Improve Your SEO Efforts by Guest Posting

Guest blogging is a common term in the SEO domain. It is widely used by SEO professionals to improve their website traffic. But there is a growing speculation that guest blogging hardly helps to improve SEO of content.

Before reaching to a conclusion, let’s get an overview of guest blogging and how it improves SEO performance of a website.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging or Guest posting means posting blogs or article on someone else’s website. You can offer guest blogging in your website to attract new readers and get popular on the internet.

But it is important to determine your guest blogging goals before you venture into guest blogging. If you randomly guest blog without a plan or goal, you will never get benefitted. Basically, there are three main goals for guest blogging.

  • Making yourself a establish and well-know name in the industry
  • Grabbing traffic for your website
  • Generating backlinks for your website

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Once you have determined you guest blogging goals, you need to look for guest blogging opportunities. You cannot just guest blog in any sites, instead you need to research for the websites that are relevant to your industry. You must focus on the following criteria before guest blogging:

  • The content must be relevant to your industry
  • The readers must be interested in your industry
  • The blog must engage the readers and compel them to share it in the social media sites.

Rules of Guest Posting

There are certain rules you must follow while guest posting to make it more effective for SEO. These rules will definitely help you to establish yourself in the blogging communities.

  • Post a link to your blog
  • Use Twitter to promote your blog
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Monitor the blog post for feedbacks
  • Reply to comments

Other Guidelines for Posting a Guest Blog

Read the guidelines: It is important to read and follow the guidelines mentioned by the site owner. There are several things the site owner may want to you to follow like: they might want to follow you a content format, they might want you to create an account in the WordPress.

Personalize your Email: Being a professional blogger, you should introduce the blog through a personalize email that you are interested in posting guest blog in their site. In your email, provide your blog links as reference so that they will be aware of your blogging skill. Also, as a blogger, you should focus on your blogging skills to pitch yourself in the realm of blogs in a better way.

Why Guest Positing is Important to Build Online Influence?

Guest blogging is the key to build online influence. It helps in many ways to increase your online popularity.

Here are the three main reasons for guest posting:

Build Relationships

Most bloggers seek good content to improve their website performance on the Google search. Guest bloggers help to improve their website content by providing better content. In this way, you are able to build relationship and contact with other bloggers.

Moreover, when your blog is shared in the social media sites, you get comments, followers, and subscribers for your blogs. Most of the conversations on the internet occur on social media sites which help to build relationship with other bloggers. Therefore, you will be able to make friends by guest posting which helps you to grow your influence in the social media platforms.

Great for Search Engine

Guest blogging is great for search engine. When you post your blogs on the host blogger’s websites, host blogger must post a link to your blog along with the guest post. This backlinks help to improve your blog site ranking in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Introduces you to new people

Guest blogging not only helps you get the right traffic but also assists to enter a blogging community where you can share your views and comments. And also connect with new bloggers. By making constant interaction with bloggers, you can make more readers, fans and followers for your blogs over the time.

Conclusion: According to experts, guest blogging on other sites is five times as effective as creating new content on your own website. The backlinks provided with the guest blogs is the best thing about guest blogging. It doubles the chances of your website or blog getting popular online. And if you are a budding writer, then it is a great opportunity to publish your work on the new sites, magazine and other publications.

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