Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website Other Than SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to pull traffic to a website. However, don’t let it be your only approach as if it fails to click all your money, time, and efforts go down the drain.

SEO is a long-term strategy and this makes it more important for a business to make sure that people seeking a service that you offer, come to you and not go to a competitor. There is plenty you can do to intensify organic traffic to your site in other ways.

Identify your target traffic

Every business owner will want high-traffic to their website. However, it does not make sense only getting traffic. You should focus on getting genuine traffic that will influence the business ROI instead being satisfied by the sheer volume of visitors. It is vital that you identify your buyer and their needs while creating the content.

Create a blog

One popular and effective to generate healthy traffic to your site is through blogging. You can build up a good volume of useful information related to your site to reach your audience. Be wary of poor, plagiarized and cheap quality content that may compel the reader to go away.

Do guest blogging

Writing articles in the forte you are comfortable and posting them on popular high-traffic websites that accept guest posts is one effective method of pulling traffic to your site. The two important things that you must do is find trending topics that are shared on the various platforms and secondly, create a captivating content that will not be spurned by the website administrator.

Blog commenting

You must again Google for websites that post blogs/ articles in the niche you deal with. This will give you an opportunity to express your views and post comments. Be exhaustive yet precise so that it makes sense to the readers. Add a link. Try to encourage a conversation in your comments. Keep an eye on the post just in case you may have to reply to some response or question from a reader.

Do not use your brand name in the “name column”. It may create an impression that you are promoting your brand. It is more fruitful to use your full name.  with a picture as it gives a personalized touch.

Social media

Make use of the various social media platforms to pull viewers to your website. Several bloggers who have made it big, believe using social media effectively is one of the primary reasons for their success.  However, the approach here should be different. You cannot be promotional or convince people to buy your services in platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Provide quality and value and build a healthy relationship with the other people. Get them interested in following you.  If they like what you show, they are bound to come back for more.

Keep sharing old content that has been popular and get wider coverage. Just be careful so that you don’t get labelled as a spammer. Ensure you describe it differently each time so that the possibilities of attracting new readers increase.


Interviews are like guest posts. Send an invite to successful persons in your niche and interview them. People will be curious to know the story as it gives them the opportunity to take the cue and rectify the approach they are adopting till now.


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