Top SEO and Social Media Trends 2017

SEO and social media domain are constantly evolving with emerging modern technologies. Every year welcomes new trends and technologies in the field of SEO. You really need be updated and incorporate new strategies to stay ahead in the curve.  SEO and social media marketing are the most important facets of digital marketing.

If your website is SEO and social media friendly then you have more chances of getting successful business. As nowadays, people spend more time on Google and social media platforms, you have to make sure that the visibility of your website is good in these podiums.  Therefore, you should be in tune with the latest trends and technologies popping in every now and then.

The year 2016 saw many new developments in the world of social media and search engine optimization. This year witnessed the following trends in social media and search engine optimization. Go through them and upgrade your inventory to stay ahead of your competitors.

Live Video

In today’s era of fast internet and cheap smartphones, online content is not limited to desktop. People now use mobile phones access information online. Think yourself in place of audience! Would you not prefer fast and easily accessible information instead of reading boring junk of content to skim the necessary information out of it? This is the reason live video has gain so much of attention in recent times. Videos are engaging, live, visually appealing and the most important thing is that they are very popular in the social media platforms. Videos help to get better ranking in the search engine results. You would be surprised to know that about 62% of the Google searches are made on videos. Hence, adding video is a smart move to get view’s attention.

Voice Search

Voice search is the latest trend in the search engine domain. Lately, it has become the most popular digital assistance among smart phone users. Users find it very convenient to use as they don’t have to type keywords in the search engine website. Instead, only speaking the keywords is enough to search any information on the web. Siri, Now and Cortana are the applications that supports voice search. So, if you want to get noticed by users easily incorporate voice search keywords in your web content.

Social Content

Social media websites are currently conquering the digital marketing arena. People spend more time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Therefore, they bank upon on content on these websites for information. The trend is catching so much attention that features like Facebook’s Instant Articles are appearing. Entire articles are available now on the social apps. This has raised the demand for more social content. And brands are investing time and effort to generate social content for the social channels.

App Interference

Now we have apps for everything. From mobile banking to booking a cab or shopping, we have apps at our fingertips. Even social media giants and search engines like Google are investing to design features like app streaming for mobile users. It is predicted app interference would be so that eventually traditional websites would be totally wiped out. As apps are slowly replacing online websites, it is essential for the companies to develop apps for their brands.

Mobile optimization

Recently mobile has taken the internet world by storm. People now use mobile to browse internet more than laptop or desktop. Therefore, there is a huge demand of mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps. This trend is the latest development in the digital world. It is wise to invest on developing mobile-friendly websites and apps as it will increase the visibility of any brand among the users.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is not just content optimization, internal linking or improving site structure. There are some other factors that should be considered to keep your on-page SEO updated. Things like click-through rates, engagement, social signals and relevant content need to be considered. These are also kept in mind while ranking web pages by search engines. So, it is crucial to consider these factors in your optimization campaign.

In-the-Moment Content

Social media is all about “in-the-moment”. People are more interested in sharing live moments in social media. Recently, live streaming has become a fashion among the users. People shares live videos on social media. Facebook has recently introduced this feature. Periscope is the one of the most popular live streaming online site. Biggies like Snapchat and Instagram is also following the trend. In-the-moment content is one of the big revolutions in the social media platform. Every big social media companies are following the trend to attract more users to their sites.

Link Building

Link building is still going to make a mark in digital marketing. There are speculations that link building is no longer effective after the introduction of Penguin update as it has abandoned millions of websites. However, link building continues to be an effective SEO tool until the links are used by search engines for ranking web pages. Therefore, keep link building in your SEO list for better page rank.

Sell on Social Media Platforms

Social media sites provide an option to advertise and sell on their websites. Social media sites especially like Facebook and Pinterest have a “Buy Now” feature which enables the users to buy products directly on these sites. It is a great opportunity both for seller and buyers. Sellers easily get potential buyers without much effort and buyers get a hassle free buying experience. The trend is catching up slowly and more social media companies will adopt the concept in future.


Digital marketing domain is constantly evolving with new trends and technology every time.  Who knows concept like voice search and live streaming would be replaced by newer and even better technology.

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