5 SEO Authority Tips to Rank Videos on YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and has an estimate of 92 billion page views per month with about 35 hours of video uploads over a minute. It thus provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs. In YouTube enough views will get you earning good money which is a plus. But to get views you have to build a name first and applying some top SEO tips is just the way to get there. With SEO your videos will be able to be ranked in search results.

You have to learn the tips to make your videos search friendly while at the same time considering YouTube algorithms that are used while ranking videos. One of these is the view time. If a user begins watching your video and stops within the first few seconds this will likely make your videos to be lower in the ranking. You should therefore ensure that your videos are interesting, new, organized and largely captivating.

  1. Title of the video

The title should be written using the keywords that will match with the content of your video. This will help the user to get what they want and also boost your ranking. You should take advantage of the search engine auto complete feature to know the most search queries and incorporate those keywords in your title.

This also applies in the auto complete feature while searching on youtube. In your title you should also use the word video because research shows that many searches for videos include the word video. This will ultimately increase your views. Don’t over word your title though it should be short and precise.

  1. Description of video

The first two to three lines of the YouTube description of the content of your video determine a lot when it comes to the ranking. You should ensure the first lines are specific about what is going on in the video and the theme should also be clearly laid out.

You should also incorporate keyword phrases in your descriptions to secure chances of being ranked. You are also required to use long tail words instead of direct conventional word phrases.  You should ensure that the people who will view your video find the description engaging. Some keywords in the title should also appear in the description.

  1. Naming your video file before upload

This is in relation with the importance of keywords and the chances of your video being ranked in the searches. It is also user friendly to do so since it specifically gives information about what your video is about.

  1. Use closed caption feature

This will show text over the video and it will aid the viewer in further understanding of your video. It is also convenient for many people since it can be translated into different languages. Closed caption gives a video a new way to get higher rank in search engines because of the keywords that are used. Subtitling is also used in the same way for transcription of the audio part of the video. It also helps in offering descriptions for the non-speech part of the video.

  1. Tagging and keyword research

Tags will help your video to get ranking. Use specific tags from your keywords first followed by general tags that will put you at the top of searches. Write the right and wrong spelling of tags for example ‘YouTube’ then ‘YouTube’ and also write your tags in both singular and plural forms. You can also tag a keyword phrase as it is and also the same phrase as single word tags. The Google display planner tool can help you get the important keywords to use because this is important for SEO.  It also highlights searched keywords so you can include those in your title, description and tags.

Doing all these and maintaining the right creativity in your content will definitely send your videos to high ranks. You just need to use relevant words in the titles, descriptions and tags. Adding the right thumbnails will also help to attract a larger audience for your video and this is important for SEO optimization. Use high quality images and sounds to keep viewers watching. Your tags must be consistent and accurate with most important keywords first and also remember to use quotation marks for keyword phrases.


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