The journey of J K Rowling from a struggling single mom to one of the richest authors

Born on July 31st 1965, in Chipping Sodbury Near Bristol, England, Joanne Rowling, also known as JK Rowling is a famous British author, who is known worldwide for her popular Harry Potter children’s book series.

Her net worth

JK Rowling is also famous for amassing a fortune of $850 million, which makes her one of the richest persons in the world. On paper, she is considered even richer than Queen Elizabeth II. The source of her wealth is the royalty earned through her Harry Potter series of books of which she has sold more than 450 million copies and also its movie franchise that has earned her around $8 billion. She is also known for her generous charities. She has donated about $150 million to different charities.

J.K. Rowling’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Her struggle as a single mother

Just like other successful authors, Rowling also had her fair share of trials and difficulties in life. You won’t believe it but when she was writing her first book, she was struggling as a divorcee and a single mother in Scotland. Her moment of glory came, when her first novel Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone was published.

With unprecedented response and success of this fantasy novel worldwide, JK Rowling had also become a popular author, who bagged a place in the New York Times bestseller list. She is doing well both in the publication industry and in her film franchise business. In 2016, two of her movies “Where to find them” and “Fantastic Beasts” were released along with the play titled as “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

Part of her success as writer is due to the fact that Rowling is able to touch readers at an emotional level.

Early Life

Joanne Rowling spent her childhood in different British cities such as Winterbourne, Gloucestershire until she was nine and then her family moved to Chepstow, Wales. JK Rowling was quite fond of reading books since her childhood. She was always surrounded by books as reading was her passion. You will be surprised to know that she wrote her first book when she was just 6 years old and the title of the story was “Rabbit”.

 Her journey as a writer

She wrote a novel about seven cursed diamonds and the people who owned them, when she was barely 11 years old. In 1990, she lost her mother. In 1991, she moved to Portugal to teach English language. Romance was in the air and she fell in love with a Portuguese journalist Jorge Arantes and got married to him. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter Jessica in 1993. The marriage didn’t last and she was divorced by her husband after a heated argument. This completely changed her life she took her little daughter and moved to live with her younger sister Dianne in Edinburgh. In Edinburgh, she used to write in café’s when her child had a nap.

JK Rowling joined University of Exeter and studied French and classics. Her knowledge of classics came in handy, when she was writing the spells in Harry Potter. She first got an idea for Harry Potter in 1990. She kept on writing for the next five years and planned to write a seven book series on the topic. Her initial work was in the form of scattered notes. In 1993, when she had already written a few chapters of the  book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, she found herself struggling financially as a single mum.

She shared the manuscript of her book with various publishers and after initial rejections got some positive response. The books saw the light of the day when Bloomsbury decided to publish it in 1997. Rowling, had become an international celebrity writer in 1999, when the first three books of Harry Potter series occupied all the top 3 slots at the New York Times International bestseller list.

J.K. Rowling’s Website

JK Rowling had launched a website Pottermore in 2014, in which she publishes stories and additional information about her book series and movies related to Harry Potter.

J K Rowling calls herself a Christian, as far as her faith is concerned, but sometimes she doubts her faith. She shares a bitter sweet relationship with media. She has taken numerous actions against press and she dislikes the nature of their reporting. Currently, she lives in Scotland with her Scottish husband Neil Murray, her son David (born 2003), youngest daughter Mackenzie (born 2005) and eldest daughter Jessica (born 1993) from her former husband. By nature, she is quiet and introspective and loves her privacy.


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