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How to Be Persistent and Love What You Do from Hafiz Muhammad Ali

“Find joy in the process and the results will come far more easily than you’d expect”.

This is an incredible line narrated by Jay Acunzo – An award-winning podcast host and keynote speaker.

In today’s era, digital marketers are facing tough time in adjusting themselves to the process of technological upgrdation.

Sometimes, they give up easily when get stuck into something and can’t find solutions to it.

But do you know among few eminent personalities who still kept the show going?

There is one name who love to fell in the process of learning.

Yes, Right.

We are talking about Hafiz Muhammad Ali. He is the Founder & CEO of Omnicore Group.

Steps towards Education

  • Graduation and Performance

He always wanted to learn something that he can carry forward in his business practices.  He studied at the University of Punjab.

He holds an MSc degree in Digital Marketing Leadership and has completed his Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen.

  • Runs several Companies

Hafiz Muhammad Ali runs several companies. Hafiz is a prominent contributor to and, as well as an expert contributor to

  • Spark to learn Digital Marketing

Late by 10 years ago, when he realized that he cannot obtain university degree in digital marketing, he decided to pull up the socks and peruse what pleased him more.

The Power of Wanting More
  • Loan from a friend

In 2009, after learning the basic principles of Digital Marketing and experimenting it at an intermediate level, he decided to start something of his own.

With single penny in pocket, he decided to get a loan from his close friend worth 90$.

With that, he bought a company domain.

From that moment, the spark of building his own empire instigated him to persistently endeavor over attainment of objectives. He started everything from scratch, did everything on his own and dived into the unknown.

First entrepreneurial steps
  • Research of demand

When started working over his entrepreneurial venture, he realized that businesses are seeking more for customized marketing strategies.

They wanted some agency or platform who would entirely take care of their marketing solutions.

  • Online Road for success

Being a digital marketer, Hafiz knew the roads for successful advertisements.

He decided to take their advertisements to the online users and create a strong online as well as offline presence.

  • Digital Advertisements

Hafiz realized that advertising through digital platforms has driven guaranteed growth in making business a big sky scrap model.

And now a days, almost every businesses have their online platform.

A sense of competitive advantage is developed that scans the best ads on the basis of differentiation.

  • Algorithmic Updates

The algorithms are leapfrogging at an advanced version with constant up gradation.

Hafiz is the man of innovation.

He constantly try and analyze the best and newest practices of digital marketing for any specific sector.

For niche companies, he came up with some differentiated requirements to maintain the essence of the company.

  • Practical Approach by Hafiz

The practical approach of his company is that he focuses upon improving the retention rate with minimizing the bounce rate over the website.

He further strives towards improving the dwell time of a visitor for better ranking.

About Omnicore and the Corporate Values
  • Foundation

Omnicore is a full time data driven company that provides Digital Marketing services for healthcare professionals.

This agency is founded by Hafiz in 2009.

The company first communicate with the client and determine their concern and demands.

  • Preparation of Digital Strategies

After that, a team of professionals scrutinize the clients’ digital strategy pieces and unites them altogether with a new and full furnished top notch solution.

These solutions help them beat their competitor and attain leadership position in their respective niche.

  • Focus

Omnicore solely focus on research and findings.

This agency often tries to adapt with the changes and offer customized services as per the demand of clientele.

According to Hafiz, Omnicore is surrounded and imbibed by four major corporate values:

  • Philosophies
  1. Insightful –Omnicore tailored the solutions, categories into niche and then apply it as per the requirement of each clientele.
  2. Transparency–Omnicore thoroughly believe in transparency. They bind their employees and experts with legal and ethical practices at work place.
  3. Communication–They rest upon constantly communicating with the clients and giving them regular updates about the work done.
  4. Flexibility – Omnicore offers customize and flexible services to the client. Out of their pre-packaged solutions, they sometimes modify and refurbish to deliver the best and most satisfying to their clients.
  • Services offered

Omnicore has a high end and quality rich employees.

They change their lens when the clients demand for differentiated services.

Some of the key note services offered are:

  • search engine optimization (SEO),
  • social media optimization,
  • content marketing,
  • web analytics, and
  • Conversion optimization.
Digital Marketing Passport

Hafiz is a well renowned published author of a Book named Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing.

  • Inspiration Behind a book

This is a self-inspired book. His struggling lanes and efforts in vain inspired him to write a book and motivate others to work tooth and nail to achieve something in life.

  • Narrated challenges

He has narrated about all those challenges that he faced in the career of Digital Marketing.

He has even described the hard won pain striking efforts that he has undergone as a young entrepreneur.

The book often unveils the success tips and ladders to become a successful leader in the industry.

  • Beginner’s Guide

Hafiz has succinctly explained about how one can master his skills in Digital Marketing with some gainful insight. Digital Passport is purely a unique beginner’s guide to Digital Marketing with some action oriented steps.

Why We Need Psychometric Tests in Digital Marketing
  • Know What you love

Hafiz believes that a Digital Marketer must be very well aware about the psychometric test.

According to him college graduate student must know what he is fond of, what he wants to do in life, his strength and weakness.

  • Select specialization

On that ground, they need to select their specialization area to serve and accordingly develop such kind of required traits.

Irrespective of being technically sound or verbally smart, you need to identify your road.

No one is born talented but evolving with the changes, one can born a talent.

  • Various Psychometric test

In line with his philosophy, Hafiz took a fleet and determine various psychometric test, called Digital Ladder.

For an instance, he discussed about Big Five Personality traits, The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, The CliftonStrengths and HMA performance test.

These psychometric tests help a beginner to identify his personality, interest and characteristics.  They quantify that whether you are capable of pursuing a specific knowledge or not.

·        Why Persistence Pays Off?

Hafiz shares his secret behind being such a successful Digital Marketer. He says that none but “challenges, resistance, and constant change motivates them.  And today this tripod made him a successful businessman.”

  • Know where your heart lies in

Because he knew what he wants to do, his passion motivated him to work for sleepless nights and days.

Once your work becomes the product of love and not greed for money, the success will come by itself.

Hafiz is an excellent example of how self-improvement and persistence can pay off.

Achievements, Accomplishments and Awards

Following are some of Hafiz’s Achievements and awards:

  • Life Coach Certification from the University of Cambridge
  • Certifications or training from theGoogle and MarketMotive.


Hafiz Muhammad Ali is really a serial entrepreneur in Digital Marketing. Know what interest you and what fueled your energy. Try his psychometric test and learn basic principles of Digital Marketing with Hafiz Ali.


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Crack the Code on Consumer Psychology: Valuable Insights by Michael Solomon

“Solomon has the mind of a scientist and the writing flair of a journalist.” — Philip Kotler (Marketing guru)

Do you know why most of the startups fail?

It’s mainly because organizations fail to crack the code on why consumers buy their products and services.

The most pressing issue for the businesses is having a vision to create products and services that will resonate with ever changing audiences.

Michael Solomon has established himself as a thought leader in modern marketing and advertising. He is considered an authority when it comes to revealing cutting-edge trends in marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, branding, and social media.

Note – This article is written by Michael Solomon himself and it’s a must read for entrepreneurs and marketing managers. It will help them to crack the code of consumer psychology and succeed as a business.

Have you ever attended a keynote or a presentation by Michael?

You’ll be spellbound by the visual excursion he creates into the minds of consumers in terms of the factors that influence them to buy.

His audiences become his fans when he starts unveiling the insights during his seminars and keynotes.

He helps managers understand their customers so they can design their products and services to meet their deepest needs.

Michael’s e-mail signature includes a quote from the renowned German social psychologist Kurt Lewin: “There is nothing as practical as a good theory.”

This deceptively simple adage expresses at least two important takeaways for businesspeople:

  1. A conceptual framework isn’t just “ivory tower” babble, because it prevents us from reinventing the lightbulb every morning; and
  2. “Everyday” events often are more complicated than they appear, so we need to appreciate their underlying causes and connections to other events.

As a consumer psychologist Michael follows Lewin’s words of wisdom by firmly planting one foot in academia and the other in the “real world” of marketing.

Michael Solomon Leading Authorities July 2016 Speech Full

As he’s worked with clients such as DuPont, Intel, Levi Strauss and many others to help them understand their customers, heacquired many insights about consumer behavior including these:

  1. Managers often “make up” their target customer.

Michael was working with a large New York advertising agency on behalf of a major personal care products company. The brand was (and is today) a big player in the cosmetics industry.  As he spoke to managers about their target customer, a rosy picture emerged of a young, cosmopolitan woman who spent her days racing from one glamorous venue to another – always looking her best.  A blend of Carrie from Sex and the City and Kim Kardashian, perhaps!

