How to write a converting PPC Campaign

PPC campaign can be complicated and be tasking. Despite that, the choices for PPC platforms are many. You can tailor your bid, have your target keywords, and start marketing.

You can then apply some metrics to see how the site is working. If not done well, with PPC Campaigns you can open it and get frustrations. Despite that, it can be a very good tool for driving brand awareness.

Research reveals that an average company that applies PPC may have two times ROI.

Should your online business be selling products and services, then PPC should form part of your marketing strategy. It’s a faster tactic of achieving your traffic and conversion goals.

Luckily, there are many PPC marketing campaigns that you can emulate and succeed.  Note that when starting out a PPC campaign, you should have a strategy to be applied.

General look at PPC and its benefits

Why should a business apply PPC as a marketing strategy? Well, PPC is a tremendous marketing technique, that for those businesses that are not applying it, they are at a loss as far as earnings and online visitors are concerned.

What are the benefits of PPC?

  • PPC gives your online business a faster entry into the market

Unlike the organic SEO where you naturally rank for a certain keyword that converts in your niche after a long duration, PPC acts as a short-cut that starts you off immediately and you don’t need to wait long for traffic and conversion if the PPC ad is done right.

It widens the net for fishing out more traffic and conversion, equalizing your chances with companies that were formed many years before yours.

  • It can be tracked and measured

The tracking and measurement of PPC take place immediately.

The stats can act as a good way to see if the PPC campaign is doing well or not. There are many tools online that assist in these processes in real time.

  • Gives out beneficial information

The periodical reports that you get from PPC campaign tools can be helpful in realizing whether your ad needs changes or not.

  • It makes a vital contribution to the business prospects

With PPC campaigns, you can prospect and plan your business.

The tools present can give you the stats for your achievement which are handy in planning for your business future.

You are able to see how much you have spent on the PPC campaigns and whether you have gained from your investment.

  • The process is under your control

You can steer the campaign and make decisions on how you will reach your potential clients.

It all begins with the keywords you chose to have and the restrictions you want to put into practice.

Should you want to begin small, then you will definitely have a choice as to how much you are willing to invest in your PPC campaign.

  • PPC Campaigns can function well with other marketing methods

Content is the king in online marketing; business owners are putting more effort into driving traffic towards their content.

PPC can be the most appropriate method of marketing content for more traffic and conversion.

  • Large target choices

With PPC one can easily target a selected audience in a specific place. You can go for those who have had an exposure to your brand and those who haven’t.

When and where to apply PPC campaign

PPC campaign can be applied anytime to your online business. You can use to market a brand new website or to boost the organic ranking of your business site.

PPC can be used on various platforms that include all the main search engines plus the small ones, social media platforms, forums, and dozens of websites across the internet.

You can also use PPC when you want to drive sales to make a killing in a particular season like Christmas.

You may be running some special discount and you need the word to get across the internet faster. The best option you may have is using PPC.

  • Getting the PPC campaign copyright

How you write your PPC ad copy is what will tell whether it will convert or not. Whichever platform you are using the copy should be prioritized.

PPC is actually the fastest way to drive traffic. A single twist to your header may result in changes in your ROI. It doesn’t mean that you stop there.

There are many strategies that you can use your ad copy to bring more traffic and conversion. The topmost PPC campaigns on social media use emotions as a trigger.

How is this done? How can you apply the same to your PPC ad campaign?

How to apply emotions in your PPC campaigns

Emotions play a vital role in the conversion of PPC ads.  Those PPC ads that have emotional undertones, according to a recent analysis have a double chance of doing better than those that don’t.

Remember that not all emotions resemble, and take care not to add a negative emotion to your PPC campaign. A good example is having an ad copy that brings the feeling of fear and desiring at the same time.

If it’s a travel PPC ad copy, you can have it express the fear of being left out when others are having fun! It can drive people’s emotions and lead to them clicking the ad and converting.

You need to come up with a method that’s different from the rest. Make use of social proofs in your PPC ads campaign too. If used well, it can increase your traffic tremendously.

  • Social proof integration

Social proofs work well because people have a trust in product and services that have been previously reviewed. They would like to find out what others are saying about the product or service before they make a purchase.

Online businesses are using them to build trustworthiness in their businesses. People would read the product reviews and compare the pros and cons before making a decision on whether to buy a product or not.

If a product or service has no review, then converting a visitor to a buyer would be an uphill task.

To integrate social proof into your PPC ad campaign you need to provide answers to the following:

How many people have consumed your product or used your services? Who are the regular users? Is there a large company that uses your product or services?

Do you have evidence concerning the feedback of those who have used your product or services?

The answers to the queries will guide you in getting your social proof. Include it in your PPC ad copy and you will see the changes that will hit your online business in form of traffic and conversion.

  • Inserting flexible keywords in your PPC campaign

Insertion of dynamism as far as keywords are concerned is one of the best methods for a successful PPC campaign.

It reduces the workload of having to make many landing pages.

It’s my go-to, gold standard when it comes to driving conversions and saving time. It increases the level of relevancy and makes conversion easier.

After writing your PPC copy, input dynamic keywords related to your niche and you will begin to see changes in your ROI.

  • How to dominate the search engine results through branded keywords

Branded keywords utilization in your ad can be another method of dominating and even defeating your competitors.

Branded keywords give you an equal playing ground with the big players in your niche. Get the most popular and converting keywords in your business and have a PPC ad copy running on them.

Some of the branded keywords may turn out to be expensive; however, the ROI is always higher. As more people click on your PPC ad, your PPC cost goes down.

Ensure that you have a target for spending each day. If, for example, your PPC is $7 and you have one or two people converting for every ten, then, depending on the returns of your business, you may end up making a kill.

Supposing your service or product or service costs $100, 10 clicks will cost you $70 if you have two conversions, then your profit will be $130.

The PPC for branded keywords does not come cheap; however, it all depends on the cost of your service or product.

  • Conclusion

We have seen that what you do to the copy of your PPC is very important. If the ad targets online visitor’s emotion in a rightful manner, there is an increase in traffic and conversion. The tactic can work for your business, even for the running ads. You can make changes to them and still gain where you weren’t.

The ad copy should also be accompanied by dynamic keywords to make it relevant. Putting these methods to use will highly assist your conversion and traffic.

You can also incorporate the use of branded keywords. They will assist your PPC campaign in running side by side with your competitors and larger business. Due to their relevancy, they would uplift your conversions and traffic.

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