5 Tactics Digital Marketers Should Reconsider In 2017

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Here, a proven method can quickly get ‘obsolete’ as a new trend takes the limelight whereas a ‘not-so-appealing’ new trend can turn into the ‘proven method’ after years. It is vital for digital marketers to keep a close eye on user preferences in order to keep up the pace. In this post, we are going to talk about 5 tactics that were apparently not very successful in the past but are actually worth another look. Let’s start:

  1. Mobile And Tablet Marketing

The trend started a couple of years ago and has already been followed by millions of companies across the world. Yes, we are talking about mobile and tablet marketing, which is considered as an amazing way to success for businesses by industry watchers.

Though a lot of businesses have taken mobile marketing sincerely by now, it is yet to come to fruition completely. According to recent updates, desktops are still reining the e-commerce market as the most widely used device for searches and hence, there is no wonder that businesses are failing to make the most of mobile marketing even after putting serious efforts in transitioning to a wholly mobile marketplace.

However, it is still crucial for digital marketers to understand everything about mobile and tablet marketing as, according to experts’ prediction, the apparently ‘not-so-successful’ technique is going to rule this year.

With more and more people using mobile devices for searching information, Google has come up with ‘mobile-first index’, which is another important reason businesses should opt for mobile optimization.

  1. Facebook Auto-Bidding

Not many digital marketers know about Facebook auto-bidding and those who gave it a shot last year has found nothing exciting about it.

Well, the bidding concept launched by the social media giant Facebook is a relatively new one. It allows marketers to enter online auctions and bid on impressions along with millions of worldwide users. Though the task of placing bids was a completely manual process earlier, the latest optimization updates talks about the introduction of auto-bidding in order to make the procedure easier, smoother, and faster.

However, Facebook auto-bidding is still in its nascent stage and needs some time to work out. If everything goes well, it might turn out to be the biggest digital marketing sensation this year. All you need to do is take your target audience, your budget, and your way of ad delivery into consideration.

  1. Shopify

With the tremendous growth of e-commerce industry in last 8 years, more and more online stores have been emerging with each passing day.

Magento has long been the one and only platform for the development and maintenance of such web stores. Even though Shopify was there as one of the oldest e-commerce platforms, it could never make its presence felt during those days. Therefore, most of the business, which tried their hands at this platform, failed to make it big.

However, the scenario changed in June last year as Shopify surged. It surpassed Magento almost overnight and came out as the biggest e-commerce platform in terms of both search queries as well as popularity.

Simple user interface, multiple functional applications, and the ability to manage both online and offline presence of stores together have made Shopify a favorite choice of businesses these days. Needless to say, marketers should focus on it this year to make the most of their e-commerce projects.

  1. SEO Content

There was a time when content made only for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was inherently spammy.

Aggressive practices like article spinning, keyword stuffing, etc. led to the production of bland, clichéd, and absolutely useless content, which turned the phrase ‘SEO Content’ into one of the most dissected aspects of digital marketing ever.

However, Google has come up with lots of new updates in last couple of years and the definition of SEO content has changed almost completely. There is no surprise that following this tactic in an ethical manner is going to impact businesses in a positive way this year.

  1. YouTube Advertisements

Since the days of launch, YouTube has made a lot of changes to their advertisement policies. Gone are the days when viewers were made to watch advertisements in every other YouTube video irrespective of the context and quality of the content.

These days, the company is focusing more on contextual advertising, which is certainly an advantage for businesses. In fact, it is planning to go more sensitive with its advertisements so that marketers and advertisers find it easier to draw the attention of their target audience.

So, if you are a digital marketer, who have found one or more of these strategies unappealing in the past, it is time to reconsider them and make this year a more successful one.

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