10 SEO traps to avoid Google down-ranking in 2017

To keep your website more visible and competitive, you should know the latest 2017 tactics. In the past years, the SEO strategies, that used to ran better, have changed drastically. Google ranking has also undergone some severe changes, so as a website owner, you should be aware of the traps, that you should avoid to prevent Google down-ranking.

So here are 10 SEO traps you should avoid in 2017.

  1. Link Building

Link Building is very unnatural in SEO, so webmasters should avoid it. Any links, that intend to manipulate in ranking, are considered as violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. Selling, buying or asking for links is alright, as long as you don’t violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you are not violating any rules is to review your current link building strategies, and check all outbound and inbound links to your website, so that your website is not penalized for wrong links and you are not going against the webmaster rules.

  1. Unfriendly mobile design

Mobile friendliness of a website is among Google’s top SEO ranking factors. Mobile friendly websites perform better, than websites that are not optimized for mobile users. Certain factors like, very small texts and links that are close together, hamper the user experience on mobile devices. Because of the increasing number of mobile users, it is important to create mobile friendly sites. You need to design your page in a way that caters to the mobile users. This will improve your site’s performance. Result in better conversion rates, and will improve your SEO ranking.

  1. Anchor Text

Exact match anchor text is equal to link building. Few years ago, the use of keywords as anchor texts, was considered as the easiest ways to get a higher ranking, but with Google’s Penguin Update, using an exact match anchor text, is seen as an act to manipulate search engine rankings. Abusing anchor texts can be considered as over-optimization, and can get you penalized. If you really want to use anchor texts, you can use a few links that use a variety of anchor text links and some major keywords.

  1. Targeting some specific pages

A good link profile is among the most important SEO ranking factors. Google has even brought algorithm changes to improve search results quality and filter out bad linking schemes. To ensure that you have a good link profile, you should perform link evaluation by using your Google Webmaster account.

  1. Low site user engagement

Engaging visitors in your website is a very big challenge. Low user engagement leads to lower search engine rankings. Some of the factors that affect your Google search results rankings are; page views, time on sites, and bounce rates. You can improve your user site engagement by looking at the preferences of the targeted audience and gaining insights of the visitors’ behavior. You can use A/B testing to optimize your website for better user engagement. This method is about using two similar but slightly different designs to determine which design results in the most clicks and conversions and appeals to your targeted user. Then you can find out the choices that appeal most to your target audience, like fonts, colors, and word choices. And then you can apply them to your website, to increase the user engagement.

  1. Poor user experience

Google considers the experience the users have while visiting your website. A bad user experience can dramatically damage your search engine ranking. If the visitor quickly leaves your site and goes to the search results page again, then it means that the user did not find, whatever he was looking for. Then it’s a red flag for your search engine ranking. You need to make your website visually appealing, with an easy navigation and having high quality content, so that the user stays on your website for a longer time.

  1. Use of Interstitial ads

Interstitial ads are full screen ads, which cover the screen space completely. Recently, Google has announced that, it will start punishing sites that use interstitial ads. It will downgrade the rankings of websites that use interstitial apps.  Apps which feature interstitial ads prevent the users from going through the content and information of the website. The users have to search for tiny buttons to close the popups.

  1. Low quality content

Unique content is a great way to optimize your website for search engines. However the content should also be useful and valuable to visitors. By avoiding low quality content, you can get better user experience and higher search engine rankings. Readers prefer content that are informative and are relevant to the topic. The Google Panda update is finding about thin content, which is inappropriate. The examples of thin content are, thin affiliate pages, copied content from other sources, automatically generated content and doorway pages. You should focus on creating unique content, which would help and impress the visitors.

  1. Mishandling reconsideration requests

Once you have made the necessary changes to your website, Google will allow you to send a reconsideration request. This process helps you in revoking any manual action, which has been taken against you. But several websites misuse these reconsideration requests, and start violating the guidelines after the penalty is revoked. Repeated misuse of reconsideration requests, can lead to straight refusal of your reconsideration requests in the future. So don’t misuse such opportunities.

