Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic from Facebook to your Site

The most important thing that your website requires is traffic. However good your content may be, without visitors and viewers it will be difficult for you to sell.

SEO is a necessity however it is not the only platform to create an awareness about your website to internet users. Social media is an equally effective way to drive traffic to your online business.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are popular with a high community of users, which if properly utilized, can generate huge volumes of visitors which in turn leads to a better search engine ranking.

Facebook is the largest social media platform. You can distribute your content, reach your target audience, develop trust, and gain wider exposure among the public. How you do it is the critical question. You could improve traffic to your site with your Facebook page in many ways.

Consider the following tips:

Optimize your page:

  • Interested consumers and visitors will find it more convenient to browse your site if there is a link to click on. Post relevant photos and videos in the “About” tab.
  • Update your “Timeline milestones”. Give links to all important happenings for example- if you opened a new branch or have added some new services or similar.
  • Use custom tabs to link posts to your website. Add descriptions in brief to your photos so that when a visitor clicks on the picture it connects to the photo description.
  • Keep your personal profile up-to-date. Share your blog posts on your profile for people to know more about you.

Have a steady flow of fresh content:

People will not visit your website if you do not have anything new to offer. You will only be wasting your time and money posting links to the same content. Today’s consumers have plenty of options and will not wait for you. They get bored if they don’t find something unique. So, it is very important that you refresh the content on the page and keep your followers engaged so that they come back to you again for similar services.

Keep updates short:

You must be driving good traffic to your site with interesting content. Keep your Facebook updates short and amusing. Today’s viewers access their favorite sites over mobile devices too. Keep your updates “Twitter style” of about 140 characters. Share a quote or text from your blog. It is likely that a fan who has shared the update will have browsed your site content too.

Use full-size images:

Visual images speak about your product. The clearer it is, the better it will be for your viewers to understand what you are describing. Include likes, comments, click-throughs etc. that will allow the viewers to contribute. Link it to the blog.

Encourage conversation:

Ask questions. Your followers will certainly respond and participate in the conversation. Keep them guessing of what to expect next. Creating a question about the update like “What do you think is coming next?” will arouse more curiosity than the update itself.  Start a Facebook contest as promotions with some offers. Use marketing strategies and ask your fans to share the contest with their community.

Share others content:

Sharing- that is what social media is all about. Sharing other’s content that is relevant to your business is a good marketing strategy. Though you should not expect anything in return, it will draw a response and they, in turn, will share some of your content that is relevant to them.

Create Facebook ads:

Using Facebook ads will enhance your reach to your target audience. It may require you to invest some money, but in return, you will get plenty of options on how to increase the traffic to your site.  Create an ad with a link to your website with a post. Ensure you follow the guidelines and rules of Facebook or it will not be approved. Use the tools provided by Facebook to measure the text quantity.

Embed blog videos:

Go imaginative. Make some video to give the crux of your blog to your readers. Graft the video to your content. The video will lure your visitors and get them to read your post.

Summarize on a weekly basis:

Create a blog post every weekend about the best things that happened in the week. Which was the best article, which got the maximum comments, which generated the maximum traffic and so on. This will allow your followers to learn about the posts in case they had missed it during the week.


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