6 Simple Tricks And Hacks To Make Your Instagram Marketing Successful

The arena of Instagram marketing is a completely new one to marketers, who have started using the platform recently. Even though the exclusive photo-sharing app can help them take their marketing efforts to the next level, they often find it difficult to decode the techniques of using it efficiently.

So today, we have come up with 6 simple yet powerful Insta-tricks and hacks that every marketer should know about. Check them out:

  1. Get Notified About Posts

So your feed is always flooded with tons of posts and it is next to impossible to stay updated about your favorite influencer. Well, the task is real, but Instagram has its own solution too. The application has come up with a ‘notification’ feature, which makes sure that you never miss an update from your favorite Instagrammer again.

If you want to get notified as soon as your favorite people share something, you have to turn on individual notifications. Open the profile of the person for whom you want to turn the ‘notifications’ on. Click on three dots, which is basically the symbol for ‘options’, in the top right corner and select ‘Turn On Post Notifications’ from the drop-down menu.

  1. All Your ‘Likes’ In One Place

There are times when all marketers feel the need of checking certain old posts, which they liked some time earlier. Needless to a say, it is highly challenging to keep in mind exactly who posted those awesome photos and when. Even if you remember the details, it is extremely time-consuming to find out the posts.

However, the application offers an easy way to see all those posts you have ‘liked’ so far. Go to the ‘options’ on your own profile, which can be found at the top right corner as three simple dots, and click on it to select ‘Posts You’ve Liked’ from the menu. If you wish to unlike a post anytime, just open it and touch the ‘heart’ icon at its bottom to de-select.

  1. Save Favorite Posts For Future

While browsing the feed on Instagram, you might sometimes feel like saving certain posts for later use. Though the application had no such feature even before a few months, you can create a collection of your saved posts on it these days. The concept is pretty much similar to ‘bookmarking’ and is extremely helpful for marketers.

Each post shown in the Instagram feed comes with a ‘bookmark’ icon placed at the bottom-right corner of the image. Tapping it will save the image immediately. Once you open your profile page, you can see the ‘bookmark’ icon on the rightmost corner just above your photos. Tap it to find the ‘All’ tab, where all your saved images can be found. There will also be another tab called ‘Collections’, where you will be shown the option ‘Create Collection’. Tap ‘done’ and you will be able to add posts to that particular collection. Add images from ‘All’ tab to the selected ‘Collection’ by tapping ‘Add To Collection’ and voila!

  1. Explore And Expand Your Reach

Instagram gives you a lot of recommendations every time you follow a person. But if you feel it is not enough for your marketing purpose, just keep exploring in order to expand your reach. There is a very simple way to carry out the process more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

All you need to do is observe the activities of your followings and it will help you discover a whole lot of fresh profiles. Find the ‘heart’ icon at the bottom of your profile page and tap on it. It will take you to the ‘You’ tab displaying the list of likes and comments you have received on your images. Click on the ‘Following’ tab right beside it on the top and you will have a glimpse of the recent liking and/or commenting activities of your followings. Just check out the posts and explore the profiles.

  1. No More Accidental Liking

Scrolling through Instagram feeds and liking a post accidentally – we all have that experience. The thing becomes even more serious when marketers end up double tapping a post inadvertently while looking through the photos of their competitors.

Well, when you need to check out the posts that you do not want to engage with, simply go to the application feed in order to allow the posts to load and then, set your phone to the ‘Airplane Mode’. It will turn off your internet connection instantly. Hence, when you will start scrolling the feed after the switch, you cannot double-tap any photo, not even accidentally!

  1. More Traffic To External URLs

This is one of the biggest pains every single Instagram marketer need to suffer from. The application allows users to include clickable links to external websites only in the ‘website’ section of the ‘bio’. Adding the same link to the caption of an image will turn it into an unclickable, plain text. You can still put your URLs in your image captions, but users can only visit the website by copying the URL from there and pasting it to a browser. This undoubtedly makes marketers frustrated.

The sneakiest way to solve this issue is to add a text CTA (call-to-action) to the caption of every single image. This will encourage people to visit your profile page. And once they open your profile, they can easily see the cickable URL added to your bio. If they are really interested in it, they will visit the URL and you will be successful in driving more traffic to your external website. However, you must keep updating the ‘website’ section of your ‘bio’ with the links to your latest content, videos, or offers to make the most of your efforts.

Being a visually appealing social media application with incredible potential, Instagram is getting more and more popular among today’s marketers. And these cool Instagram tricks and hacks are sure to make their life much easier.

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