  1. Lacking fresh content

The two important factors, that are important to maintain and raise your search engine rankings in 2017, are fresh and original content. You should show your visitors what you are capable of, by presenting a wide variety content, which addresses their queries. Consistently updating your content, will act as an active factor to rank higher in Google. Fresh and relevant content is a splendid way to build a good user engagement.

Creating a website is easy, but maintaining it in the competitive market is very difficult. While going through these traps, you should plan your SEO strategies, accordingly, so as to remain in the safe side.


How to prepare for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2017

Search Engine Optimization is among the most dynamic fields and the world of SEO changes at a lightning speed. You should always stay ahead of the curve and optimize your website for the future happenings. This will result in superior user experiences for your users and protect you against penalties from other major search engines. SEO is a game, where you have to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So here are some important factors, to keep in mind while preparing for SEO in 2017.

  1. Quality is important than quantity

Few years ago, all one needed was to have some content on the page, but now that trend has changed, with Google’s algorithms adjusting to better accounts to satisfy the interests of the searchers. If the customer is not satisfied with your answers, then he is going to return to the search engine results page, to find some better answers. According to Search Ranking Factors survey, page-level keyword and content-based features are the 3rd most influential ranking factors behind page-level and domain-level links. The quality should be original, the content should be high-quality, well-researched, and the page should provide the user enjoyable experience.

  1. Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

AMPs are an open source protocol, which allows the webmasters to create pages that are capable of loading almost instantly on mobile devices. Some simple structural changes can make your site four times faster. Google has already started favouring sites that have switched over to AMPs. So in 2017, switching over to AMPs is the best thing to do.

  1. Multimedia Optimization

In 2017, the trend is to move beyond words, and realise the fact that content is a multimedia effort. This includes regular site contents, blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, eBooks images, case studies and many more. Expanding your content creation, leads to two advantages. First it increases user engagement. As different people have different preferences, some may prefer to watch YouTube videos, while some may prefer to load an eBook and read it. Second advantage is that, it allows you to repurpose content. It makes your content visually appealing.

  1. Online Presence Optimization

In 2017, search engines will have a lot of changes, like, improvements to image/voice search, emphasising on topics rather than keywords and many more. According to search ranking factors survey, mobile friendliness will matter more in 2017, thus surpassing the traditional search methods. So your SEO strategy, should align with the ways, the users are searching now. And that is why; it is called as online search optimization. It’s essential to have clean, thoughtful, organised, brand-appropriate presence everywhere.

  1. Personal Branding

In 2017, personal branding will become a SEO secret weapon. Personal branding enables you to have time securing guest posts, building user trust, and bringing in more traffic to your website.

In 2017, in order to be in the race, you have to take proactive approach to reformulate your SEO strategy, focusing on providing high quality consistent products, which will ultimately ensure more success.


Domain Name and SEO – A Complete Guide

Domain Name is the face of your business and your address on the internet. Choosing the right domain name is important and also to choose the domain that will also help you to get a better SEO rank. When you are running a business, a strong online presence is very important to move your business to the next level and SEO is one important factor that helps you to achieve that. The impact that a domain name does to your SEO rankings has changed a lot in the last couple of years, so choosing a domain name should be done carefully and after considering a lot of factors, that am going to explain later in the article. So let’s see the factors that need to be considered before choosing a domain name.

Never Choose Exact Match Domains (EMD)

Exact Match domains were the hot keywords in SEO strategy a few years back, where every website was named as exact match keywords related to their business. For ex, if your business is all about New York Car Rentals, then choosing an Exact Match Domain Name (EMD) like was a great strategy. And anyone searching for New York Car rentals, your domain name will appear on top of the rankings, so all you need is to just spend a couple of bucks to buy and EMD and you are right on top of Google Search Engine rankings without worrying about quality content, back links or any SEO strategy. After a lot of complaints has been made with google, it changed its algorithm with an update called exact match domain update, where it would not rank domains based on EMD’s, but with other factors including quality content, back links and better organic SEO strategies.


