How to Fix Your Poor Ranking In 2018

If you have been experiencing poor traffic flow in your site and you are wondering what exactly happened with your site that is giving it poor ranking in the Search Engine Optimization, don’t worry you will have it fixed today.

The problem is probably not yours, this may actually been caused by the action of more competitive online business people. They have won their first places in the Search Engine rankings making you drop.

The following tips are what you need to look into so that you compete favorably.

  • Uniqueness

Make sure your content is almost if not a hundred percent unique. Use any plagiarism detecting machine to clean out your content before posting. This will help you to escape Google’s inbuilt plagiarism software.

When Google finds you clean, your chances for top ranking will definitely shoot uptrend.

This is the only place where you can start counting your chicks before they hatch. The moment Google top rate your content, this means your audience are more exposed to your content.

  • Work on Your SEO

Optimizing your content to be SEO friendly involves a number of factors to be considered.

These factors include researching for keywords and placing them strategically, spread out your keywords within your site professionally: like in your links, subtitles, web slogans and Meta descriptions.

Include meta tags in your site that will brief the search engine what your site is all about.

Update your site regularly. It is so irritating to visit a website and find the same content you saw  two weeks ago, you are likely not to come back to this sight. Maintain your viewers habit by giving them new content regularly.


  • Optimize Your Site to Mobile Friendly

If your site is only limited to desktop, then you are not being good to your web visitors. Someone may be in the train and wants to urgently check on something.

They may only be having their mobile phone. They go to your site and what they see is a warning recommending a desktop, so a friend could just die because they could not see the tips to deal with an asthmatic.

Isn’t that a humongous let down? Definitely it is. If your web cannot be accessed using a mobile device, do the adjustments immediately. This kind of web style is called ‘mobile responsive design’.


  • Change Your Web Hosting

There is nothing disappointing like being hosted in a poor hosting company probably because you are paying low premiums. However much quality your site contains it may rank really poor.

Many poor web hosting companies are characterized by slow loadings, in such case Google will simply ignore it and give chances to other less hectic sites.

I would advise that if you want high quality classifications, you have to spend high quality amount of premium. It is only quality can be exchanged with quality.

In conclusion, the importance of fresh and original content cannot be overlooked. They play a big role in the ranking of your site.



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