Best SEO Strategies for Small Business

Small or big, every business nowadays has web presence. Web presence is an important business requirement currently in the era of digital marketing. And companies race to hold the position in the search engine result page.

Therefore, only creating a company webpage doesn’t help. You need to make your web content SEO-friendly too. It helps to get you more attention over your competitors. No wonder why big companies spend so much on SEO for getting good content.

Being a small company you might have one competitor who has better visibility on the internet. So, you should focus to get an edge over this competitor for successful and profitable business. More than anything your business needs to be visible online to the target audiences. Complied here are some of the best SEO strategies for small business. Adopt them to witness a successful and profitable business.

Build Local Pages     

The first and one of the most important strategies that you should follow is to create local pages for all the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google even helps to get you started with its help page. You need to mention your business information such as location, phone number, and hours. Soon after entering your business information, you will get an account.

Optimize and Categories Your Page

After the account is created, you need to optimize and categories your page. If you don’t optimized or categories your page, your business will not be recognized by the search engines and all your effort will go in vain. Therefore, it is utmost important to optimized and categorize your page. Optimizing the local pages involves uploading high-quality photos, updating hours of business operation, and listing the services offered by your business.  Categorizing is placing your business under the category your business belongs. This helps your audiences to understand what your business does.

Check Business Citations

It is very important to check that all the information in your business page is updated properly and there is no duplication in the listing. It has been notices that sometimes similar business listings are uploaded online. So, you should claim the citations before anyone uses the same name and location. The best and easy way to do so is using the tools like Yext and Google MapMaker. These tools help you to track where your company’s local listing is located online and trace if there are any duplications.

Customer Reviews

It has been studied that reviews are considered as an important factor by Google for ranking any page. Moreover, reviews are also referred by customers before opting any product or services from a company. So, you should ensure that you have good number of reviews on your page. You can get more reviews by insisting customers to drop a review when visiting a landing page or write a review when they purchase any item.

Optimize the Website    

Just the local listing is not enough to get you more business. You also need to design a good website containing all the necessary information in your website. Some must-have information are phone number, location of your business, etc. Upload informative articles and blogs with keywords that help the potential customer to find your websites. Also, connect your website to local forums which increases your company’s visibility online.

Design Mobile Friendly Website

If not an app, then definitely create a mobile friendly website for your business. Mobile friendly website is the demand of hour. Users spend most of the time in mobile for purchasing products and locating businesses. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then you may lose some of your potential customers. Mobile friendly website can be easily created without much expense.

 Use Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that provides detail information of your website’s performance in Google search. It also highlights the errors and issues that your website might have. This tools helps to track your website overall health and performance which further encourage you to improve it.

Configure Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics for your website. It is an impressive tool to know the number of visitors for your websites. It gives detail information of the keywords visitors used to find your website and which page they visited. Now that you know the keywords used by the visitor to locate your website, you can use the same in the webpage content to improve SEO.

Study Your Customers

If you know your customers, you would know how to attract them to purchase your products and services. Suppose your customers spend more time on social media sites like Facebook then you should improve your presence there. And if your audience likes online tutorials then you should create online tutorial content to grab their attention. After all, customers are the king in any business, be it small or big.


You must start incorporating these SEO Strategies for small business for a successful venture. Switch your SEO strategies and witness a flourishing like never before.

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