Choose Your Domain Name Extension Wisely

Another important factor that affects your rankings is your domain name extension. If your business deals with only local customers or products, then you should always think about going for country based domain names like .us, .uk or .in, as these country domains rank higher in local results than other domain name extensions. Say for ex, you have a local shoe store chain in a city and doesn’t deal with any international customers, then it is always better to .us or .in than using .net or .org. But if your business deals with both local as well as international customers then you can use the .com domain extension. But still, many large e-commerce sites like Amazon own both .com and country based domain name extensions like for dealing with Indian customers.

Is Your Domain Name Memorable?

The shorter the domain name, the more the people can remember it easily. According to many analysis made by SEO experts, a domain should be no longer than 15 characters.  Most of the social media platforms like Facebook allow only a maximum of 15 characters for displaying your domain names and search engines too have limited to displaying URL’s within 15 characters only. So if you choose more than 15 characters, then your website URL will not be properly displayed in search engine rankings.

Target Keywords – What are they?

Keywords don’t play any big role in SEO for websites, as Google has updated its algorithm as many people started using keywords in their domain names and also went to the extent of using EMD’s for domain names. But when your website grows in stature and popularity, Google will automatically link your keywords with your brand.


Let’s take for ex: Go to google and type in the text “apple”, the results you’ll find would be astonishing, as you can’t find any result that concerns with the fruit apple, but brings all information related the company Apple. But Google follows the brand signals of a website like their traffic to the website, social accounts, have actual employees work for your company, real contact information etc.

Characters Used in Your Domain Name

Yes, the characters you choose to represent your domain name also has some effect in increasing or decreasing your search engine rankings. You are free to use all kinds of alphabets, numerals or special characters while choosing a domain name. But when you choose any special characters, your domain name will become less visible when compared to domain name with alphabets and numbers. Using hyphens in domain names should also need to be avoided, as domain names without hyphens are most preferred than domains with hyphens.

Buying a Domain Name from Others?

If you are buying a domain name, you should be very careful and do a complete check for the domain history. If the domain has been blacklisted by the search engines, then it would be of no use buying the domain and wasting your money. Also, the age of the domain also has some substantial effects on the ranking results. Old domains are ranked higher than new domains. So go for a complete review and buy a domain that is clean with the search engines and also an aged domain.


Hope the information presented above would help to answer a lot of questions regarding choosing the right domain name for your business. Domain name is the key for your internet presence and also the most important factor that will help you succeed in the online world. Take your time to choose the right domain name that caters properly to all the SEO protocols.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect domain name for your business, hope for the best and work hard on updating proper content, back links and with regular updates, you can be sure that your conversion rates will get doubled in the future. Internet marketing is the future for every business and without an SEO supported domain name, you can’t think of getting anywhere close to success.



5 Things you can do to help your page race to the Top – SEO Tips

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your content to maximize traffic while users launch a search on a search engine.

Here is a quick compilation of some easy to implement but effective SEO techniques which will help you race ahead in your pursuit to the top of search engine listings:

  1. Meta-Description – The front face of your webpage

Meta-Description is like the beautiful receptionist of your company, it is the first impression. Meta-Description is what appears as a few lines of text just below the Title tag in the search page and is usually of 150-160 characters in length.

A good meta-description which concisely expresses what the user can look forward to will be a deal winner.

  1. When you are not sure where to look – Look Within

As much as we would want traffic to be driven from the external links, we could do some work with our internal links to make sure our page is highly ranked. Whenever you publish a new article, just go through your archives and look for old posts that you have published in the same/ relevant area and link it back to the new one.