Then he dug into the actual data on the modal buyers of the brand.  A psychographic analysis revealed a different picture.  It turns out the most likely user was a woman in her 50s who lived alone, accompanied by several cats. It turns out the brand managers had painted an idealistic picture of the customer they wanted, not the one they had.  Messaging today is a bit more realistic, and the brand has prospered as a result.

The moral: Don’t just assume you understand your customer – verify that you are not just projecting your own aspirations onto your target!

  1. We don’t buy things because of what they do. We buy them because of what they mean.

As a consultant to Levi Strauss, Michael worked with the apparel company’s iconic 501’s jeans brand.  During this engagement, he had the opportunity to explore an archive of letters people had written to the company over the last 150 years.  Many of these echoed the common theme that a humble pair of bluejeans played an important role in their lives.

Some customers wore the pants for 20-30 years or more, and when they were too tattered to adequately cover their bodies, they made them into quilts to pass on to their grandchildren.  And, more than one person neatly boxed up a severely beaten-up pair and sent them to HQ in San Francisco, with the instruction to give them a proper burial at their “home.”  Clearly there is something going on here that transcends a simple utilitarian relationship between a customer and a relatively inexpensive product.

Michael also found that the “deep meanings” of the jeans were fluid.  In particular, the symbolic significance of the pants changed, depending upon the other items with which they were paired.

For example, consumers related a pair of 501’s worn with a black leather jacket to a specific social type (“biker”), while the same pair worn with a blue sportcoat evoked a very different type (“yuppie”).

In later work he developed the construct of a “product constellation,” which refers to a set of symbolically related products that transcend product categories but is collectively emblematic of a social identity.

Why is this idea of a product constellation important to managers?  Many warriors in the marketing trenches by necessity are myopic; they worry a lot about their immediate competitors within an industry vertical, but they don’t think a lot about what’s going on in other verticals.

Consumers in contrast often have multiple verticals in mind when they choose what to buy.  To use a simple example, think about a couple that sets out to furnish a room. They don’t just buy a chair, lamp, couch, etc. in isolation.

Instead they methodically curate an ensemble of disparate items that together signifies a total “look” they desire – whether this “look” is Danish Modern or Shabby Chic.

The moral:  We buy things to express deep symbolic meanings, and these meanings don’t occur in isolation.  Market the forest, not the trees.

  1. Go to the gemba (or, fish where the fish are).

Many analysts who study consumer satisfaction, or those who design new products or services to increase it, recognize that it is crucial to understand how people actually interact with their environment in order to identify potential problems or new product development opportunities.

To do so, they typically conduct focus groups, in which consumers are brought to a place to try a new product while employees observe their behavior through a secret camera.

That’s a good start, but often not nearly enough to fully appreciate the product in use.  To gather more insight, it’s best to go the gemba, which tothe Japanese means “the one true source of information.”

Michael learned the value of the gemba(the one true source of information) first-hand during a project he conducted for a very large tool and household product company. He studied a cleaning product that included a rotating brush to remove mildew from shower stalls and other bathroom surfaces.

The consumer sprayed a cleaning fluid from a dispenser bottle onto an area and then used the device to scrub it. The engineers who developed the gadget tested it in laboratory settings, but not in real homes.

When Michael’s team followed housewives around as they used the contraption, they saw that they struggled to carry both the refill bottle and the scrubber.

Some of them even improvised a bottle holder they wore around their waists in order to keep one hand free.Aha, a pain point waiting to be addressed!  Michael recommended one modification to the engineers:

Equip the device with a built-in reservoir that holds an ample supply of the cleaning fluid, along with a spritzer to apply the fluid directly from the device.  Problem solved – a problem the company didn’t know it had until it went to the gemba.

The moral:  Engineers, come out from your labs and mix with your customers.  They may teach you a thing or two about product design.

We teach our students, “Marketers do it to satisfy needs.”  However, discovering just what those needs are is a trickier process than it seems.  The everyday world of consumption is fascinating and often perplexing.  But figuring out why we buy and what things really mean is more than an academic exercise.

Marketers ignore these complicated relationships at their peril.  But for those at Apple, Nike, BMW and other companies with a zealous customer following who figure out that what they sell can play a key role in who we are, the path to success is clear.  We really ARE what we buy.

Meet Michael Solomon

Michael has done some amazing work on understanding consumers, which makes him an authority on the subject.

Student community from around the world has been benefiting from his numerous books (estimated to be more than 30). His bestsellers include Consumer Behavior:  Buying, Having and Being— the most popular book on “buying behavior” worldwide.

Michael is widely respected as a keynote speaker. His opinion is highly regarded by executives, when it comes to establishing deeper connection with customers.

Michael’s global clients

Here is a list of some of his global clients, who seek his advice on marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

  • Calvin Klein
  • BMW
  • DuPont
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Levi Strauss
  • Armour
  • United Airlines
  • eBay
  • Progressive
  • Under Timberland
  • Campbell’s
  • H&M
  • CrossFit
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • CPG
  • PP&G

TV & Media

Michael is the darling of audiences on the television and he regularly appears on shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, and CNN.

He is frequently mentioned in The New York Times,Time, AdweekandUSA Today.

He also writes for Forbes.

Latest Books

Michael’s latest book is already available on Amazon: Marketers, Tear Down These Walls:  Liberating the Postmodern Consumer.

Michael works as a Professor of Marketing at the Haub School of Business, in Philadelphia. He is also a noted consultant, who fuses theory taught in the text books with real-world scenarios.  He helps managers understand how customers think so they can meet their deepest and most pressing needs.

Visit for more details.

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Chirag Kulkarni: How Content Can Turn You Into A Serial Entrepreneur

If you’re an avid fan of reading online, Huffington Post is the name that you couldn’t have missed — but ever thought of contributing to the Huffington post?

I’m pretty sure that seems like an impossible task.

Not for Chirag Kulkarni, who got his first post published in the renowned magazine when he was just 18 years old.

With such a great start, Chirag became the Chief Marketing Officer of Medly, a digital pharmacy based in New York.

Now he’s running in his own venture and doing a lot of things at a young age along with being featured as the top 25 marketers by Forbes.

Eager to know more about his story?

Here’s all you need to know about the serial entrepreneur Chirag Kulkarni.

Early Life:

Chirag was a bright teenage boy living up to the aspirations of his father.

His father wanted him to quintessentially become an entrepreneurial spirit and learn by tackling his problems on his own.

Learning by trying and testing things, Chirag started his affiliate blog at the age of 13.

Undoubtedly he was filled with passion and an urge to create a space for himself in this world.

Soon, he moved to explore SEO and wrote about it.

A Kickstart to the ‘Writing Potential’

It was then that Chirag decided to write a cold email to Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post.

And guess what?

This fearless instinct of him led to the start of his vibrant career as a writer.

So, Ariana Huffington picked one of his works on Meditation that got published in the Huffington Post.

This began the glorious journey for Chirag Kulkarni.

He became an accidental specialist in marketing by discovering and exploring things by himself.

And it was a time when the only form of marketing that was popular around the world was the door to door marketing.

Curiosity is the Path to Discovery

His curiosity compelled Chirag to explore the power of content and online marketing strategies such as SEO.

Once Chirag figured out affiliate marketing, he went on to find new and other marketing practices on the Internet that could help one carve a niche for themselves.

The prominence of the Internet helped Chirag discover smart tactics in the content marketing space and how he could use content marketing to create sales conversions.

Failure is the Best Mentor

But what’s learning if everything is served on a plate? And so was the case for Chirag.

In 2011, at the age of 15, Chirag co-founded his first company STR and started tennis racquets stringing business.

He then went on to study the success and failures of entrepreneurs all across the world.

Soon after this, his venture insightfully that focused on predictive analysis and cross-platform research was launched but did not show significant results.

It ended up tanking!

Realizing the True Potential

This was the point where Chirag realized that his true calibre and potential lied in content and SEO.

And that’s how the popular content marketing agency ‘Taco’ was born.

The aim behind Taco was to provide SEO and content solutions to companies with $1 – $10 million in revenues.

Eventually, in 2013, the Chirag launched the C & N group.

The business venture was developed to find solutions for existing businesses by providing dynamic methods of business development and innovation.

The company incorporates strategies for Tech startups, App markets, operation management, logistics, ups and downs of business and more.

