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Shradha Sharma – The Self-Rising Star Behind YourStory

Everyone has a story.

Just like all you also might have fought tooth and nail to reach out your dreams.

But do you have someone to share your reel and real stories?

Your story might revolve around Blood, Sweat and Tears but do you know any medium to share with onlookers and inspire plethora of new breeding generation?

I will tell you about a platform that shares your story with others and inspire spectrum of audiences with the same grace and charm.

Yes, you guess it right.

I am talking about – YourStory by Shradha Sharma, a complete spellbinding personality.

So tighten your seat belts to dive into the hard-won pain striking story of Shradha Sharma who act as Durga and overcome all adversities to mould her dream and share stories of entrepreneurship to panorama of audiences.

The story of Shradha Sharma, a Red Baron

If you are here to listen to a story of someone who broke all other social prejudice, then this woman must rank first. Shradha was born in a small town in Bihar and brought up in Patna.

How To Succeed As A WOMAN Entreprenuer? | Shradha Sharma | YourStory

  • Education

Being intelligent and industrious, she graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and completed MBA from Maryland Institute College of Art. In fact she went MICA, Ahmedabad to study Mass Media and Communications.

  • Work Experience

She started working at The Times of India as a Brand Advisor and later joined CNBC, Mumbai with a dignified post of Assistant Vice President. Her work life experiences open her towards plethora of untold and undiscussed stories that can cater as a stimulating epitomes to multiple listeners.

Seeds of YourStory:

Not everything you sweat upon, gets labelled with victory.

Rejections are always part and parcels of it.

There was a phase when few of her entrepreneur’s stories faced rejection.

  • How YourStory was born?

Rejections never shuddered her from stepping ahead.

She discovered vistas of inexpressible stories and on that way realised that many of success stories are unheard, untold and unbelievable.

This struck a spark in her mind and she decided to create a platform where the entrepreneurs will share their flip-flops and motivate others.

She gradually launched a media technology platform for entrepreneurs, YourStory in year 2008 to glorify the range of entrepreneurial rib ticklers.

  • Nightmare though

Like every startups, Shradha Sharma too came across some nightmares – where her mother died, relatives bespoke bitter words and headed compulsion of leaving YourStory and continue to job.

But what kept YourStory moving was her determination to tell a new success story for every entrepreneur.

  • Concept of YourStory

Shradha’s proposal is forthright: Tell the tale of an entrepreneur that is breath taking and whose story can card up one’s sleeves, will get focus in our corporate structure.

YourStory isn’t a sort of archetypal news and media platform.

It gives coverage to the industrious stories of an entrepreneur with a rich, vibrant and positive content but never sceptical.

A Glitch in the Story

  • Picture changes before and after leaving CNBC

Approaching, connecting and communicating entrepreneurs was really a herculean task. When at CNBC, all were willing to share their word of success stories and after leaving CNBC the tables turned contrary.

The same entrepreneurs withdraw to come on board because no big reputed title was adhered thereon.

But Shradha Sharma is a lady with bright spark. She knew well how to convince them and keep them trusted with her approach.

  • But the kick was on

Her undying perseverance, pulled few entrepreneurs back by her side that too willingly to become a part of YourStory moment. They shared all their voice and that casted into a new success story for YourStory.

Few more entrepreneurs added to the list and this is how YourStory inspired thousands of lives and transformed into a storytelling platform with a splash of motivation and encouragement.

  • And made her world’s top influencer

Her non-stop endeavour received appreciation and acknowledgement fromhefty audiences that included her in the list of worlds’ top 500 LinkedIn influences.


Besides narrating empire-building stories, the Bengaluru-based YourStory interacts and arranged meeting with seed funders and marquee investors to get strong financial support to operate it at a much wider platform.

  • Some Top Investors

To the list of investors and their interests – Kalaari Capital, UC-RNT, 3one4 Capital, and Qualcomm Venture all together contributed funding over $8.5 million in YourStory since 2015.

  • Then Network18

Working in Network18 has help her in understanding the business model and procuring the fund there on. They supported her ability and her profound story model.

Ratan Tata’s learnings and love for startups | Storied with Shradha Sharma

The investments kept brimming when Ratan Tata personally showed interest in YourStory. That was really a magical moment for Shradha. That was a turning point for YourStory.

  • And some prominent ones

YourStory also received investments from Vani Kola, Karthee Madasamy and T V Mohandas Pai, the most prominent investors.

Inside and Beyond YourStory

Shradha Sharma is the Founder and Chief Editor of YourStory.com and past ten years, she is determined to make stories and startups- That Really Matter.

  • Launched in Germany

Shradha sink her teeth into taking YourStory to new International territories. She launched in Germany last year and further aims to enter Israel with a powerful kick.

  • Reinforce in Hindi and other 11 languages

Back to home town, YourStory is reinforcing its roots by proposing content in Hindi Language and continues to serve with more 11 languages.


  • Net Worth

In 2018, the net worth of Yourstory.com is pegged up at $ 437K USD. The website collects a predictable traffic of about more than 1.1 Million users/month making it a really promising venture.

  • Clients and Visitors

YourStory.com landed with 4.5 million visitors this January.

Currently it flew over 140+ clients who became part of YourStory just for – Said Delivery, Rich Content and Powerful stories and articles.

“We do this matchmaking very effectively. From Google to Microsoft to IBM to Tissot, we work with all sorts of brands. This is also our moat to the business. I call it story as-a-service,” says Sharma.