  1. Using Broken Links to Bridge your SEO:

Millions of links which gets broken when the content is relocated during migration could act as a bridge for your SEO activity

Here is a quick step by step guide that will help you do this:

  1. Identify a web page with high quality content and a huge traffic.
  2. Identify a broken link on the webpage with the use of a tool such as the Chrome extension called Check My Links.
  3. Contact the site administrator stating you have found a broken link on their page.
  4. You may strategically place an offer to re-direct to your webpage using that broken link. Since you helped them better their webpage, the chances are the favour would be re-paid.
  1. The magic of Title and ALT attributes:

A Title attribute is the gateway of letting the search engine and the user know where they will land up if at all they choose to click the particular link that you are displaying. The syntax may look like something below:

<a href=”” title=”5 tips that will ease the pain of SEO”>SEO Tips</a>

Have you ever wondered how images are thrown up in the search window when all that you entered was just text in the search field? The answer to that magic is the use of ALT attribute. You can mention the description of an image using the ALT attribute that will in turn re-direct users to your image. Sample syntax is given below for your reference:

<imgsrc=”” alt=”infographic on 5 tips that will ease the pain of SEO”>

  1. Title Tags – The Pixel Math

Nowadays, Google limits the length of the title tag not by characters but by pixels and the limit is 512 pixels.

We have done the math for you and if you manage to keep the title tag under 60 characters, 99 percent of the time you would be well within the upper limit of 512 pixels.

These 5 tips elucidated here are assured ways of driving more traffic to your webpage when coupled with quality content which is always of paramount importance.



7 Latest SEO Trends 2017 That is Dominating the World Wide Web


With the advent of Internet and the World Wide Web, search engine optimization has become one of the important parts of our daily life. Everyone around the world who uses internet knowingly or unknowingly takes the benefit of search engine optimization that helps them to search for information of their choice. SEO has evolved in different phases and now has become a worldwide phenomenon that is actually driving the whole system of internet and information technology. This dynamic technology changes its trend in order to make it more beneficial for people and business. So let us check out the 7 latest SEO trends that will change the world of information.

  1. More power to social content

Content is one of the most essential parts of SEO. With the phenomenal success of the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc social content will gain more important of the search engine results page than before. As estimated 76% of SEO marketers take the help of social media in order to bring up their content up in the SERP rankings.

  1. Videos will still be a strong component

Videos are an attractive way of getting higher ranking in the search engine results page and this trend is still going to be there in the coming year. So adding more videos to your page will actually improve the rankings. Latest statistics show a 62% overall Google searches are made on videos. Since Google has started monitoring blended searches, videos along with content will get the best attention.

  1. Optimization of mobile users will grow

With more and more people using their smartphones for searching it has become essential for the SEO marketers to optimize their pages for mobile users. Statistics says that mobile searches are on the rise and it is going to increase even more in the coming years. Mobile optimization will be required for thousands of apps that are being searched every second on Google.

  1. Voice enabled search function will reach a new peak

A lot of users have recently started the new feature of voice search on Google. It is convenient, safe, and faster and helps in multi tasking, especially for people who are driving or doing some other work and searching for a particular topic. The voice searches are getting popular everyday and with the growing trend it is predicted to be one of the most popular ways of search in the recent future.

  1. More scope for content aggregation

Google and other search engines are looking out for content aggregation that is enabling users to find all information on one place. If you collect content from different high authority sources and put them in one place then it helps the users get all they in one place. This enables better ranking in the SERP page. In recent times content aggregation will be on the rise.

  1. Mobile apps searches will increase

With the growing trend of smartphones and other mobile devices app based programs are being used most. Statistical reports on SEO searches reveal that mobile app searches are increasing rapidly and the trend it going stay for now.

  1. Localised SEO will grow further

Local SEO will get more prominence. With more and more businesses using internet as their major tool for promotion and marketing localised searches are on the rise and thus the SERP will show better ranking for those pages that have specific localised optimization.


Search engine optimization is just not a technical term used by SEO’s around the world, but it is a system that enables us to find anything on the internet. SEO has made our lives simpler and still making the differences dynamically to make our life easier.




Authority Link Building with Real Time Penguin

Google released penguin 4.0 which is the latest update. It is god to know how this affects to the SEO community. It was announced that Google penguin is now running in real time. This means that those who have gone through the non-pleasant ordeal of paying for low quality SEO and still not see any positive results after removing all the spam links are now saved. Just by removing those links was not strategy enough but now they can carry own well because the punitive algorithm update is paid in full.

Penguin is way more granular to add onto that. It is much more advanced so probably it considers individual links unlike the earlier more aggregate process and approach. It is now for us to sit back and watch just how much it will influence sites.