What Budding Content Marketers Must Read?

Chirag recommends budding content marketers to gather information from sources such as Quick Sprout, Social Media Examiner along with Content marketing Institute etc.

And just to hone your skills, you can also use various tools available in the market for curating content for the right audience.

Some of these tools recommended by Chirag are Suno, Crazy Egg and Kissmetrics.

Chirag is the proud owner of the website where you can learn about the latest content marketing practices and tips for your business.

Awards and Achievements:

Apart from being the CEO of Medley, Chirag Kulkarni has various recognitions and accolades credited to his name.

Chirag was invited to deliver a lecture as a guest in Fordham School of Business on the topic Innovation and Strategy.

His venture Taco, was also featured as one of the top 6 companies that grew fast in the year 2016 by Tech cocktail.

Chirag was also named among the top 25 marketers by Forbes along with a thought leader and expert in marketing by

Renowned Recommendations

Chirag has also been appreciated by a lot of people all across the world.

His influential persona and ability to learn has been admired and applauded no matter where he goes.

Popular Featured Publications

On his journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Chirag Kulkarni has been featured in various reputed national and international media.

He had made his mark in the world with his unique and engaging content.

Here are the top publications, where Chirag has been featured-
● Forbes: Advice For The New 30 Under 30 Class From The Alumni And Summit Attendees
● 10 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Intrapreneurship
● 3 ways to Become A Thought Leader
● Here are my rules for avoiding burnout while building a business
● The Huffington Post: 5 Non-Traditional Educations Doers Should Consider
● ExcelR8 Management Consulting: Five Corporate Growth Pains That Companies Will Face Over The Next 5 Years

5 Tips From Chirag Kulkarni That Will Help You Brainstorm New Ideas

When most of the writers are pressed with the urgency of work, they often fail to deliver the quality.

Furthermore, it becomes extremely challenging to keep up the motivation and think of new ideas for writing in such scenarios.

Chirag Kulkarni says that since the world is becoming more and more content driven the ability to stand out is extremely important for bloggers.

Here are a few brainstorming tips that writers must swear by:

Get Out:

Locking oneself in one room and thinking of new ideas can be extremely challenging.

Through his personal experience, Chirag shares how frustrating and stressful this practice can be.

For this reason, he emphasizes on the fact that getting out of home or office can be helpful in coming up with new ideas.

You never know how many correlations you might find as you move from one place to another.

Furthermore, as you meet new people or explore places, new ideas and thought processes start working rapidly.

So get out of your monotonous room as you find your go-to methods for thinking there.

Look For Opposite Blogs:

When we keep on writing a certain way, we often run out of fresh ideas.

However, Chirag Kulkarni states that looking for inverse blogs can be an excellent way to rejuvenate the thoughts in our brains.

For example, if you’ve written about ‘3 habits of highly successful people’, you can try writing inverse of the topic such as ‘3 habits successful people stay away from’.

While this will engage your users on the one hand, on the other hand, it will give you something to write.

Inverses are an excellent way of brainstorming new ideas.

Ask Your Audience:

As marketers of content, it can often be misleading if you only come up with blog topics from your gut.

Though this strategy may work a lot of times if you have experience, it is always best to research what your audience wants to read.

So, why not ask your audience what they prefer to read?

Now, you can ask your audience in plenty of ways, using social media or external surveying tools.

This practice will help you get a lot of ideas and increase the engagement for your blog as well.

Change your Timeframe:

Changing the time frames of your post is similar to looking for inverse blog topics.

A timeline can help gather engagement as well as help you think from a different point of view.

For example, if you’ve been writing on ‘social media’ for a long time, try writing about ‘Social Media Trends that Will Take 2019 by Storm’.

Doesn’t that sound more impactful? Exactly!

Chirag Kulkarni states that this practice gives you the scope of writing about current ideas and topics that might be helpful to a particular audience or segment.

Take the help of 3rd party tools:

If you’re still out of writing ideas, the last option you take up is referring to a few external tools.

Chirag shares his personal favorite tool Hubspot blog topic generator that instantly generates topics for you based on your top three keywords.

Hubspot blog topic generator gives you a week of topics for free along with a year of topics that is available in is paid plan.

Final Words

So, if you’ve got the creative writing potential just like Chirag, it’s time that you sharpen your skills and explore the world.

The key to success lies in reading more and more about the success and failure of different people, methods and practices.

Remember that the more you learn and out to practice, the more will you experience.

Chirag Kulkarni is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of Medley Pharmacy, and founder of Taco.

He has helped various companies such as Expedia, Dairy Queen, Berkshire Hathway, Infibeam, and others increase their return on investment using digital marketing.

If you’re a passionate writer and learning by your own experiences, let us know what motivates you, in the comments below.

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Learn How to Embrace Criticism and Hug Your Haters from Jay Baer


We’ve all heard about this phrase that says, ‘If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.’

This saying is often related to the era of Confucius and Mark Twain, where it originally came from.

But the question is, have you seen a real-life example of this phrase?

A person, who is irrevocable in love with what he does and has accomplished a million things in this lifetime.

Curious to know who the person is?

We’re talking about New York Times bestselling author of six books and one of the most popular digital marketers in the world, Jay Baer.

Jay Baer is a business strategist most famously known for his social media marketing tips and his blog Convince and Convert.

He has worked with more than 700 companies in the world and helped them find their way in the market through best digital practices.

An insight into his early life:

Jay Baer was born in an ordinary family in the year 1969 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

He grew up in Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona with a major degree in political science and minors in communication.

A bright student at school:

Even though Jay pursued his education in Political science, he was always eager to write and explore content on the Internet.

Throughout his time at the University of Arizona, Jay was one of the brightest students.

He also received the prestigious Flinn scholar award that was only given to the top 20 high school senior students annually.

A desire to do more:

Jay officially began his move into digital marketing in the year 1994, before which he was working as a political consultant and brand marketer.

In-spite of his good going life and a job that paid off well, Jay wanted to help people and innovate in the field of marketing.

Talk Triggers Jay Baer Full Length Keynote Speaker – Word of Mouth – Customer Experience

First breakthrough email campaign:

However, the turning point in Jay’s life was when Senator John McCain ran for the position of President in 2000 his email campaign, which was run by Jay Baer became an instant hit due to its interactive nature.

This was one of the earliest time, where Internet could impact politics.

And that’s when Jay Baer realized that he should advance in the field of marketing.

Therefore, in 1994, Jay got his first job in marketing as the Vice president of Internet Direct, which was Arizona’s first Internet Service provider.

Finding its first venture:

After Internet Direct, Jay moved onto co-finding his first venture, which was a local content website.

His website soon became one of the world’s second largest content website.

Gradually, Jay Baer made his grip strong in the field of marketing by working across different companies and finding ventures of his own.

In 2000, he worked at, a VOIP video calling service and also started a new venture Mighty Interactive, a digital agency.

The beginning of a multi-million dollar company:

Finally, in 2008 he founded his one of most successful marketing consultancy firms, Convince and Convert.

The company has helped more than 700 businesses across the globe in excelling through best practices.

Over the years, Jay has helped various companies establish their feet in the market and reach out to their customers like nobody else.

His passion for his work and longing desire to write more and more has pushed him to become the man that he is today.

The journey till today:

Today, Jay Baer is an active venture capitalist, investor and advisor to nearly 25 early stage technology and social media companies.

He is a successful author to 6 best selling books and founder to 5 multi-million dollar businesses.

When asked about what he loves the most about marketing, Jay says that he loves people and their stories.

And marketing done well, is ultimately a long term relationship with the customer.

“Believing that volume equals success. Constantly shifting best practices and required skill sets. Sub-optimal project management capabilities. Fear of delegation. These are some of the biggest obstacles keeping marketers from doing their best work.” – Jay Baer

Awards and Recognitions:

Jay Baer has various awards and accolades credited to his name through his hard work over the 25 glorious years of his marketing career.

He’s the most retweeted digital marketer in the world and second among B2B marketers.

The list of Jay’s recognitions is endless. Some of these include:

  • One of the 200 living members of the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame.
  • Certified speaking professional by the National Speakers Association for the year 2016
  • Amazon’s Best Seller Author in the year 2016 for his book Hug your haters.
  • 3rd on the New York Times Best Selling author list in 2013.

Apart from these hard earned recognition, Jay Baer has also been a renowned advisor to nearly 700 companies since the year 1994.

