5 social media practices that boost SEO

Social media marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Both can be organic and used strategically to attract the visitors.  The craze for social media blogs, banners, and videos are on the rise and it effectively increases the presence of the brand among the digital users. When social media is coupled with SEO it automatically doubles the reach of the brand.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the fact that social media can also increase the search engine rankings. Followings are five social media practices that can boost your SEO remarkably.

1) Increase your followers: The easiest and convenient way to reach out to your target group is by increasing your number of followers on various social media platforms. The more genuine followers you get the higher will be the reach. Although getting more followers is a slow process but highly effective. For better result, you need to use social media to update your target group about your brand, products, and offers.

2) External inbound links: Social media opens up many doors for the business growth. Here you get a scope to link your content to other external sites. For this, you have to publish high-quality content with relevant images. Google will automatically track you if you can link your content with diverse external links.

3) Social sharing: Your followers will take no time to share your post if they find it interesting. So keep posting meaningful, quirky, and engaging post so that more and more viewers get hooked to your page. It helps validate your site’s authority. Moreover, Google’s algorithms identify social sharing and that’s why it is considered as one of the major contributing factors to determine any brand’s authority.

4) Local Community: If you choose social media to spread your business you have a choice to make a core target group. For this, you have to send local authority signals to different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. You will get ample of scopes to generate your business but the easiest form is to get involved in a local event and integrate your business or brand into the local community.

5) Brand Awareness: All major companies are using social media as a tool to promote their brands. The best part of social media is that you can launch your brand on the biggest network where you can get a million viewers instantly and you can choose the organic method. However, paid campaign is more effective and it costs lesser than any conventional form of advertisements.

Ultimately, social media is all about strong networking, fostering followers, sharing innovative ideas, and engaging your viewers. The more you active on social channels the better will be the brand value or growth of your business.


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