How to steal your competitor’s links in 2018

Backlinks are a very important as far as online marketing is concerned. Almost all business owners understand this, however, only a few are ready to burn the midnight oil and get them.

So that your online business is found in the search engines using certain keywords related to it, you will need to be very serious with backlinking.

An outlook on backlinks and their importance

When you get a link back to your site from a quality site the search engine awards your site by ranking it better. An essential thing to do is to have an anchor-text. Remember that with links, getting more is not vital. You need to get quality links.

When backlinking, the best practice is to use an anchor-text in content the issue is not just about getting the backlinks; it’s about getting the most reputable ones. There are so many spammy backlink providers online that sell them.

You need to tread carefully and avoid the spam link sellers found everywhere on the internet. Your site might end up getting banned by Google for example and result in huge losses.

You should know that even if you got a link from an authority site, it doesn’t mean that your site will rank the next day. No! If you don’t have the right connections, getting quality backlinks is not easy.

How do you speed up the process of backlinking? Several tools may come in handy to assist you with the process of getting information about your competitor’s backlinks.  All you need is to find ways of grabbing their links and benefiting from them.

What backlinks do you need to focus on?

Google has a reason for allowing us to have an access to backlinks. Remember that all backlinks are not the same some can transfer their problems to your site and really worsen your SEO while others can make it even better.

For most starters, buying backlinks is the easiest way through. While others turn to online directories for free links. However, the truth is that the two methods of acquiring backlinks cannot in any way beat the organic backlink.

Online directories will not provide a viable solution, the reason being that backlinking to them needs some cash if you are ready to pay to get a backlink without caring about the quality.

The efforts will amount to nothing because the search engines algorithms are made in such a way that they cannot value a link from an online directory. For it, the backlink adds no value to your business site ranking. So, where do you start?

Backlinking is one of the essential factors considered when ranking a site. If you happen to write the best copy and have nobody linking back to it, according to the search engines, your effort is in futility. In this case, it’s the quality of the backlink that counts.

For backlinks to assist your ranking efforts you don’t just backlink to thousands of links in the hope that everything will at that time work for the best, you need to have backlinks from different sources and domains.

You also need to backlink with sites that have high linking authority. DA (Domain Authority) is the one that gives your business site power rating by the search engines.

It basically means that you would be better off backlinking with a site that has a DA of 80 and above rather than the one that has 35 DA.

When high DA sites give you backlinks, the search engine would automatically rank your higher.

You need to focus on the sum total of the backlinks targeting your site, getting backlinks from different domains and industry and high DA sites.

Spying on your competitor’s backlinks (step by step)

After getting informed as to why backlinking is vital to your ranking efforts, it’s now clear for us to check out how we can spy on our competition backlinks.

You need to find out the high DA sites that your competitor has.  The efforts will need you to have a spreadsheet. You need to record the DA, the topic of the content, PA and a post from your blog that goes one on one with their linking history.

If for example, your competition has a link from site x, check it out online and have some information about it.  You will get to know its DA and PR. Record the information on your spreadsheet.

Using the Open Site Explorer go down on your competition page and check out all the backlinks from external sources. From there you can get started on the location of the best links available.

Choose root domain targeting only external link sources. Check on the DA. Get the highest DA.  The process will reveal backlinks that will ensure that you can boost your SEO efforts.

Check out for the trends and try to find out the posts that people tend to link to most. On your spreadsheet, have a list of the web address of each link and the topic of the content.

You should also record all the diverse links that your competitor has.  The aim is to have a list of all the sites linking to your competition and the topic they have linked to.

Spying on the posts

The moment you have the list ready, you need to go to the second process which is the specification of links. Spying on particular posts will help you discover which one has many backlinks.

You will need to have the most popular link to your competition and carry out some searches using the Open Site Explorer. Let the filter remains as set previously, go down to the inbound links you will be able to have an analysis of the chosen single topic.  You can either write a post that relates to the post, or if you have it already, you can target to have about ten backlinks to it.

Once your spreadsheet has all the needed information, then you are ready to steal your competition’s backlinks. You only need to find out how they got the backlinks and copy the procedure.

They may have gotten them from guest blogging which is one of the best ways to get hold of backlinks in exchange for the blog content.

The golden question would be how you would get the backlinks to your site.

Reaching out through email for links (step by step)

In the world of business relationships are built on giving and take basis. You only get after giving. Nobody likes the guys who want but do not give in return. Marketing relationships are a give and take.

That is the same principle we are going to apply to get a share of the backlinks that your competition has. Don’t be the kind of person who sends emails asking for backlinks when you offer nothing in return! You will be definitely be spamming on others!

There are only two best ways to get links; having an exceptional content and relating well to others.  You will start by visiting the site that you would like to get a backlink from.  Here, you can try to get their email, if it’s not present, and then try to locate their pages on the social media platforms.

The company’s link would mostly take you to the employees. Look for the right employee that has influence in the blog/site. Once you have found the person, you should now go ahead and start relating positively to them.

If it’s LinkedIn for example, you can use the Inmail function to contact them.

Don’t ask for backlinks in your first message. If you do so, you will be taken as a spammer. Tell them how delighted you were after reading their post and that you have also written a similar post and linked back to their post.

Such a message would be aiming at building a strong relationship based on the same interest.

Be as friendly as possible, don’t ask for backlinks. It might look tedious, but the effort pays well.  The secret is that you cannot rank higher in the search engines without backlinks. If you go ahead building a friendship with people of influence on a blog/site, your effort will not be futile, you will definitely get links.

It’s better to have twenty high PR and DA annually than have thousands of link spammers and online business directories.


The whole idea of backlinking might look tough. However, the rewards of quality backlinks are just tremendous and rewarding. Your site will improve search engine ranking boosting your traffic and sales.

Many folks find it hard to follow the best and easiest method I have revealed above. They end up buying backlinks and getting them from spammy sites across the internet which affect their site in ranking, while some go as far as being banished by search engines!

As I have mentioned above, the secret of backlinking is quality. Getting a couple of quality links every year would definitely improve the ranking of your site.

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