These companies include Caterpillar, Nike along with 32 of the top FORTUNE 500 companies.

Jay’s interest in presentations and addressing live audiences through motivational and thought provoking speeches has also helped him earn the title of Best Marketing Podcast in the year 2015.

His valuable works have also received mentions in International Media and renowned magazines.

Jay Baer Hug Your Haters – Full Presentation

Let’s have a look at Jay Baer’s life changing publications:

Best Publications:

1) Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers
It is one of the earliest works by Jay and the first modern take on improving customer service for business.
It is based on the realities of improving customer expectations in today’s times rather than five or ten years ago.

This book also ranked among the top three business books of the year 2016 by Strategy: Business Magazine.

2) The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social

It was Published under Wiley publications in the year 2011 and talks about the customer’s demands from companies in real-time and with authenticity.

3) Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype

Jay Baer’s publication of 2013 was one of the New York time’s best selling books.
It focused on the power of helpful marketing. It was also a number one on the Amazon Best seller list.

4) Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customer with Word of Mouth

This is Jay Baer’s latest books and is a detailed guide to creating customers using strategic and operational differentiators that induce and compel work of mouth marketing.

The book is a manual for assisting the growth of businesses through customer conversation.

Jay addresses the audience across the world more than 60 times in a year.

His blog Convince and Convert has also been named as the world’s #1 blog by the credible Content Marketing Institute.

Apart from these, Jay has also been featured and is till being mentioned in various articles and contributions in popular magazines such as Forbes, etc.

Where can you learn from Jay Baer?

You can learn and grow your content, social media, word of mouth, email and online reputation through Jae Baer’s consultancy.

He keeps on writing new posts on his blog where you can read and learn about the best practices of marketing.

His methodologies and consultation promises to double the digital for anyone.

You can avail his consultancy and training at Convince and Convert.

To refer to his latest posts, you can go to his blog

Top 5 tips from Jay Baer on Creating Customers that will last a  lifetime:

Jay Baer has helped more than a couple of companies in the past year to achieve complete success and customer satisfaction through smart practices social media tips and hacks.

His goal is to assist companies in creating more customers through their existing customers and authentically handling their expectations.

1) Discover the needs of your customer: Understanding the personas of your buyer, is one of the critical factors in maintaining a long term relationship with them. Find out the information about buyer personas using various research tools, social surveys, interviews, web analytics etc.

This practice will help you from niche content or product for them, that is specifically designed to fit their needs.

2) Map the needs of your customer to potential programs run by you: Buyer personas may help in understanding the needs and demands of the customers, but until you take action over them, you can’t capture your potential customers.

Run social media campaigns, programs, video series, ebooks etc. addressing a particular buyer challenge or problem. Jay highlights that when you do so, try to relate your product or services around them. It is one of the crucial concepts of marketing.

3) Market the marketing:

Do you treat information casually? Suppose your customer sends you an email of appreciation.

Now all you do is accept it and thank them.

That’s it? Well!

Jay Baer suggests businesses market the marketing.

Use social media platforms to market your client’s content first, and then their products.

In other words, treat content like any product or service that you market for your business.

4) Respond to negative comments:

Jay Baer has often noticed that most companies that receive flak on social media through negative comments etc. choose not to respond to them.

And this is where all their customer service efforts turn to vain.

Jay recommends businesses to respond to comments, especially negative ones. This will impart a feeling that you value and care about the concerns of your customer.

Being unresponsive to criticism on social platforms puts your brand and especially your customer service in the negative light and wrong impression.

5) Embrace criticism and grow:

Praise might out your chest out upfront, but it seldom teaches you anything.

You already know the key areas where you and your business are excelling. However, criticism is the only way of knowing where you can become better and improve.

Jay asks people to take criticism constructively and build a culture of helpfulness into your company. Use the bottom up approach from your employees to CEO so that everyone can be of some help to the customers.

Final words

Jay’s journey to become the most successful marketer is an inspiration to all who aim of achieving significant through writing.

Today, Jay is the author of six best selling business books and also the founder of 5 multi-million dollar companies.

He helps brands improve various aspects of marketing that include social media marketing, email marketing, word of mouth marketing along with content marketing.

His most successful venture is his consultancy Convince and Convert that has helped world’s most iconic brands such as the United Nations, Oracle, 3M, Cisco, Nike, Hilton, Caterpillar etc. find their feet in the market.

Jay is a living example of a self-made marketer, who has made it all possible through his hard work and perseverance all these years.

Does Jay Baer’s journey inspire you? Or is there someone else helping you get your hands on in marketing?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Shama Hyder, a Digital Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, and TV & Media Personality

Now, I want to be a little bit in your face and ask a direct question, “If God forbid, you face 18 job rejections in the very early stage of your career, how would you react and behave?”

You will probably go nuts and start behaving in a crazy manner.

Many will lose all hope and develop suicidal tendencies.

This is not the case however with the most successful and revered entrepreneurs in the world and that’s probably the reason they are at the top.

Believe it or not, it sounds as if they are made of a different metal altogether.

Here we are talking about Shama Hyder, a web and TV personality, an award-winning CEO and founder of The Marketing Zen Group. She is also an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Shama Hyder, International Keynote Speaker

The beginning of her entrepreneurial journey

One of the most successful young Indian American entrepreneurs, Shama Hyder was born on April 25, 1985 in Goa, India.

She is from an average middle class background, despite that she made in big in the US. It was largely because of her desire to do something big and an unwavering support she received from her parents.

She had strong faith in the potential of social media since the beginning. The quality education she received at University of Texas, in the US is also a major factor behind her early success.

Shama is an example of an inspiring immigrant success story. She built a tremendously successful business empire based on digital and social media consulting services. She launched her entrepreneurial journey from a humble initial investment.

It involved a lot of hard work as the multitalented girl from India became a best-selling author, a globally renowned public speaker and a prominent TV, media and Web personality.

Moving to the United States

Shama’s family migrated to United States in 1994 and found another home in Dallas Texas, when she was barely 9 years old.

She graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 2003. She did her Masters in Organizational Communication and Technology in 2008.

In the University of Texas, she met Professor Dawna Ballard. In an interview with KVR Webtech, she admitted that Dawna was an influence in her life as she was the first influential person outside, who believed in the young prodigy and encouraged her to do something big.

Her struggle story

In an interview with Moe Abdou for 33 Voices, Shama admitted that she was also on a look out for a job, when she finished her graduation in 2007 as most of the university graduates would do in the United States.

Social media was like a hot cake back in 2007, as Twitter had just taken off and Facebook was the reigning social media. Excited by the stats and the number of users of those big social media platforms, she started looking for a job in consulting companies, because she also had a background in social media but she couldn’t find even a single job.

In 2007, she appeared in about 18 interviews and she was rejected from all of them. It was a time when she saw the world slamming all the doors in her face, but she was not ready to give up on her passion in social media.

She needed something to crawl through to get out of this mess and eventually it dawned upon her that to keep her passion alive, she should start her own venture.

She strongly believed that there is future in social media and that was the tipping point that led to her entrepreneurial career in social media.

Shama TV – Market Like a Zen Master

Shama’s contribution to social media marketing

Shama Hyder is also an author and a well-known digital marketing expert. She started her entrepreneurial career in 2009, when she founded Zen Media, which is now a global marketing and media company with 27 employees.

As a CEO of Zen Media and a keynote speaker, she has got worldwide recognition and popularity. It’s largely because she has a unique approach towards digital and social marketing.

A leading influencer on LinkedIn

Recently in 2017, she was ranked as one of the top 10 influencers on LinkedIn.

She had started very young, when she was under 25. She was named as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek magazine back in 2009.

In 2015, the leading business magazine Forbes recognized her as the top 30 under 30 Movers and Shakers.

Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur Shama Hyder CEO of Zen Media on Stories in Business Podcast.

Shama’s revolutionary approach towards digital marketing

Very few people can actually afford to achieve such super success in their early thirties.

In 2009, when Shama launched Zen Media as a digital marketing and social media marketing company, social media and digital marketing were rather mysterious territories.

Most of the business owners were confused about the changes taking place on digital landscape. Very few people actually understood how to implement it correctly.

Shama is a dynamic leader and a visionary entrepreneur. It was her vision and passionate approach for digital marketing that led Zen Media to grow at an astonishing rate of 400% annually since its inception in 2009.

With an organizational strength of 27+ and clients including nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies to small business owners from across the world, Zen Media is a truly global organization.  .

