How to Generate More Leads Using Twitter

Twitter is a top social networking site that allows its users to build a network of followers sending, receiving and sharing tweets. It can work as a great platform to find probable customers.

You have heard stories of how people have successfully been able to leverage Twitter to get organic traffic and you want to do something similar for your business.

However, a simple social media profile with a huge list of unknown followers may not always work. You cannot consider everyone who follows you to be a potential sales lead.

Your tweets for leads must be different than what you normally post.  You need to implement a few strategies to get better leads from this social media platform.

Create a list of followers

It is important for you to build a list of followers who show interest in your business and those who could become your future customers. Not every visitor can be a potential. There will be several casual visitors who may have followed because a known contact may be working there or they were looking at the account for ideas.  Check their tweets, search for keywords, hashtags, and similar and see if they are applicable to your business.

Do a study

Tweet a question to your followers. You will then understand their needs when they respond. Propose a solution. This will engross you in a conversation and help you connect better.

Use the Twitter advanced search feature to find if your name or your brand name are mentioned in any tweets and if they are positive, negative or pose a question. You must be quick in your reply to all types of comments and questions. Let them know they might find a solution if they use your services.

Create an RSS feed

Although Twitter has discarded the RSS feed, you can create your own feed using tools like Queryfeed or You can use the RSS reader to enable you to select the quality traffic and respond to them.

Educate and engage your follower

Your content must be inspiring and educative. Users will follow you not because you have persuaded them but rather because they like the content.

Since there is no restriction, you may tweet about 4 to 5 times each day. The more you tweet the more conversation you can generate. The tweets can be promotional or can be related to your own content or you could share someone else’s content. Take care that there are other tweets too or they could think you to be a spammer.

Use the Twitter landing page effectively

The Twitter landing page is a page on your website without any navigational menu. So, there is nothing that could divert the visitor’s attention from your landing page. Post some absorbing content to receive healthy traffic. There are several tools that you can download and use to build your own graphic visual content enhancing the visitor experience.

To have the best impact of the Twitter landing page you should

  • Link your tweets to the landing page. Keep it short.
  • Post a welcome message. Upload your profile picture here and add a gist of “About Us” page here.
  • Keep your landing page responsive. Most people use their mobile devices to check tweets.
  • List all your social media accounts. Your followers may prefer to connect through other profiles- Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Leave a contact form to get the visitor contact details.

Utilize the Twitter cards to your benefit

Twitter cards can also be an effective mode of lead generation. There are about 8 different cards of which the product cards and lead generation cards will serve your purpose. With the Twitter cards, you the opportunity to go further than the 140-character tweet limit up to about 200 characters to write product descriptions.

However, be aware you must have enough space to add the links and retweet. You can add videos, images, descriptions and similar. It will keep the visitors engaged for a longer time and attract new followers. You could create a free offer or giveaways to influence new consumers. It must be something related to your business so that you get more leads and possibly increase your target audience.

Several businesses are benefitting using these approaches and if implemented properly, it can do wonders for you.




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