Tips to Secure a WordPress Site against Hackers

Hackers have become smarter than ever. The threat to PC, laptops, mobiles and websites from hackers is commonly witnessed worldwide. Technically, there is no operating system or application that doesn’t come under the radar of hackers.

Hackers mostly target websites, database and file system to extract information. Most of the websites are now build on WordPress which is vulnerable to malware or virus.

In case of websites, there are certain things that make hacking process easy. Websites are mostly optimized for search engine. The SEO crawling tool for link search and “competitor analysis” make the hackers job simple and easy. However, you cannot avoid SEO for your websites. So, you now have to think of possible steps you can take to fight hackers. Mentioned below are some of the ways to secure your WordPress sites against hackers.

Keep Strong Password

A weak and simple password is the best gateway to your website for hackers. They can easily enter your website and hack it. So, the first thing you should do to secure your website is to keep a strong and difficult password that can never be cracked by anyone. You should add uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special character to your password. Also, ensure that you change your password regularly.

Keep Up the Updates

You should follow the updates that your get in your WordPress site. This updates are not just released for the Google News search result. They are actually meant for fixing the bugs, introduce new features, and to patch security holes. So, major security holes and patches are available, half of the work is done towards securing your website.

Protect the WordPress Admin Access

Hackers mostly track your blog post for the username. And if your admin and user name is same, then hackers can take control of your website in no time. Therefore, you should always change the default username of the WordPress account. You should disguise your admin username along with a strong password.

Use SSL to Encrypt Data

Using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is the best step you can take to secure the admin panel. Implementing SSL secures the data transfer between browsers and the server, and makes it difficult for the hackers to play with your info. SSL certificate for WordPress site can be easily purchased from dedicated companies or from a hosting firm. And the good news is that SSL certified websites get better Google ranks too. High Google rank helps you to get more traffic and ultimately good business.

Set up Website Lockdown

Lockdown feature restrict the entry of hackers by locking the account in case of repetitive attempts. When a hacker tries to login into your WordPress account, the site will get lock if you set up website lockdown feature in your site. The iThemes Security plugin is considered as the best plugins in terms of security. It offers lots of features in respect to security. If hackers makes failed attempt to login to the WordPress account, the plugin will automatically block the hacker’s IP address.

Introduce 2-factor Authentication

The 2-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the effective security measures you can take. In this security feature, the users have to give login details for two different components. As a website owner, you have to decide these two factors. It is mostly regular password with a secret question, a secret code, or a set of characters.

Use Email as Login

Email ID is difficult to predict unlike username which can be easily guessed. So, using email IDs as login is a better idea than username for security purpose. Moreover, WordPress user account is mostly created with a unique email address, and therefore it is difficult to predict for the hackers. The WP Email Login plugin offers the best security for any account. It starts working soon after activation and does not require frequent configuration.

Change the Login URL

The WordPress login page can be easily accessed using wp-login.php or wp-admin from the main site URL. If the hacker knows the direct URL of the login page, they can easily enter the website and hack it. They make use of the GWDb (Guess Work Database). GWDb is a database of guessed username and passwords with millions of combinations.

So, it is a wise step to change your login URL to secure your site. The iThemes Security plugin also helps you to change your login URL.


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