Recognitions from White House and the UN

Shama Hyder was honored by the State Department and she was selected as the only woman delegate to mentor technology business owners in Asia and Middle East region following the White House initiatives to spread awareness about tech businesses worldwide.

United Nations honored her as the top 100 young entrepreneurs of United States.

Books, magazines and TV

Shama’s first book The Zen of Social Media Marketing was published in 2010 and it became an international bestseller. The book has been reprinted many times in the following years.

In 2016, she published another book Momentum, andit was about branding in the digital age.

She is a featured author on the Forbes and Inc. magazines, where she is a columnist. She also runs a YouTube channel Shama TV that offers expert tips and advice on digital marketing strategies and new media technologies. It also throws light on the current business trends.

Mentor, investor, media and business personality

Shama hosts many television programs in Texas about digital marketing and social media marketing. She is a busy entrepreneurs and she keeps on attending several workshops both national and international, where she is invited as keynote speaker.

She offers tips on crucial business topics such as entrepreneurship, leadership, millennials, and technology etc.

She is regularly invited by fortune 500 companies such as Siemens, Bentley University, Cisco, HubSpot, and many others.

Shama is a media correspondent for Fox Business news channel. She is also a mentor and investor on Young Entrepreneur Council. Currently, she is a board member of Forbes Business Council.

Wealth and Net Worth

According to Forbes, in 2014, The Marketing Zen Group earned revenue of $2 million. Current figures about her net worth are not available, but her company has been assessed as a multimillion dollar enterprise.

Shama Hyder’s Top 10 Tips on Entrepreneurship

Speaking to the Source of Insight, the CEO of The Marketing Zen Group –a full service web marketing firm, Shama Hyder offered her top 10 tips for the entrepreneurs.

1. Shed your fears, plan, research, take help from others and launch your venture.
2. Start as young as possible.
3. Leverage tech in a big way.
4. Think global, even if you are acting local.
5. Young or old, your age is an asset, young means energy and a promising future and old means a lot of experience.
6. Hire intelligent people, use your instinct while hiring, resume may lie about the potential of a person.
7. Always have a business lawyer by your side.
8. Listen and respond to your marketplace.
9. Invest in services, workforce and marketing.
10. Use creativity instead of money, especially when you are a startup.

Free resources for entrepreneurs

Go through the following podcasts:

A. Lessons on Business & Life from ‘Zen Master of Marketing,’ by ShamaHyder about digital entrepreneur.

B. ShamaHyder, Zen Master

Final words

Beyond her venture “the Marketing Zen Group”, Shama is respected for her no nonsense advice for the digital age entrepreneurs.

She is remarkably brilliant and that’s something that differentiates her from the rest.

She is regularly invited for the keynotes and conferences by some of the most prestigious organizations and MNCs.

Her books and keynotes are a treasure house of marketing advice that is both contextual and practical.

Her success proves that vision is always above experience.

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Scott Stratten: the Keynote Speaker blogger and writer with a difference

In our journey towards the most influential people online, I bring you the mirthful Scott Stratten.

He is different in the way he presents he’s facts across. As he puts it, he let people unlearn the old and bad ways on how to conduct their brand on the Social Medias.

Ordinarily you would dismiss him as just another comedian. Not until you get to know that he once run a successful viral video agency in the world (UnAgency), and he has also written best sellers! Welcome.

Scott Stratten: Education and Interest

Scott went to Sheridan College where he studied Human Resource between 1994 and 1998.

He came back later to the College, as a professor, teaching Human Resource and Employment Law. (2002-2010).

Before that, just after college, he worked as a Human Resource Consultant at Goodwill Industries of Toronto a position he took for two years then moved to Polyair as a National Sales Training Manager.

He took about a year and eight months before moving on to be a tutor at Sheridan College. He spends almost a decade teaching, until he made up his mind and started his company UnMarketing Inc.

He is currently the President of UnMarketing.

Scott Stratten Keynote Speaker Trailer

Rewards & Attainments

Scott has his videos watched sixty million times.

He has also appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine among many other top online publications.

He was named Top Ten American Marketing Gurus by Business Review USA.

His UnPodcast was signed up by CBS network as their major business podcast to start their new digital network.

Another accomplishment for Scott is that he has co-authored best-selling business books with Alison Stratten, the latest in line being UnSelling: The New Customer Experience .

The book was named Sales book of the year.

Scott was also named Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in 2013.

Scott the Keynote Speaker

As a speaker, Scott has come in handy in assisting his audience cope with this age of disturbance.

Though a recent inductee into the stardom of the keynote speaker, Scott is a bestselling author of five books and has had taste of marketing and training.

He speaks in events for companies which range from 3M, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Cirque Du Soleil and Deloitte amongst many others.

Scott is one guy who keynotes an event passionately, knowledgably, and as always, full of drama. He bridges the gap between virtual and reality.

He is known to have his audience laughing, but also, reasoning, and doing. He currently does nothing, except conference keynote.

A senior Director of Hardrock International once said that Scott illuminated and amused a bored group on the changes the social media landscape has brought with thoughtful and mirthful examples of branding initiatives.

This was after his keynote speech for the company.

Scott Stratten the Blogger

Apart from being a keynote speaker, sometimes Scott blogs, and when he does, he looks critically at the marketing mistakes made by companies.

For example, from one of his blogs on The National Speakers Bureau, he plainly pointed out the suspicious app review by a Canadian company.

It came out clearly that the employees of the firm actually reviewed the app themselves.

From his views, he saw no reason why the company does not want negative reviews, while it was clear that they could use them to make their product better.

This was a big mistake done by many companies who only focus on 5 star reviews, thinking that they would result into many sales, instead of getting the 1 or 2 stars that would help make their product better.

He clearly speaks against self made review. As a blogger, Scott doesn’t mince his words. He calls a spade a spade.

Full UnMarketing Keynote

What Social Media/ Online marketing skills can we get from Scott Stratten?

  1. Never ever automate your brand page on social media, keep your followers/fans engaged. He calls such automation, is like taking a mannequin for marketing gig.
  2. A small change on a video can determine whether it would go viral or not. He had one of his watched over 13,000 million times on Facebook.
  3. Timing is very essential when tweeting. Avoid automated tweets for they can hit clients in bad times like disasters etc.
  4. Checking out your facts before shelling them out is a must.
  5. People talk about unnecessary thing on Twitter; however, it can be an excellent platform to vent out your brand if you do it well.
  6. Avoid exaggeration of size and numbers on Social Media; you might end up losing instead.
  7. Avoid under pricing just to look appealing, when indeed you may end up making a big loss.
  8. Avoid words like “sign in for a free newsletter” on your website.. They are enticing at all. Instead you can use phrases like: “Sign-up for product updates and exclusive announcements” or “Sign-up for weekly tips on how to save your business money.”
  9. Respect your readers. Don’t email them unless you have something important to tell them. Avoid automated e-mails. Be as natural as possible.
  10. When someone Tweets about your brand and mentions you, ensure that you become part of the conversation. Don’t ignore them.
  11. Stop trying to piggyback off holidays and celebrations by making it about you.
  12. When giving a review, stick to the facts, versus smearing the company.
  13. No need of being on Google+ if you are already on the other Social Medias. Scott finds it an effort in futility, according to him; you’ll still be circling the same people you have on the other platforms.
  14. The best time not to send an email is when everyone tells you. You need to work on your brand first. You will also need to test the same email over different time.
  15. Keep note that nobody joins the Social Media to be sold to. Instead, they buy from people they know and trust. Be nice and help people, then, Social media will be an awesome place for branding.
  16. Always get to know the ROI of any action or activity in your company. Whether it’s meeting, buying furniture for the office etc.

Want to be a Keynote Speaker like Scott? Here are a few tips

  1. He emphasizes the importance of being an expert not a speaker. People are interested in someone who really knows their stuff.
  2. Make sure that you speak, don’t read the slides.
  3. Ensure that you deliver your content effectively, aim to be great on the stage.
  4. Make your audience have something new from you every time you speak. Don’t talk too much about yourself.
  5. Switch off your phone before speaking, and, get used to the idea that someone else phone will go off during the speaking session.
  6. The session is not about you, but, about your audience.
  7. Take note that you know your stuff so well that you don’t need to use any slide during Q&A.
  8. Don’t make apologies to the audience about something that you needed to have but you don’t. Just carry on.
  9. Be passionate with your topic.
  10. Be early and stay late. Get to know your audience well.
  11. Record everything you say, have it on your blog, you will learn more when you watch your own videos.
  12. Tell your audience great stories mixed with humor.