It will be also interesting to see how penguin will work out together with the many factors that Google uses to rank sites. At the moment both panda and penguin are integrated into Google core ranking algorithm. There will be no more notifications for penguin updates since it is now constantly updated as Google is continually used on the web.

About the importance of links, they are still important as a ranking signal as clarified by Google with Google sensations like John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and even Matt Cutts. But it should still be kept in mind not to use the links as the only SEO strategy and marketing strategy as well. As much as links are important for SEO they should not be looked in isolation.

What Google wants in relation to all this should also be taken into account? There are Google recommendations for example; from the penguin announcement we get that Google wants to create amazing compelling websites. From the link schemes pages we see is that creating highly unique and relevant content is and naturally gaining popularity on internet is the best way to compel other websites to create high quality relevant links to yours. Links are mostly editorial votes given by choice so the usefulness and uniqueness of your content really matters if visitors are going to want or be compelled to link it to their readers. Ensure your website is outstanding.

As much as you are creating quality SEO content make sure people are aware it exists in the first place. Build relationships with people who seem to be interested with what your content is about. Be outgoing and build relationships with related bloggers and website owners and find ways you can help each other or yourself to grow from them.  So you need to create something worth showing to people before involving any audience or fellow bloggers. This is how to build your link volume. More specifically you can employ these tactics for building links;

BASIC PROSPECTING – using advanced query operators you may find resource pages and even high ranking directories that are relevant to your product or service. More content on your website is important for it helps you to easily find other sites that are linking to similar resources.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH – you are required to review links your competitors have so you may get sites that may consider linking to your content.

GUEST POST PROSPECTING – It generates exposure for your site but put quality first all the same.

CONTENT AND OUTREACH -Content goes hand in hand with outreach. You should find sites that link to other articles then try to get in touch with the owners to see if they can link to your content.

BROKEN LINK BUILDING – You are to look for broken links on sites that you have discovered has the ability to bring valuable vote for your business

LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS – Choose links that keep you within these local boundaries to build strong ties with local businesses.

PRESS AND PR – A great site should be accompanied by some real world action which will send more people back to your site at the end of it anyway.

Such a unique and clear strategy should be appropriate for you to get your intended results. Determine what the right procedures are for your specific business and its features because some tactics may cause success and failure for different businesses.  Link building should be carried out only as a fine tune in to a good developed content.  Common sense is what should guide you here and often look for the niches available and turn them to opportunities because they are endless.


How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Mobile Index

Google is officially testing a mobile-first index now and it is therefore of importance to be at par with the mobile friendly trend. The rolling out of a new mobile-first index means that Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content even for listings that are shown to desktop users. It will look first on the mobile versions of your website before embarking on the desktop version. It wants the index and results to represent the majority of their users that is mobile users.

Thus the following five guidelines will assist you to optimize your site for Google’s mobile-first index;

Speed – In Google’s Site Performance for webmasters video it is stated that Google aims for under a half-second when two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability. It aims at being able to make websites load faster to the satisfaction of users as well as the fact that it aids ranking. To improve speed you need to first optimize images. Very large images may slow down the loading of a website page so try using correct sizes for images. You also need to remove all unnecessary characters from source code but also ensure you don’t change its functionality. Reduction of redirects also helps to speed up the process by avoiding unnecessary reloads. Leverage browser caching because it stores web page resource files on a local computer when a visitor visits a web page.

Don’t Block Css, Java Script Or Images – In earlier times blocking java scripts, CSS or images was rather helpful but times have changed and they no longer drag the site or impose any other negative issues. This is because mobile phones and smart phones are more developed and enhanced to overcome such hazards. Google also needs to see these things in order to categorize them accordingly so don’t block or hide them.

Mobile Design – Nowadays SEO has to known how to use designs to influence rankings apart from the available rank codes and signals. It is going all out to become more of an art than a technical skill so all inputs have to be vastly considered. Mobile design is also an art in itself and it is used optimizing your mobile design site for search can be done if you for one don’t use Flash. It was killed for mobile by Apple since many mobile viewers can’t view fresh elements in their phones so you need to remove them. Opt to use java or HTML. Secondly you need to get rid of popup because a page with so many popup will eventually frustrate the users and finally send them away decreasing rankings. Lastly make sure your design is finger friendly since mobile phones are mainly operated using the fingers. Make sure it is easy for them to scroll and tap.

