Why Does ‘Page Speed’ Matter For Your Small Business Success And How To Increase It?

When it comes to running a small business and meeting its goals efficiently, business owners often find it highly challenging. Though there are tons of factors that influence the success of a small business more or less, we are going to talk only about the ‘page speed’ in this post.

Yes, the loading speed of a website can affect the conversion rate to a large extent and hence, small businesses should never ignore it. Here are all you need to know about it:

Why Page Speed Is Important For Small Businesses?

Well, the faster the website, the greater the revenue. It is equally true for all businesses irrespective of size and volume. In case of small businesses, optimizing the loading speed of web pages can turn out to be even more worthy as it offers a huge range of benefits.

But what are the reasons behind it? Find below:

  1. Attracts And Retains Customers

If you have a small business, you are most likely found online by your potential customers when they take help of a search engine to resolve their queries. If your business website already has clear answers to those particular questions, it will easily be visible in the search results.

However, what happens next totally depends on how optimized your website speed is. If the interested customer clicks on your site to find his / her answer and the web page takes ages too load, you will certainly fail to hold his / her interest.

No matter how good your offerings are, if your website takes too long to load, your potential customers are going to leave it instead of waiting patiently. In fact, studies have found that page speed scares off users far more than a complicated interface, a poor navigation, or even a bad review.

According to Kissmetrics – one of the most reputed customer analytics platforms, around 40% of customers find it meaningless to stay on a website if its loading time is longer than 3 seconds! Another survey by the Google’s Mobile Playbook has revealed that almost 40% of users choose to visit one or more of your competitors’ sites if they experience loading issue with yours.

In a nutshell, if you do not optimize your website speed, you will end up losing your potential customers to your competitors, which is utterly disappointing. A slow website can even cause your loyal customers to seek for a faster and more reliable alternative.

  1. Benefits The Website As A Whole

Speed optimization can benefit the overall performance of your website to a great extent. While getting and retaining more customers is the biggest pro of increasing the loading speed of a site, it can also offer the following benefits:

  • More indexed web pages
  • Low bounce rate
  • Better user experience
  • Greater conversion

The faster your website loads, the more credible and user-friendly it is considered by Google. This is not only advantageous for higher rankings but also helps in giving your small business a significant boost.

  1. Improves Local Search Results

Local search is crucial to each small business as Google has recently put a lot of emphasis on it in order to accommodate people who need information related to nearby businesses. The search engine giant wants to ensure that users come across the most appropriate data while searching and an increased page speed can support it considerably.

It might seem to be quite a certain thing that people who are already close to your business will get attracted to it easily, but the loading speed of your website can prevent it from happening. You will never be able to get more revenue by leveraging your local population if you do not focus on your website speed and make people stick around it.

How To Increase Page Speed For Small Businesses?

Now comes the obvious question, ‘how to increase page speed’? Well, here are a few simple yet highly effective strategies that can give your small business a significant boost by optimizing your website speed:

  1. Find a reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website that will ensure that all your web pages load faster irrespective of the location of the searcher.
  2. Replace your old HTTP standard with the new HTTP/2 to get everything present on an webpage loaded at once.
  3. Keep the design of your mobile site neat, clean, and easy to navigate by getting rid of unnecessary codes, heavy images, scroll bars, advertisements, and other junks.

Feeling ready to work on your website speed? Start today and make your small business crush all competitors with incredible growth and development.

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