How to market your brand in 2018 with low budget

For many starting businesses brand marketing without enough money is no easy task. They have to resort to using low budget methods.

The biggest headache is getting to know low budget brand marketing methods that actually work. Don’t worry, I have taken up all the pain and come up with a list of methods that you should apply in your start-up.

The brand marketing methods are not absolutely free. The reason for this being that you will need to involve your employees who may require payment for the services.

However, even if it’s not free, your start-up will save huge amount of dollars which can be channelled to other needs within the company.

Low cost brand marketing methodology works! All you need is a dedicated team that’s disciplined enough to do what is needed in order to get results that means successful branding of the business.

Here are the low cost brand marketing methods that you should try out in 2018:

  1. Acquiring links from your business associates

Those companies that you carry business with can be of greater help when it comes to your brand marketing. Remember that it’s easier to approach your partner’s suppliers etc. for a link on their site.

Avoid purchasing them by all means. Bought links can bring more havoc to your business site that you won’t know existed before.

  1. Look up for the mentions and get linked from them

Your start-ups may have been mentioned across the internet. However, you may find that most of those mentions are not linked. That’s a gold mine.

All you need to do is to look out for the contact information of the writers who have your company mentioned and ask them to add a link back to your company.

  1. Business partnership

Business partnership can be another way to market your brand. Those who have business related to what you offer can market your services while you market theirs.

For example if your company provides content writing services, you can promote a web design company while they market your services.

Both business gains using the method it ensures that they both get value from their relationship. All that is needed are talks and signing of agreements then you are off with your marketingcampaign.

  1. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is mostly overlooked though it’s one of the valuable low cost brand marketing technique. You just need is to make frequent comments on blogs related to your industry.

Your brand gains popularity.

The ideology works best when you provide valuable information for readers. Remember that when commenting avoid spamming and that whatever you post should be targeted towards giving a positive outlook for your brand.

  1. Make use of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) services

Register for the HARO services which have no charges. Should you have a story about your brand, then you can go ahead and use the service to gain popularity.

  1. Have a significance presence on Google + Create a Robust Google+

You can make use of the Google social media as your brand marketing platform. The search engine makes use of your business data to create an online presence which can positively affect your branding.

Ensure that you should do your profile writing well, for your brand to enjoy publication across the web.

  1. Personal Networking

By using physical networking, you would be applying a very effective method of brand marketing that’s overly mistaken.

The power of talking to people about your brand and exchanging business cards cannot be ignored in this technological era.

The method still works and if you try it you will be amazed by its capability.

  1. Contest Running

The method has had a good share of misunderstanding especially for being used in scummy circumstances.

All the same, the power of contest running cannot be overlooked. It has the potential of turning up your brand marketing effort.

Have a contest running and have something to offer. It might be a car, a ticket, or an electronic garget.

Whatever you use, so long as you do it properly, you may be happy with the outcome, as the method can turn your brand marketing into a viral promotion.

  1. Register in an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing can come in handy when brand marketing. The good things being that you will have others promote your business for a fee. In return you save money as your company grows.

Your business grows in an organic manner. The only con with the methodology is that it does not necessarily work for every brand. However it’s worth trying and you would easily find out if it does work for your business.

  1. Tweeting

To really hit a bigger output for your branding, you need to make use of twitter.

Twitter is a killer marketing platform. You don’t have to be an expert to do this.

You need to find those that have influence in your industry and follow them. Once they mention something related to your brand, you can then re-tweet the same message and have them mentioned in your comments.

Slowly you will begin to lay foundation for your company’s platform.

  1. Upselling with your current clients

Marketing is not only a way of gaining new clients; rather, against the thinking of many business owners, it takes place with the existing ones.

You can apply upselling on your present clients which is twenty times better. When marketing for your existing clients it’s cheaper and comes with unbelievable gains.

  1. Be friendly to the major Influencers in your line of business

In each business, there are those people who call the shots.  What they say concerning the niche is almost law.

They have a huge following which makes their opinion trend and change the outcome of business. You should never ignore them.

Be friendly. Don’t beat around the bush, have a direct encounter with them.

Ensure that you have something to offer that will give them your attention. Suggest some partnership with them and offer something in return .

You’ll be assured that when they start talking about your brand  you will have its  popularity grow.

  1. Hash tagging

Using a hash tag can be another low cost method of marketing your brand. Identify the hash tag that you will be using and make sure its present in all your business postings across the web.

The hash tag has the capability of making your brand go viral because it can be searched online.

  1. Acquire Email Addresses

Getting email addresses or increasing the ones you have has a great outcome in marketing of your brand.

You can have a Hello Bar which is basic yet a very effective way of increasing email address acquisition.

  1. Increase your user’s generated content

The benefit of using content to market your brand is just amazing. However, getting enough content when on budget can be tough.

The best cost effective way of having content is to have your users write their stories. Through motivation you can have your users tell their stories and generate content for you in the process.

If you do it well, you will get hundreds of articles written for your brand by your users and have your brand marketed cost effectively.

  1. Engage with your social media fans

Express interest to your fans on your business social media pages. When you get interested with your fans, they reciprocate. You can simply do this by re-tweeting (on twitter) liking their comments (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). Once you start doing this, the fans will get interested on your posts andstart engaging. In the process, your brand’s popularity increases.

  1. Write high standard PR (Press Releases)

Though PR has lost its glory as an SEO method, but it still holds water when it comes to brand marketing.

Making use of sources like PRWeb, would need you to have some hundreds of dollars. Since you have insufficient monetary allocation for brand marketing, you can resort to sources like, which charges nothing.

You might not be in line to getting quality syndicate, but, it doesn’t matter.

Whatever you will get will be substantial putting in mind that it’s free and saves you money.

You need to have is a high standard PR and a no-follow link to your website and you are ready to go.


You don’t need tonnes of dollars to make your brand popular. With sufficient time in your hands, you can turn around an expensive brand marketing campaign into a low cost success story. You just need to have a dedicated team in your company and you’ll be on your way to a successful business branding path.

The choice is yours, you can decide to pick a few of the budget brand marketing techniques I have shared with you, or you can decide to only pick one and do it till positive results start trickling in.


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