On-Page Optimization – When it comes to mobile search engine results pages the freedom and space is limited so make sure you make keep your descriptions and titles short and strictly to the point for the GoogleBot to understand your Page faster and also enable the user to understand what your page is about quickly and even better. With thus your page will get improved rankings.

Local Optimization – Google now has a powerful update to the local search algorithm since it is very important especially for businesses that need to build that kind of traffic. In a related research it showed that fifty percent of consumers who carried out local research using their smart phones visited the store within a day thirty four percent who searched on a computer did so too. So it goes without argument that local businesses have a lot to gain from the mobile-first index. To increase your mobile visibility further  you should also include your city and state I the title tag, HI heading, URL, content, alt tags and meta description. Don’t forget to mention your business name, phone and address too.

Taking action now is probably the best idea as Google continues to improve the mobile first index so you maybe in tune and up to date as the improvements are implemented. This will generously improve your visibility in mobile search SEO. Implement it as you continue to discover more about it and in this way you will learn more.



Easy SEO Tricks to Boost your SEO Strategy

When it comes to SEO you can never think you’ve used all kinds of techniques and strategies, there will be always a lot which you missed or don’t have the knowledge about. But to your surprise, there are some smaller chinks in your own SEO strategy, which when corrected could boost your own website or clients search engine rankings to a great extent.

According to a recent HubSpot statistics, around 12 million searches has been conducted per month. So you need to put all your efforts to make your content and business to the eyes of the people, or else what is the point of having a website with all the content, graphics and illustrations but without any visitors.

Often good habits start by eliminating all the bad habits in you, likewise, an effective SEO strategy is all about weeding out all the ineffective practices and going for effective SEO techniques and strategies.

Content is the King

Yes, Content is the King, when it comes to SEO. And any effective strategy starts with dealing with content first and all other techniques come later. Once you have your content right, you can be sure that you created a solid base for your future SEO strategies. So having quality content on your website is important because quality content helps in:

  • Engaging your visitors and increase traffic to your website
  • Increasing your search engine rankings
  • Getting quality outbound links from other websites

Even a lot of famous and established brands commit these mistakes in their product portfolios. It is never enough to have hi-res images of your products or 360-degree view of your products, but what makes your product visible in the search engines is the detailed description of your product. Understand how one would search for your products or what keywords would be used by customers to search your product and try to use those in your product pages.

And simply by adding content to your website doesn’t do any good, unless it is of high quality, interesting and informative. When a visitor finishes reading your content should feel satisfied and not leave confused, without understanding what’s being said in your content.

Quality is also not the only factor that makes a visitor returns to your website, but quantity too. If the quality is good and if a visitor likes your website, he won’t hesitate to come again, and hence you need to add content to your website regularly.

Keyword Research & Optimization

Keyword research and optimization is another important aspect that can boost your SEO campaign to a great extent. Let’s take an example of a very generic keyword like “cat food”. But this keyword is not specific and will be used by only people who are searching for more information about cat food or any news about the topic. But if you go specific and change the keyword to “buy organic cat food” then you are targeting only people who are willing to buy some organic food for their cats. Hence, any keyword should be specific to your company’s products and services. Also, make sure the keywords are worded in a more conventional way than using any marketing jibes into it.

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

One more aspect in boosting your SEO strategy is to make sure your website is completely optimized for mobile users. According to a recent stats from, people using the mobiles to access the internet has reached around 1.2 billion and every search made in a mobile lead to some kind of action within an hour, as per the statistics provided by Also, another stat reveals the fact that the mobile searching behavior has increased by 43% from last year.

Please keep in mind that your customers / visitors are more mobile than before and use all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets and even phone watches to access the web. Many established brands have identified this trend and became mobile-friendly a long time back. One more thing why mobile optimization should be on the top of your list is that Google has updated its search algorithm to promote websites that are more mobile friendly when people search using their mobiles. Hence, it is extremely important to make sure that mobile optimization takes a prominent place in your SEO strategies.

