Do organic keyword rankings matter anymore?

There’s no doubt about the effectiveness of high keyword rankings in Search Engine Optimization world. It paves the way for the new brands and small medium enterprises that desperately try to be on the first page of organic listing in search results. It helps them secure good traffic to their sites.

But nowadays, the paid advertising has changed the whole digital marketing scenario and it has become a real challenge to drive the traffic through conventional keyword searching method. Digital marketing experts think twice before wasting their time and skilled resources to obtain the highest organic ranking,

At the beginning, achieving the first organic position on Google Search Engine was a daunting task. It was the only way to reach out to the potential online customer without wasting any single penny on paid campaign. But that time, social media was not so powerful and nobody could forecast its effectiveness nearly a decade ago. The SEO specialists got accustomed with YouTube and started using it as a marketing platform. Later on, Facebook came into the scenario with a bang and soon it became an instant hit. Its overwhelming popularity gave a new dimension to the digital marketing world.

The effectiveness of social media

The hot-favorite Facebook is not limited to any specific age group. Eventually, the SMEs got a scope to easily promote their brand through this popular social media platform. Moreover, such user-friendly social media applications give them a chance to go for free promotion. For example, you can easily post a banner stating your message and it will take no time to go viral if you have a good number of followers. However, paid campaign on social media is more successful than organic campaign in terms of effectiveness. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flicker, and some other platforms have set a new trend and consequently, it becomes easier for the brand to promote its product on social media.

Earlier your site ranking on Google Search Engine was the only way to generate traffic to your site but things have changed with the sudden boom of social media. The best part of these channels is that they allow the brands to directly approach their customers. That’s why it’s more important to shift your focus to engaging content from keyword ranking and use it on various social media platforms to start a new conversation with your potential customers.

Keyword ranking vs. social media

One of the major drawbacks of keyword rankings is that the customer can land up on your site with a click and he/she will immediately leave the page if Meta description and tag are not relevant to the content of the associated landing page.  Your rank on the Google Search Engine doesn’t ensure high sale or business.  On the other hand, social media is meant for cool tech-savvy people with specific interest. So you can publish your content targeting your own set of loyal customers.

Now it’s easy to build a good number of followers on social media and feed them with relevant information about your products, brands, and upcoming events. From mobile companies to motor vehicles to cosmetic brands to retail stores, all are focusing on social media content as it is the new cool in the digital marketing landscape.

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