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Justin Cutroni: Analytics Evangelist at Google

Web analytics has been a trend for some years now.

It’s where companies use data to make their decisions.

In this field, there is one leader that stands out from the rest.

Justin Cutroni

He is known to have many interests which are: Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Website Testing Online Business Optimization, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Speaking Training and Writing.

His achievements are just amazing.

Below is his story as to how one can become a guru in what they are passionate about.

Justin’s Education and Interest:

According to his Linkedin Profile, Justin got his higher education from Belmont High School, and then joined Worcester Polytechnic Institute, between 1992 and 1996.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

The research for his Thesis was conducted at NASA Glen Research Center, Cleveland OH.

The project was honored in its achievement in concept, presentation and its final execution. It was his first project, a big success.

His first success was an opening for more and better things.

He is mostly referred to as an analytics evangelist. He is the right person to read his articles and follow him on the social media, if you need to get the latest trends in Google analytics. He is a guru in the field.

If you are in online business, you need to understand what visitors do when they either land on your site or app.

How does the app or site contribute to your failure?

Such is the field that Justin is involved in. He has written hands on guide on how to get most from the Google analytic tool.

You don’t have to be an expert in the field. His books can also be used by a beginner and an expert alike.

Justin’s passion being analytics, he most of the times makes interactions with high level managerial teams, to ensure that web data is strategically used.

Apart from this, he collaborates with technical teams in development of plans for implementation as far as actionable data and business insight is concerned.

He is one person who understands all that you need for your online business to boom, from digital marketing to what changes you need to have on your landing page to make a kill.

Awards & Accomplishments

He got his first nomination as the Innovator of the year in 2011 (Web Analytics Association) and, he was nominated twice (2012 and 2013) as the Most Influential Industry Contributor.

Justin is also a very active member in web analytics community passionate about sharing what he knows, and the advancement of the analytical community.  He runs a trendy blog, analytical talk, and he is a common figure in related forums and trade shows.  When he has a new post, online companies would treat it with the deserved respect, he always comes up with something new.

Justin is also an author of several books online. He has co-authored two books with O’Relly: Google Analytics and Performance Marketing with Google analytics, both available on Amazon.

The book has won the hearts of many online business owners who includes Chris Miller, of TheSocialNetworker who calls it a masterpiece.

He applied the analytical techniques from the book and according to him, the results where, improved traffic and conversion for his blog.

He also has many videos on YouTube mainly for teaching on analytics.

Justin Cutroni – Conversions@Google

Justin Cutroni: Career and experience

Currently, Justin works at Google as an analytics evangelist, a position that he took six years ago.

Previously, he worked at Cardinal Path as the Director of Digital Intelligence for almost two years where his chief mandate was assisting companies in the implementation of web analytics so as to come up with measurement strategies.

He would talk to business owners and explain to them in simple language, the importance of web analytics.

He came in handy in selecting the right measurement tools for businesses, how to set them up, and their maintenance.

Justin also ensured that the business owners could understand the data through analysis of their sites performance after analyzing data to understand the performance of their online business.

 He would finally have their landing page and other relevant pages tested for better performance.

His assistance does not only go to the website owners, he also helps in apps and on mobile based platforms.

The main intention he has is to ensure that the measured initiatives targets the online business owners in getting to understand of analytics in impacting their businesses.

Justin Cutroni has also worked for EpiKOne a web analytics company as The Director of Web Analytics, a position he took for four years and ten months.

As an Analytical evangelist at Google, Justin has held many workshops and seminars to teach online companies about Google Analytics & Website Optimizer and how to use these tools for business success.

The events allowed by Google, assist companies in understanding data analysis and web testing using Google tools to their advantage.

Another work experience earned by Justin Cutroni is in between 2001 and 2005 when he was consulting for Astute Computing, LLC.

His consultation service with the company was based on the internet, though he also provided programming services, especially in coming up with online based apps.

He also had a consulting role at Accenture a global leader in strategy for solutions and services which includes consulting in operations, digital technology and operation.

His other clients include: Sony Music, Universal Music, Wells Fargo, National Hockey League and Homeaway. 

Analytical Blogger

Justin has his personal blog Analytics Talk  as the Analytics Evangelist at Google; he is the authority in the provision of any information on Analytics.

Analytical Talk is the hub of the latest Google updates and what they mean for your business.

Some of the latest topics on Analytical Talk include: universal analytics, cohort analysis and the Analytics tag manager and this recent post (which includes a code snippet) outlines a new way to track Keyword ranking using Google Analytics.

Justin Cutroni Worth

The Google analytical seminars and talks that Justin has been holding is just a part of his job at the company.

He must be earning a considerable amount from the sales of the books he co-authored with others and also from his regular consultations he carries out for online firms.

Justin Cutroni the influencer

Justin was named the top 25 influencers on Relevance.

The reasons behind it being that he has worked with some of the big brands and made them embrace analytics, especially helping them to grasp how they can use online data and digital analytics to build their online businesses.

Being a member of digital analytics community has given him an upper hand; add that to his advocacy then he becomes the voice to reckon with.

Lessons you can learn for your online business, a preview of Justin Cutroni’s book: Performance Marketing Google Analytics

I’m sharing with you a few facts from his book on why you should embrace Google Analytics for your business.

  1. Justin and his co-authors explain why you should understand the power of users over your online business. Ones you get the point, you will need to work on maintaining the users on your site and turn them into buyers.
  2. They emphasize the power of the almighty algorithm (Google) and how it has power over your business.
  3. You should keep in mind that there is no single product on the web that does not have comparison. Every product is compared with the other(s) and the best product gets more sales.
  4. No matter what you do to your site, you need to have it in mind that web surfers always listen to each other first before the marketers.
  5. Online competition can spring up anytime without notice. Always be ready for competition.
  6. Always remember to put your clients first in any situation.
  7. Treat data as a strategic asset- Data is what will move you from where you are and where you desire to go.
  8. Know your desired outcome- How much do you really want? After getting the figure, go ahead and achieve your goal.
  9. Maintain simplicity don’t complicate your site- Make it easy for your clients to get around it.
  10. Use the right tool for the right job- Know which tools you need to improve your site and make use of them.
  11. Expect and accept accountability- You should be accountable for the outcome of your input don’t blame others.

Fun Facts about Justin Cutroni

Generally, Justin is a family man, who loves adventure, camping, rock-climbing and other outdoor adventures. He also loves to cook.

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John Rampton: From disability to the second most influential individual online

In the journey towards success in your entrepreneurship, I have chosen John Rampton’s story to motivate you and give you hope when faced with barriers against success.

John is a man who conquered disability by using it to his advantage and not only became the second most influential individual globally but, went ahead to make a seven figure income purely online!

He was able to start and sell several online businesses through his self taught online marketing tactics.

He has also been a top PPC Expert for three years running. John has helped many people through his articles in Forbes and entrepreneur.

His numerous articles on Forbes assist entrepreneurs, online marketers and startups. They range from advice on social media, time management and basically how to manage your business.

For example on Facebook he advices entrepreneurs on the 25 vital books that they should read.

John has always been sharing his entrepreneurship journey on blogs and social media and has clearly revealed how one can take the path to success.

They include great books like: As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson and The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.

Early Life

John Rampton was raised up in Salt Lake City, according to his site,, his entrepreneurship has lasted all his life.

A real hustle since his early years at college, John was involved in an accident at a construction site (a job he used to pay for his college fees) that immobilized him.

He was to remain bed confinement for a year. After several surgeries, the doctors declared that he would never walk again.

John was left with no any alternative but to try and figure out how he can still make money while on his bed. He chose to pursue online marketing.

Working up to 20 hours daily, he learned all he needed to sell products on the internet. He used the same motivation to conquer his disability.

He courageously enrolled for an experiment where stem cells were used in his leg to enable him walk again.

He was back to his feet after tough physical training. His determination being clearly portrayed here.

He came up with two victories, getting back to his feet (literally) and being able to figure out how to make money online.

He clearly talks about his ability to fight his inability as the cornerstone of his success.

John Ramptom is truly an inspiring person. He clearly reveals to you that you can indeed take advantage of your failure and make it any direction you are passionate about.

He uses most of his time in encouraging people and showing them that things can work their way if they fight and pursue them passionately, despite the barriers that they may have.

Awards & Accomplishments

Apart from being the second most influential person on the internet, John was also awarded top PPC Affiliate Marketer for 2012.