Optimize the Speed of your Website

Imagine you are visiting a website and it takes ages to load the home page, what would you do? You would certainly ignore the website and go to another website. The load speed of a website also one factor that could affect its prospects in gaining higher search engine rankings. A recent survey has indicated that around 40% of customers have left the website that had slower load times.

Pingdom is one useful tool that will give a detailed breakdown of every element in your website and how much time every element took to load. With this information, you can easily optimize the elements that takes longer time to load and increase the overall load time of your website. Changing your host from shared server to a dedicated server or a VPN can also significantly boost your load times, if the slowness is connected to any hardware issues.

Earn Inbound Links, Don’t Buy

Having inbound links from many highly ranked websites will definitely boost your search engine rankings. But because of this, no one should indulge in buying links on other sites, as it is against the webmaster guidelines of Google. Also, google has updated its algorithm to detect spurious or manipulative links. And if your site was caught buying or selling links, then your rankings will be brought down to an all-time low instantly. So instead of spending money to buy links, invest your time to create quality content, so that it attracts more visitors and other high ranking websites would automatically link your content for free.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money or use advanced techniques to boost your SEO strategy, but instead take care of smaller chinks then and there can dramatically boost your SEO campaign which could lead to higher rankings for your website and in-turn increased traffic and income for your business.



How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website

In this era of competitive business, it is extremely important that you make all your moves to stay ahead of your competitors. When you are running a website, blog or a store, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can certainly push your business to the next level. There are a lot of companies out there advertising amazing SEO deals and packages, so as a website owner, you need to know how to hire the best SEO Company that would help you meet your business objectives.

 Ask Your Friends


One of the easiest way to find for the best SEO Company is ask your friends, if they have any experience in hiring any SEO providers. And if you find any information about any company that has done them some good work, then it is a good point to start with, and eventually, dig deeper to know more about that company and eventually hire it as your SEO provider.




Search the Internet

google-seo-companyIn Google, when you search for “best SEO provider” or “best SEO Company”, you can see some sponsored ads on the top, these PPC ads are provided by SEO companies, who have invested some money to secure top position in the search results. This also means that they can’t spend money blindly on ads, unless they have a certain ROI. Hence, you can certainly count on them to provide good service.




Organic Rankings

Again with the help of Google, the companies that appear on top of the search engine rankings, below the sponsored ads, are the ones who’ve invested a lot of money to bring their website on top, and it is a proof that they have the talent and resources to bring yours also on top.

Take a look at their Portfolio

One more aspect to find the best SEO company is to take a look at their portfolio provided in their website. Don’t fall for companies who have the logos of big corporate companies, it is a common trick employed by amateur SEO companies to attract more client. Check to see if the companies provided in their portfolio really do exist. But some client doesn’t want their names appear on the SEO company’s website, but the majority of the companies don’t mind getting listed in their SEO provider’s website. It’s also cheap publicity for them. Also, call up the SEO company and ask for referrals or any website URL’s that they worked on earlier.

Take a look at their own SEO

Sometimes if the company is newer, they might not rank on top of the rankings. Check to what place they come in the search engine rankings. Also, check their website for meta descriptions and see whether it is really makes sense. And check how their other pages come up during the search. But this kind of checking can only be made by people who have some basic idea of SEO, and if you have no basic idea and you are just a business owner looking for an SEO provider to optimize your site for the betterment of your website, then just leave this aspect.


The next thing that you need to check is what kind of quote is the SEO Company offering, and if you see that they selling like “10 keywords for $400”, then better you dump that company. A professional SEO company would definitely go through your website thoroughly and make an analysis of your market, business, future goals and latest trends etc., before providing a quote for their SEO services. Some SEO firm may charge you hourly, but would give a detailed breakup of the work done.

