Social Media Growth Hacks You Should Learn From

Interesting Social Media Growth Hacks Small Businesses Should Learn From

When it comes to the marketing success of a company, both the size of the business as well as the spending budget matter significantly.

There are biggies with even bigger marketing budget like millions of dollars and then there are average businesses with only thousand dollars as their annual budget for marketing. It is quite impossible for the later ones to compete with their larger counterparts.

Here comes the importance of social media.

Whether you are a small business trying to boost your marketing outcomes or a startup with a dream to make a huge impact on the market, you can get the most out of your social activities irrespective of your marketing budget.

However, brands are coming up with new social media marketing strategies with each passing day and you need to stand out from others to hit the bull’s eye.

Here are interesting social media growth hacks you should learn from:

  1. Discover The Power Of YouTube

Going viral on YouTube can help your small business grow by leaps and bounds.

And guess what? You do not need to break the bank in order to manage to be a ‘sensation’ on this video platform.

Let’s look a decade back to understand how the scenario has changed now.

At that time, the meaning of ‘digital’ was limited only to TV and our lives were not shaped by the ‘internet’.

Businesses could only depend on TV commercials, print advertisements, or radio jingles as the most popular marketing channels. Consumers had no other option to know about the latest launches or the newest services.

But, producing and running these commercials were hundreds-of-thousand-dollar-affair, which was a real challenge for small businesses or startups.

Though a report by (2006) predicted that running ‘viral video marketing campaigns’ can boost the display advertising click-through rates (CTR) by 750%, almost 80% of marketers had zero ideas about the term ‘web 2.0’ ten years ago.

That is the reason why small businesses were missing out a big chunk of the market share.

However, with the growth of digital platforms, small businesses entered a completely new era of internet advertising.

At first, only a few entrepreneurs realized the importance of ‘smart’ digital marketing, but the number of businesses creating out-of-the-box advertisements and releasing those on YouTube has been increasing rapidly.

Just remember, the competition is tough and it is extremely important to keep your advertisements useful, innovative, and entertaining to grab the attention of people and bank on the platform.

  1. Keep The ‘Gatekeepers Theory’ In Mind

We will start with the theory itself.

In the year 1943, Kurt Lewin, the ‘father of modern social psychology’, proposed an important theory to show exactly the way information is broadcasted throughout the world of mass communication after filtering.

It is essentially the ‘gatekeepers’, who determine the transmission of creative work and define whether it is valuable or not.

Precisely, you need to ‘impress’ the gatekeepers with your services or products in order to ensure the growth of your business. Hence, it is called the ‘gatekeepers theory’.

Now, when it comes to the web world, traditional gatekeepers are not considered as the one and only authority to ‘guard’ information, but there are certainly quite a few people who rule the world of social media. They play key roles in ‘gatekeeping’.

They are ‘influencers’.

They can help you immensely in marketing your innovative products or services to your target audience so that millions of people know about your passion, talent, and hard work.

Being a personal form of marketing, influencer marketing is considered as one of the most reliable forms of marketing. Consider partnering with celebrities, models, athletes, well-known bloggers, or other people who have huge followings.

Social media networks are ripe for influencers in a wide variety of micro-niches and you can even extend your outreach by going beyond your own niche.

The best thing about leveraging this kind of marketing is that you do not need outside capital to scale up your sales.

  1. ‘Gamify’ Content With Share Buttons

The concept of ‘gamification’ has been trending since last few years and small businesses can simply not ignore its significance in social media marketing. It is all about combining game mechanics with social media platforms the most effective way.

Games are not only loved by kids but adults are also pretty fond of gaming. So, gamification is known to be a surefire trick for social media growth.

While most of the people use social media to keep in touch with their friends and families and not for connecting with brands, gamification makes it easier to get people engaged with it successfully.

Gamifying your interactive content with the ‘share’ buttons of your social profiles will also help you convey your information and ideas to your target audience in an innovative manner.

  1. ‘Magnetize’ With ‘Mystified’ Content

‘Content is the king’ and it is even true in the case of social media marketing. However, small businesses must know how to ‘tease’ their target audience and ‘magnetize’ them with exciting content in order stay ahead of the game.

Let’s make things clearer.

Learn to create ‘mystery’ about your brand or offerings with your content to get noticed by people easily and effortlessly.

Yes, ‘secrecy’ attracts attention and all you need to do is make the most of it.

Keep your content mystified yet interactive so that social media users find it very much inviting.

This strategy works the best for startups, which are still going through the building phase and yet to launch their products or services. They can build a robust group of followers by posting engaging contents on social media while keeping their plans under wraps.

Bottom Line

Social media works as the ‘driving engine’ for a lot of small businesses and those which are yet to realize it should try these simple hacks to enjoy tremendous growth opportunity. Just identify your target audience, let your creative juice flow, and come up with highly effective ideas.


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