He has co-authored a book with Murray Newlands: Performance Marketing for Professionals and another top selling book with Joel Comm: Self-Employed: 50 signs that you Might Be an Entrepreneur

Let’s look at how John has pursued all his passions and helped thousands, either as an online marketer, a serial entrepreneur or a speaker.

John Rampton as an entrepreneur

His entrepreneur spirit is seen in his starting an online invoicing company where he is the Founder and CEO. He also spends time advising businesses on marketing and management.

This spirit is copied by thousands across the globe.

Those willing to get started or want to understand how they can run their businesses well, need to read his articles on top notch blogs including: Forbes, among others.

He is known to launch products that help people solve their problems. He turns his critics into buyers. A good example is the Snore Coach, a product that aims to making users stop snoring in a clever way.

John has always been sharing his entrepreneurship journey on blogs and social media and has clearly revealed how one can take the path of success.

Growing After $1B | Kenneth Lin (Credit Karma) & John Rampton (Entrepreneur) @ Startup Grind Global

His Worth

John’s total worthies in millions, though not revealed on Forbes, he has earned seven figures in his product and company sells, books and speaking engagement not to forget mentioning that he advices several large companies.

The Talented Speaker

John is a highly motivating speaker that has been handy to people and companies helping them to change the way they do business and their outlook of life.

He has many videos on YouTube that advices online business owners and startups on how to get real traction online, the ten golden rules of affiliate marketing, advanced content promotion (How the big boys do it), and various interviews including the one he speaks about

As a speaker, he has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to turn their ideas into multibillion businesses.

Many have learned from his forum on how they can either manage their businesses; market them, and ideas on saving time and management.

There are also many videos on YouTube where he talks about his entrepreneur especially where he talks about his tough journey towards stardom.

He speaks passionately about his dream of having all global online businesses growing through his help.

As a speaker, John is not only inspiring but, he has assisted many of his audience in starting, managing, marketing and making sales.

John Rampton as one of the Top Global Influencers

As I had mentioned above, John has been named no. 2 out of 50 possible influential people across the globe.

He is also a very influential PPC (Pay Per Click) experts. A position he has held for the last three years.

His amazing rags to riches story, his passion about online marketing, and his many articles and speeches across the internet is what has propelled him to where he is now.

John Rampton the Passionate Business Marketer

In his bios on various sites and on social media, John emphasizes his passion for marketing businesses.

He clearly states that one needs to be highly passionate about what they are engaged in. He advises individuals to be ready to put in many hours to succeed.

Most of his articles on Forbes, and other sites give tips on how to launch new products, market them and maintain the clients.

John Rampton on delegating

According to Stephan Spencer an SEO, who worked with John on his online invoicing company site:, he is good at content marketing, however his grasp of the technical part of SEO was wanting.

After working with many SEOs and failing to get the traffic of his site shoot, John came to Stephan looking for her services.

The success was 554% improvement in traffic for! Why do you need to know this? Well, John is a believer in delegation and trusting his staff. He realized that to make it as an entrepreneur, you will need to build around you.

However, he says that it takes a couple of years to get the right team. It’s one of the great ways to boosting production.

John Rampton’s advice to those willing to make millions

John sees no limit to one being a millionaire currently. According to him, age is just a number in this game. He emphasizes the importance of learning from your failures.

The following are some of his advices;

Make use of YouTube Channel to Popularize Your Brand

John points out the idea that there are a few YouTube millionaires and teaches that one should take advantage of the channel and make their brand popular.

Follow your Passion

He advices those who want to be millionaires to claim their mentors by through their passion and finding a way to offer people what they need for less pricing.

Jump on Trending Bandwagon

According to him, there is absolutely no any wrong doing when one joins a trend, all they need to do after that is to figure out branching from it and becoming innovative.

Don’t be afraid of new things

He dares those who are willing to make it financially to embrace new things and keep off fear.

Everyone has the same time

If others can make it, so are you. The time given for all of us is the same. How do you make use of time?

Find your niche

One should be able to choose a niche they are passionate about and get started.

As a way of giving back to the society, John Rampton founded Palo Alto, a California-based  a hosting company which specializes I assisting businesses by hosting them for free, for life.

John has been recommended by influential individuals including: Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates just to mention a few.

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Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing’s Best-Known Evangelist

There are times, when you find yourself in murky waters, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Joe Pulizzi, the self-styled content marketing evangelist also found himself in deep trouble just three years after he launched his own content marketing business.

He has narrated this incident in his article A Content Marketing Love Letter. It was the year 2010 that Pulizzi hit the lowest phase in his life. He had started his content marketing business barely 2.5 years earlier in 2007.

He was making money, but he was losing more money in the process. One day, he lost his major client. It was quite a grief as Joe had personally worked very hard and provided valuable content and qualified leads to them, but, the client stopped hiring his services.

In a daze of shock and grief, he called up the client and received the final word about the divorce. Running a business in the incubation period is not easy; especially when the fund flow is not good.

The incident frustrated him and it took a lot of time for him to recover. Failure can slowly overtake you and make you numb.

When he looks back at that incident today, it seems silly. He was down but not out and literally it was not the end of the world. But when you are “into the scene”, it appears as if it’s the end. He started thinking about going back to his full-time job.

After a few days, he was back on track and realized that one should not make any decisions during an emotional outburst.

But, when one of the doors closes another better one opens for you. He soon received an email from one of his subscribers asking him to act as a content marketing consultant.

This was the beginning of his career as content marketing consultant and never looked back after this episode.

His client actually made him a true content marketing evangelist and leader in the industry by asking him to offer training to their staffers —Asking questions like why there is not a single content marketing conference or event—The question which led to the birth of Content Marketing World, the biggest content marketing conference in the world.

The client also expressed their desire of buying content marketing research material and tips on content creation and distribution.

The bulb of “Content marketing Institute” switched “on” his mind.

On his cocktail napkin, he scribbled a few words and expressed his resolution to start a leading online portal on content marketing, a magazine and the largest content marketing event across the globe.

Only six months following this incident, in May 2010, Content Marketing Institute came into existence. The concept soon became a success. The success was incredible.

Content marketing is a buzzword today and it is known as one of the most effective ways to engage your audiences and promote your business online. Content marketing is also recognized as one of the most assured ways to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Content Marketing Strategy | Joe Pulizzi

The birth of an evangelist who introduced content marketing
Before 2008, hardly anyone knew about content marketing. Joe Pulizzi may not be the person who coined this term, but he is the one who first started using the term content marketing publicly and popularized it way back in 2001.

Joe Pulizzi prefers to call himself a content marketing evangelist. He is also a renowned author, speaker, entrepreneur, and podcaster.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)
Joe Pulizzi is the founder of Content Marketing Institute (CMI), which is a leading resource for content marketing. It is his dream venture and it functions as an education and training organization on the subject. CMI has been acquired by UBM, a prominent events and media company based in UK, in 2016.

Content Marketing World, the biggest content marketing event 

CMI conducts Content Marketing World, which is considered the biggest content marketing event across the globe. It attracts thousands of visitors including entrepreneurs, content marketers, digital marketers and media barons.

Books  and Awards

Joe Pulizzi won the John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award for the year 2014. The award was given by the Content Council.

Joe Pulizzi has authored numerous books that include Epic Content Marketing, which became an international bestseller. It has also been named as the Five Must Read Business Books of 2013 by Fortune Magazine.

Apart from the unprecedented success of his book Epic Content Marketing, he wrote four more books viz. Get Content Get Customers, Managing Content Marketing, Content Inc., and Killing Marketing. Killing Marketing is his latest book and it was first published in 2017. Content Inc. has also been an international bestseller since 2015.

Personal branding and Pulizzi’s obsession with orange color

Pulizzi loves orange color and he is always seen wearing orange shirts and tees. He is so obsessed with orange color that the theme of the Content Marketing Institute’s website, its logo and also the banners of Content Marketing World is orange.

His entrepreneurial achievements

Pulizzi has founded many startups that include Content Marketing Institute, which is one of the most prominent educational and training resources for businesses and individuals interested in content marketing. It is also recognized as one of the fastest growing business media companies by Inc. magazine in the year 2015. In Cleveland, Ohio, CMI hosts world’s largest content marketing event marketed as Content Marketing World.

Consulting services

Joe Pulizzi started using the word content marketing when nobody even knew about it. Today, it is the fastest growing digital marketing industry.  Many big brands such as HP, LinkedIn, AT&T, Gates Foundation and Petco etc. avail CMI’s consulting services for their projects. CMI is currently being run by UBM, a London based media company.