Some may charge a fixed fee, but however they charge, professional and experienced SEO firms will provide you with a detailed description of how they tend to approach this task. To make it simple, let’s assume you want to paint your office and ask for a quote from a local painter, and if the painter offers a quote without even visiting your house to check how many square feet of area needs to be painted, then you can probably conclude that this guy will not come up with a good painting job.

Ask Questions

Search Engine Optimization is just not about optimizing for search engines or adding SEO keywords in your blogs, there are many tactics and measures need to be put into place to make sure that your site shows up in google rankings. A good SEO company would take time to understand your customer base, your current SEO position and your company’s goals. They won’t guarantee first page results for a certain period of time. So ask these basic questions to the SEO Company and how the company plans to tackle these issues:

  • How the SEO firm intends in doing the keyword research for your company?
  • Ask them about their optimization program details and schedule?
  • Ask them whether the competitor analysis is a part of the SEO program?
  • What kind of link strategy does the SEO firm propose?
  • What off-page and on-page tactics are they going to employ


We certainly hope that the above suggestion would point you in the right direction to select the best SEO company for your business. The reason one should go for experienced and professional SEO firms may even exceed your expectations and help your business grow to a great extent. But do remember that there are a lot of them who claim to SEO specialists, don’t know nothing about it. So stay away from them and don’t waste your money in schemes like “5 keywords for $100” as these may not help your website, but you are on the risk of getting blocked by search engines.




Pinterest allows one to organize and share media in terms of videos and images around the web. The images uploaded are called pins and may be arranged into pin boards which may be customized and themed and followed by other users who may also like or repin the content shared by their fellow users. These simple tips may be used to optimize the pins for SEO.

  1. Optimize profile

You ought to improve your profile by making fine adjustments to it before you begin pinning. Hand in hand with this is a choice of a nice username that is right and reflective of the content you intend to share. It should be clear, memorable and most importantly it should be able to describe you or how you intend to come out as. This also applies on your actual profile name since it is how you will be identified on the platform.

  1. Optimize boards

Appealing and neatly organized boards are what you should aim for. The titles should be present and as clear as the images should be. You should think like other users when organizing your pins. As much as you may want to add a clever and funny topic think about what the other users are likely to search for in their search entries.  To get a large audience means your pins rankings will improve. Thus you should optimize your titles to make them more discoverable by other users.

Your presence on pinterest should get strong and successful if this is applied.

  1. Optimize pins

Each of your pin is a direct representation of your profile so it is important to optimize them in a thorough manner. Use high quality images and be descriptive as this will further enable your pins to be discovered by the search engines. You can use two images for your pin but more than four images would appear rather crowded so avoid that. You should also go for taller pins since vertically upright pins look better on mobile phones. The amount of text on an image should be minimized to ensure it can easily be read mobile screens.

  1. Focus on descriptions

This is in relation torepining; pins with less captivating descriptions are unlikely to get repined. The descriptions should be thoughtful and specific to help the users find the image they are looking for when they search for it. Your description should be adequate and detailed with a natural flow that is not forced.

  1. Avoid hashtags

What counts is the descriptions and the inclusions of most likely used search words and so you should avoid just dropping hashtags in a haste. The necessity of hashtags on your pin is rather low if on a scale level.

  1. Do keyword research

Performing extended searches will help you to discover the right keywords for your pins. Search on how pinterest works and what users mainly use. Search and note what results top the lists, organization of pins and boards. This will guide you on the general comprehension of the platform as a whole. Find out the keywords that are relevant to your pins and what keywords are automatically suggested when you are searching. You can also analyze the most popular pins and get ideas on how to make your own pins classic and better.

  1. Consider mobile pinterest

Most people have gone from the desktop and are now using the mobile pinterest version. You may want to switch to this in order to have the same experiences as most users. There is a larger number of audience using mobile searching since it is rather convenient compared to other options. Actually more than seventy five percent of pinterest usage takes place on phones and tablets and pinterest is trying to make the mobile platform more and more functional.

These tips will favorably make your pins famous and you will get a large following in the shortest of time. The likes and repins will ultimately increase also and you will in turn get the self-fulfillment you have been missing and motivation to continue uploading images to advertise or inform people in the same easy setup.