How to use Social Media Marketing to increase sales

If used right, social media marketing can be a superb channel to increase sales for your online business. To most of those who have tried this marketing channel, the idea of sharing pictures videos and sometimes going live on Facebook is well received. However, the biggest huddle lies in converting the followers into buyers.

For some, social media marketing only comes in handy when promoting their brand or a new product. It’s true. You should never stop social marketing just because it’s not driving people towards buying your product or service.

The good news is that social media is growing rapidly and the use of it as a marketing tool is possible so long as it’s done right. Ignoring it will mean leaving behind platforms that people spend their time on every day; this might be the worst decision for your business.

All you need is guidance on how you should use the social media platforms for brand awareness and conversion.  The following are the tips on how to use media marketing to increase sales for your business. These are the tactics I have personally used to increase conversion on my blog in three months.

  1. Build a fan base and interact with them

Social media marketing is all about interaction. Once you have your connects, followers or friends, how you relate to them on the social platform is what might assist you in your marketing strategy.

Create your business page and relate to your fans genuinely. Let the conversation flow, keep them well informed.

Let your postings be friendly, those that elicit warm feelings. To make them feel privileged, don’t share your products yet, you can post videos and pictures of events in your company.

You could also engage with other groups similar to your company on Facebook or LinkedIn by sharing information and being active.

When engaging with other groups, make sure that you familiarize yourself with their guidelines to avoid spamming them. Find out if they permit your brand promotion.

You can increase your group following by offering something valuable in exchange for membership. It could be an eBook or maybe a course. When they sign up for the offer, they then get admitted into the group. It could increase your fan base tremendously.

  1. Connect with the key persons in social media

On the social media platforms, you will definitely find those people who have millions of followers or connections.

Get to know them. They can come in handy in your social media marketing campaigns. From YouTube to Facebook and Twitter, get closer to those that have influence. Meet them and give them an offer to recommend your brand.

Their followers tend to believe in them. If they have something good to say about your brand, believe me, it might change your sales completely.

The right route to getting a person of influence to market your brand would be to give them an offer that is profitable for them to gain their trust.

  1. Paid social media marketing campaigns

The number of businesses promoting their brand on Facebook has shot up.

The advantage of using paid media marketing campaign on Facebook is that you don’t need the fortune to do it.

With a couple of dollars each day, your business can achieve its goal of increasing visitors to your online business.

However, you need to check if the ads are really adding your visitor’s number. If you find that they are not, then it’s advisable to stop or do some optimization on the ad.

You should also ensure that your Facebook ads don’t cost more than a few cents per click.

You can begin by having several free posts and see how they work out. Then you can go ahead and use paid campaign for the one that is well received.

  1. Carry out some tests with the ‘buy now’ button

Note that the social media platforms vary while Twitter and Facebook are excellent in increasing your brand awareness, Pinterest and Instagram may be different since those found here have a buying mentality.

Most social media marketing ads lack in providing the users with a superb shopping engagement. A good number of them send users away from the social media which is not good for business.

Luckily, you have an option of using an application that empowers users to buy from your online business without getting away from the social media platform.

On Facebook, for example, you can now have shopping carts on your company’s page thanks to some apps.

On the other hand, on Pinterest, you can use a secured ‘buy now button’ without leaving the page.

Test the apps on your various social media platforms and see what works well for your business.

  1. Don’t post too frequently

It might sound odd, especially having in mind of the idea that the Search Engines have a liking for frequent and fresh content, this has resulted into companies posting daily or even several times in a day with an aim of creating awareness of their brand and driving sales.

Be very careful with frequent posting on the social media platforms. Ensure that you have a very high standard of information you want to share.

If you don’t, then your frequent postings might actually work against you and reduce the number of followers you have been enjoying.

Keep in mind that this does not mean you don’t post frequently on your blog. No!

Rather, what you post most often on your blog is not a must for it to appear on your social media platform.

You can leave that to the best content you have maybe once every week.


From the perception, social media marketing can be a very good platform for popularizing your brand. However, it may be an uphill task in changing your followers, connects, etc. into buyers. If not done right.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that this cannot be done you will need to try out the above tips and find out which one really works for your business.

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