Public speaking

Joe Pulizzi is considered an authority in content marketing and that’s the reason he is a highly respected person as a keynote speaker. He has delivered his speeches about content marketing in more than 400 locations worldwide.

He has spoken at major global events and leadership summits. He is also invited to speak about content and digital marketing at the events conducted by leading brands such as Oracle, General Motors, Nestle, DuPont, HP and Dell etc.


Joe Pulizzi’s blog is also considered highly influential globally. People refer to his blog to know the latest insights, strategies and content marketing trends across the world.

Social media

Pulizzi is a social media influencer and is active on LinkedIn etc. He also writes for magazine.


Joe Pulizzi is a great podcaster as well. According to the basic principles of content marketing, content should be produced in the formats that are loved by the audiences. Because of the time constraints, many people love to listen to podcasts while driving or even working at their desks. It makes podcasts very popular and emerging form of content. This is one of the reasons why Joe Pulizzi did not ignore this important content format. He runs two podcasts viz. Content Inc. and This Old Marketing. Both of his podcasts are highly popular.

Net worth

There is no reliable data available on the web about the net worth of Joe Pulizzi, but his venture CMI was sold for $17.6 million in 2016.

The best advice from Joe Pulizzi

Go through the gems of advice from Pulizzi below:

  1. Focus all your efforts on to building a loyal audience and you will be able to sell them whatever you want. You can build it easily using the content niche related to your field of business.
  2. Sit with at least five customers or prospects every month and talk to them. You’ll get brilliant ideas and inspiration for your content.
  3. The two things that differentiate the successful from the unsuccessful are — patience and vision. All depends on your thinking. If you think small, you will see small results.
  4. It’s much better to experiment and fail, then not doing anything and succeeding.
  5. Start helping others as soon as you can. This is the yardstick that will dictate your success.
  6. If you want to build a business for the long term, build a community and create content around their needs.
    Courtesy: Inc. Magazine

Final words Joe Pulizzi is not just an entrepreneur; but he is also a thought leader and a teacher. He is loved across the planet for his unique and innovative ideas. If you want to learn content marketing, subscribe to his blog on CMI.

Follow him on Twitter

You can follow Pulizzi on Twitter on his handle @JoePulizzi.

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Jeff Bullas: From a Broken Man to #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer

Jeff Bullas is a speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Jeff Bullas blog (an award winning blog) which receives more than 20 million visitors in a year.

It looks like a fairytale, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Jeff Bullas’ story inspires you and pull yourself up.

Are you ready to know Jeff?

Let’s start…

Struggle and Journey to Success

Just ten years ago, Jeff was going through a divorce, $50000 in debt, shutting down a business, and unemployed… He was broke. His life was a mess.

Then he started reading books and blog posts on digital marketing. The knowledge he gained here inspired him to take action and do something.

He bought a domain name just in $10 (probably the best investment of his life) and started blogging about social media and its growth.

He gave his soul and heart to every blog post he wrote.

After six months, his efforts showed up and his blog was listed in Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs.

And after that, he never looked back.

Today, Jeff’s blog has 25 million readers and more than 600, 000 social media followers.

That’s crazy!

The mission of Jeff Bullas is simple and specific: “How to win at business and life in a digital world”.

And his blog is fulfilling the mission by helping entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Jeff is someone who didn’t give up and won over the depression. He started a successful blog and turned this into a profitable business.

Aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs can learn so much from this guy.

“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be” ― Tony Robbins

Jeff Bullas Interview: How He Became Top Social Media Influencer

Achievements and Accomplishments Of Jeff Bullas

Here are some achievements of Jeff Bullas:

  • Jeff Bullas was featured on Forbes as a “Top 20 Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers 2018”
  • Jeff Bullas is ranked #1 in Global content marketing influencer list for 2018. (Source)
  • Forbes listed him as one of the Top 20 influencer’s of CMO’s 2017.
  • Ranked by Apollo Research in the “Top 20 Influencers of Digital Marketers in the USA” – 2016. (Source)
  • Onalytica listed him as the #1 content marketing influencer in 2015 and 2016.
  • bizHUMM ranked him as world’s number #1 business blogger.
  • Tools and Books Jeff Recommend


Here are favorite tools of Jeff that will help in your journey:

  • Blue Host – Web Hosting
  • WordPress – Publishing Platform
  • Themeforest – Web Design
  • Google Analytics – Analytics
  • Yoast SEO and SEMrush – SEO needs
  • BuzzSumo – Content Promotion
  • Sumo and Constant Contact – Website Conversions
  • Constant Contact  – Email Marketing


Here are some books that inspired Jeff and he recommends these to entrepreneurs and bloggers:

  • The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris
  • The Element by Ken Robinson
  • Made to Stick by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • ReWork by Jason Fried
  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek
  • The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Scott
  • The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard
  • The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Jeff Bullas Speaking Showreel

Jeff Bullas Advice For Bloggers

1. Give Free Stuff

Give away free content that adds value to readers’ lives “until it hurts” and they will love you and become your loyal fans. If you want them to become your subscriber, you have to convince them by providing free valuable stuff.

2. Blogging is a Long Term Game

Blogging is a long-term game that needs your commitment and persistence. The biggest reason a blog fails is: Lack of Persistence. Most bloggers give up too soon when they don’t get initial success. You have to give your efforts and time to make it a source of revenue.

3. Produce Awesome Content

Want to make people read your articles? Write a compelling headline that encourages people to read the rest of the article. Your article should be inspiring, educational and awesome that people want to share it with their network. Write and publish articles regularly.

4. Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

Use the power of LinkedIn. Optimize your LinkedIn profile and add your blog link to your profile. Start posing the question on LinkedIn and answer with a relevant answer (Links to your blog post link).

5. Don’t Forget Email

Don’t make the mistake to avoid email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels out there. It can help you to nurture your potentials and convert them into your loyal customers. Convert your website visitors into your subscribers and keep communicating them to build a relationship with them.

Here are Some Fun Facts

  • Teenage Jeff was passionate about sports and reading books.
  • Steve Jobs is the role model of Jeff Bullas.
  • Jeff started out as a teacher and moved into the sales and marketing industry.
  • Jeff self-published his first book: “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media”

Golden Advice Directly From Jeff Bullas’ Email Newsletters

1. Your Course Should Deliver What You Promise

Is it really possible to build a hugely successful business and career creating and selling courses?


Online learning alone is already a 160 billion dollar per year industry, projected to grow to 286 billion by 2023.

We’re currently seeing higher education and many other education options fail (including a lot of underwhelming online courses).

And if you don’t want your course to be lumped into that category, then your students have to achieve the results that you promise.

Courses that provide a learning transformation are going to thrive, and those that don’t are going to disappear – as all bad products eventually do.

2. Leverage and Scale Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power.


Not really…

It’s what you do with the knowledge that’s so valuable.

Sadly, more and more college graduates can’t really do the jobs they studied for. They lack the skills that employers value and often have little to show for their knowledge but a ton of debt.

The opportunities that higher education is supposed to create are rapidly disappearing.

3. Don’t wait, Start Your Journey Now

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous quote, “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”― Babe Ruth

With this quote in mind, I wanted to encourage you to go ahead and start…

Start your blogging journey because I know it will be a journey worth following.

Don’t forget, I was in your shoes, and I couldn’t be happier that I took the leap back in 2009 and started my blogging journey.

4. How to Pick Your Blog Name

Let’s pick out your blog name!

I hope you saw my last email where I told you about my journey to start my blog.

The biggest excuse most people have for not getting started on a blog is that they can’t pick out a name for their blog. They let this discourage them from taking that next step.

However, I want to help you brainstorm some ideas, through my own experience.

Here are 5 best practices when it comes to naming your blog:

  • Make the name evergreen
  • Check for domain availability and conflict
  • Ensure that your blog title resonates with what your ideal reader holds near and dear.
  • Repeat the new name out loud a couple of times, make the best, the most educated decision you can and move forward with faith.
  • Make a decision an start blogging!


5. Content Upgrades to Build Email List

If you’re growing an email list and NOT using content upgrades, you’re missing out on 50% of your potential subscribers.

That’s right.

Here are the average Email opt-in conversion rate numbers:

  • Popups: 3%
  • Ribbon overlays: 3%
  • Welcome gate: 5%
  • Content upgrades: 60%

Did you notice that last metric?

SIXTY percent!