALT attributes:

A Title attribute is the gateway of letting the search engine and the user know where they will land up if at all they choose to click the particular link that you are displaying. The syntax may look like something below:

<a href=”” title=”5 tips that will ease the pain of SEO”>SEO Tips</a>

Have you ever wondered how images are thrown up in the search window when all that you entered was just text in the search field? The answer to that magic is the use of ALT attribute. You can mention the description of an image using the ALT attribute that will in turn re-direct users to your image. Sample syntax is given below for your reference:

<imgsrc=”” alt=”infographic on 5 tips that will ease the pain of SEO”>

  1. Title Tags – The Pixel Math

Nowadays, Google limits the length of the title tag not by characters but by pixels and the limit is 512 pixels.

We have done the math for you and if you manage to keep the title tag under 60 characters, 99 percent of the time you would be well within the upper limit of 512 pixels.

These 5 tips elucidated here are assured ways of driving more traffic to your webpage when coupled with quality content which is always of paramount importance.


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