5 Lead Generation Tactics Every E-Commerce Company Should Follow

Are you worried about the long-term success of your e-commerce company? Have you been experimenting with tons of lead generation strategies but all in vein? Well, maybe you are getting the basics wrong.

It is always a wise idea to start with the big picture in mind while striving for high-quality lead generation. Here are 5 tactics every e-commerce company should follow to give their lead generation a sheer lift:

  1. Get Optimized For Search Engines

The most common, most popular and most effective tactic that you can follow for your e-commerce website is to practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, there are very few strategies that are as useful in generating leads for online businesses as SEO.

Now, SEO is not at all an easy deal. Rather, it is pretty challenging for companies to identify its important aspects in order to make the most of their efforts.

Well, make ‘search’ your key focus and leave no stone unturned to push your business to the top of the SERPs. For this, you have to make content marketing your priority. Unique, relevant, informative, and appealing contents are always preferred by search engines and hence, creating as well as marketing content the right way can work as one of the most powerful tools for attracting high-quality leads.

The mobile-friendliness of your e-commerce website is also vital. So, make sure that it is responsive enough in order to boost visibility, generate more traffic, and facilitate lead generation.

  1. Build Up An Email List Of Site Visitors

When it comes to generating leads for e-commerce businesses, companies must act proactively about building a robust email list of potential customers.

You cannot simply add a ‘Sign Up’ form to your portal and leave the choice of subscription to your visitors. It just doesn’t work! There must be a strong ‘Call To Action’ with something that can incentivize your website visitors so that they find it meaningful to leave their email addresses for joining your website.

You can offer something of real value to your target customers during sign up while lucrative discounts or free shipping can encourage them to place their first orders. Pop-ups can also be helpful in collecting visitors’ email addresses.

  1. Pay Special Attention To Your Homepage

The homepage is the most crucial page on any website, and needless to say, it is the most visited page too. So, if you want to give your whole e-commerce portal a boost, thereby facilitating your overall business, you must focus on creating an amazing first impression with a well-optimized homepage.

Take your time to organize everything on your homepage in a smart and effective way.

Your aim should be to clean the clutter and make the navigation easy and user-friendly. Place content and all other useful elements above the fold so that visitors can effortlessly find all information they need. Product details on the homepage must be easy to scan.

Also, ensure that visitors can learn about your offers immediately they visit your homepage.

  1. Try Out PPC And Social Media Marketing

With a perfect Search Engine Optimization strategy and a killer content marketing plan in place, you can certainly see significant results in term of lead generation. But it is typically a time-consuming affair.

Hence, you must include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and social media marketing in your to-do list in order to quicken the pace and amplify the outcomes.

Pay-per-click advertisements allow us to target the right audience and show up higher in the SERPs immediately. It is an incredibly simple way to fetch traffic to a specific web page (precisely called the ‘landing page’).

On the other hand, social media marketing can give your content marketing plan a serious boost through seamless distribution and syndication, thereby increasing the number of visitors and improving lead generation.

  1. Understand The Power Of ‘Word-Of-Mouth’

Nothing can be more trustworthy to your potential customers than oral or written recommendations from other satisfied customers. In fact, it is believed that the ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing is far more effective than all other marketing strategies you can ever follow for lead generation.

In order to harness the power of ‘word-of-mouth’, you have to put your best efforts in creating optimal customer experience.

High-quality products, fast shipping, hassle-free delivery, referral bonus, etc. are quite proven techniques to build a happy customer base. You can even go for some more creative ideas and experiment with some other unique ways to enhance the experience of your customers.

Remember, the more delighted your customers will be, the better you can leverage their recommendations.

These 5 strategies are proven and effective enough. However, e-commerce businesses should be systematic and consistent about following these in order to drive significant results.


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