YouTube: How to generate a million viewers using this platform

Marketing is surely the key to the success of any and every business, and quite interestingly, YouTube is one sure-fire way to strike the right chords when it comes to marketing.

However, the potential of this platform is not exploited properly and as a result, businesses are losing out on major probabilities.

Why people tend to avoid YouTube as a marketing channel is probably due to the misconception that one has to give in a lot of effort before expecting any kind of attention.

But, quite pleasingly, that is NOT the case!

How YouTube can be the game changer for driving traffic?

Sporting a 3 billion daily views, YouTube claims itself as the second largest search engine, (after Google). Hence if the right strategies can be deployed at the right time, YouTube holds an absolutely incredible potential for a marketer.

If you are intimidated at the thought of putting in a lot of effort for getting views, let me inform you that you don’t have to gather millions of subscribers for getting huge views. But once you start receiving the views, you shouldn’t stop.

Wondering why? Well, with a few more additional steps, you can simply convert those views into website visits, which opens up thousands of possibilities. In fact, using your YouTube page as a sales funnel is as easy as setting up a Facebook Ad campaign.

So, if you are wondering how you can drive traffic from YouTube, here are the steps to follow –

  • Gather the views

Before you think of ‘driving’ traffic from YouTube, you need to ‘gather’ it. Create some brilliant video content, optimize it thoroughly and share it as much as you can.

Do make sure the content that you share is valuable for your viewers. Study your target audience, figure out their expectations and create content that they will love to see!

Optimize the videos properly. Be sure to focus on the tags, video titles, thumbnails and descriptions so that your users are able to find it easily when they are looking for it. Also, be sure to address a problem in the title that your target users are facing.


  • Approach people the right way – You must have created a compelling call to action, and it’s now when you have to use it. Be sure to communicate with your visitors the right way and explain exactly how and why to get to your website. Just because this is a very simple strategy, don’t think that it doesn’t work. Also consider asking your customers for referrals as these can be highly effective for driving traffic.

Moral of the story: Communicate with your visitors clearly and make them feel how important they are to you!


  • Focus on the description box – Be very careful while crafting this description as this is what lets your users know about the video as well as your business in general. Make sure it’s short and crisp so that viewers can get a fair idea regarding what you want to let them know, without clicking on the ‘Show more’ button. A smarter way to handle this issue is to break the description up in two sections so that viewers have a sense of completeness with the first section itself. If required, they can then proceed to the next section.


  • Optimize the about page of your channel – If you think optimizing the individual videos would be enough, you are wrong! Remember your channel is a very important part of the entire process and in case, someone wishes to find out what you’re into, and check the about page, they shouldn’t be frustrated. Don’t forget that this page is the perfect opportunity to tell your users how you can be of great help to them.


  • Motivate users to subscribe – The key goal of following all these strategies is to redirect your viewers to your website. This one is a long term strategy and that’s why you can rest assured of a steady traffic flow out of it. What you need to do is to ask them to subscribe to your channel, for which all they need to do is to click on a single button. But the question is why they would do that! For that, you need to create amazing content that can hook them up. Once they subscribe, all your videos will pop up in their subscription feeds, resulting into greater views.


  • Team up with other YouTubers – When you are confident about your videos, consider partnering with other YouTubers in your niche. Most likely, they also need more traffic and exposure. By teaming up, you can share the audiences, and thus generate a new source of traffic. You can do a simple search for your target KWs and consider getting in touch with channels that have more subscribers than you.


  • Interact through comment section – If you are getting lots of comments on your videos, no matter whether those are positive or negative, it symbolizes that you are generating a lot of buzz. This is the high time to get active and step in personally to respond to the comments. This assures your viewers about your existence and the genuineness of your blog. If you are answering any question, there are high chances that you will be able to redirect the viewer to your website by providing the relevant URL, and this might help you motivate thousands of customers to visit your website.


The potential of YouTube is enormous and it’s high time to explore it. While Google Search Console and Facebook Ads are great tools for marketing, YouTube, too, is an extremely powerful platform.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million and you probably can’t get a better platform than YouTube to share a video. If you are on the right track and provide your customers with the right information, they will surely like to know more. And if you can initiate it properly, they would be even glad to visit your website.

So, are you up for the game?

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