4 Most Common Issues Marketers Struggle With And How To Solve Them

Marketing can sometimes turn out to be a Herculean task. Even though the marketing goals are more or less similar for all businesses, each marketer faces one or more challenges which may or may not be similar to those faced by others.

However, at the same time, it is also true that there is always room for improvement and hence, you can always challenge those challenges and put them to an end.

Eager to know what are the most common issues faced by other marketers? Let us dig deeper into it and find out the right solutions. Here we go:

  1. Driving Traffic And Capturing Leads

According to the 2017 State Of Inbound Report by HubSpot, driving enough traffic to the website and capturing a significant amount of leads is the biggest challenge to every marketer these days.

The demand for high-quality content is going high with each Google algorithm update. Moreover, the market has been flooded by digital publishing platforms as well as advanced choices for content marketing.

As the industry is getting super competitive day by day, there is no surprise that most of the marketers are struggling hard to channelize their efforts the right way for generating more traffic and driving more leads.

How To Solve It:

  • As mentioned, content can make or break your marketing efforts. So, your first and foremost focus should be to learn what your visitors would like to see and get from you in terms of content. Also, try to figure out the way they are going to read or interact with your content.
  • Keep the requirements of your target audience in mind and produce very high-quality content. Make sure that it is unique, relevant, informative, and above all, engaging enough to grab the attention of visitors and turn them into leads.
  • Take content promotion seriously as the trend has been changing rapidly with each passing day. Go innovative with your promoting techniques in order to make your audience take notice of your content.
  1. Measuring The Return On Investment

Not only these days, but measuring the Return On Investment (ROI) of each and every marketing activity has always been one of the top marketing issues.

Be it a specific campaign or a certain piece of content, marketers need to provide ROI for everything as it is one of the most crucial ways to understand how the efforts are going to pay off. Proving ROI is also vital for getting an increase in the budget as it ensures tangible results.

However, the task of tracking the ROI often becomes highly challenging due to the lack of two-way communication between the marketing activities and the sales results of an organization. As a result, marketers fail to demonstrate significant ROI.

How To Solve:

  • The first thing businesses need to do is establish a strong and robust connection between their marketing activities and sales results in order to align their marketing and sales teams. This can be done by bringing the marketing software and the CRM solution together while involving dedicated resources and spending enough time for it. Consequently, it will become easier for the marketers to keep a track of the number of leads as well as customers generated through each marketing activities.
  • Carrying out inbound marketing with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) at place is another proven way to measure ROI. In fact, experts have found this combination to be three times more effective for the success of marketing strategies than outbound marketing with open loop between the marketing and sales efforts.
  1. Acquiring Enough Budget For Team

Budget constraint is one of the biggest constraints that marketers from all parts of the globe need to face.

No matter how established the business is, it is always a pressing challenge for marketers to convince the authority and secure enough money for their teams to carry out campaigns and other activities appropriately. For smaller businesses, the situation becomes even worse as they their marketing expenses are neither sizable nor flexible.

How To Solve:

  • We have already discussed how to prove ROI in the previous point and that is what you need to follow to unlock budget for your team. Once you become able to calculate and provide ROI of your marketing efforts, you automatically put one step forward in driving higher budgets.
  • When it comes to mitigating budget issues, inbound marketing also plays a significant role. Arm your team up with effective strategies and the outcomes of your efforts will eventually help you receive higher budgets.
  1. Managing Website Performance

Nowadays, having a strong digital presence is essential for any business. A healthy and high-performing website is an asset for a company and proper management of it means taking care of a number of factors including designing, development, content, optimization, back-end, and many more.

However, it is a challenge for the marketers to handle all issues associated with a website efficiently. They often keep struggling with different aspects of website management, which prevents them from achieving their overall business goals.

How To Solve:

  • Hire the right talents with a diverse skill set to meet your needs for manpower. If you are unable to get in-house inbound marketers for your team, opt for freelancers or partner with a reliable agency.
  • Make use of the right technologies to boost your marketing efforts up. Keep yourself up-to-date about the latest marketing technology resources and enrich your arsenal with the right tools and platforms.
  • Choose a hosting platform for your website that will put all your marketing channels together. This will make your task of website management a whole lot easier.

Apart from these 4 common issues, there are lots of other factors that marketers need to struggle with constantly. However, a robust marketing strategy, a systematic approach, and regular performance analyses can help businesses face these challenges successfully and uncover the biggest marketing opportunities.

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