  • Published stories

YourStory is undoubtedly the most galvanizing and updated website in today’s era – probably the most spoken one to add value and motivation to the Startup stories.

Since its launch in 2008, YourStory has published nearly 72,000 articles, engaging over 10 million readers from all over the world and zones.

  • Addition to team members

Team members are indeed maven and professionals with 22 reporters and 15+ freelancers at helm. In all the company has 100+ employees.

Wall of Awards and Achievement

  • NASSCOM Ecosystem Evangelist Award for her efforts in building an inclusive Startup community
  • Villgro Journalist of the Year Award in 2010 for her coverage of startups
  • 2015 – Listed amongst 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world
  • 2015 – L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence
  • 2016 – PAT Memorial Outstanding Alumnus Award
  • 2016 – LinkedIn’s most viewed CEOs under Internet category
  • Inducted in the list of Fortune 40 nabbing the Economic Times promising entrepreneurs of India Award.

Shradha Sharma: What You Lack, Will Make You Run

Recognition And Titles From Outsiders

  • Colleagues and Audiences

By her audiences and colleagues, Shradha Sharma has been titled as “the biggest storyteller of India’s digital space.”She is also featured in a techgig story as one of “5 women Indian entrepreneurs in India you should know about.”

  • The Hindu

The Hindu, a Premium Indian Newspaper wrote about her as one who has shattered the glass ceiling. Her company has been described as “India’s biggest and definitive platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs-related stories, news, resources and research reports.”

Universal Thought by Shradha Sharma

Sharma believes that don’t ask people to rate you, to validate you and to signify your job.

This won’t make you successful.

You will be suppressed by these multiple opinions. “Don’t wear the labels that the world puts on you,” she says.

Here mentioned below, are some insightful tips shared by Shradha Sharma that helped her a lot infighting all storms within her journey of YourStory:

  • Rise. Succeed.

Things won’t always work optimistically.

But you need to keep moving further.

Stop looking for what others think.

You are the one to climb and hoist the flag.

No one will lend you a helping hand or a motivational pat on your shoulder.

Step ahead and raise your head and stay self-motivated.

  • Brim beyond comfort walls

Work beyond your limits.

Struggle beyond your comfort zones.

You need to dive in hard to achieve something sturdy and hard won.

Pull out all the stops and step in like a grindstone.

Keep Growing.

Keep Flowing.

  • Work in present for future

Don’t allow your yesterday to ruin your Today and Tomorrow.

Every morning gives you a fresh breakfast wrapped with an opportunity of kick starting with a different energy to prosper and flourish beyond your boundaries.

  • Don’t pay heed to criticisms

Never surrender for few castigated words.

Let others speak.

They don’t know your plans.

You work hard and prove your plans with a masterpiece implementation.

When the man believes in himself even during his roller coaster rides, then the world automatically starts believing him.

  • Work with heart, Passionately

Be crazy about anything you get involved into.

Sell your heart.

Be passionate about your subject matter.

Trust your journey.

Pull up your socks and make a headway to your dream.

Alter the way you think and work upon the way you do.

Stay classy.

Work classy.

  • Stay heated. Stay learnt

Life is summed up with constant highs and lows —contentment and perseverance that will examine your integrity and veracity, pushing you to overcome the challenges; leaving you with lessons that will heat you up -stronger than ever.


So to wind up all, Life is simply like a roller coaster ride.

You need to decide well whether you scream and enjoy or choose to weep and destroy.

Avoidance of Failure is not an option but standing back again is really a choice.

Shradha Sharma chose to fiercely stand and still and fulfil her dreams and here she is.

Hey pals, Share what you take today from this blog and how you are going to work upon it.

Stay tuned for something amazing.

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From PinkVilla to Pink Entrepreneur: Nandini Shenoy

Do you love gossiping?

You landed right, Pal

Who don’t love Bollywood gossiping?

From getting movie reviews till knowing all celeb’s new sassy Airport look, we all are inspired and curious to impose them into our lives.

Just like us, there’s a pink entrepreneur who twisted her excitement of Bollywood fanatics into a pure digital website that too at a time where no one had ever thought of.

Yes, you guess it right.

Nandini Shenoy is that powerful lady who coded a totally digital platform- PinkVilla to add more spice and excitement to your kitty party and coffee over talks.

“When I was growing up, our dinner table conversations always centred around films and stars and that is how my passion for Bollywood was fuelled,” says Nandini Shenoy

 Journey of Nandini Shenoy

Nandini Shenoy has a rib tickler story.

She was born and brought up in Mangalore.

Being raised in a family of brilliant engineers, she joined the bandwagon and went on to pursue engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK).

Then she moved to the United States for a Master’s in ECE from Rutgers University.

Her career climbed greater heights after joining Microsoft, Seattle as a software engineer in 2004.

She admired her work as a Software Engineer but screwed a little when the idea of PinkVilla brainstormed her mind.

Bollywood fanatics was always at her cornerstone.

Therefore she chose to nurture and foster her passion at a jiffy.

She did not quit Microsoft right away.

She kept her job intact and accordingly sowed the seeds for PinkVilla— with sleepless nights and weekends.

Pinkvilla’s Founder Nandini Shenoy Shares Her Success Recipe

What is PinkVilla? What it captures?

PinkVilla is the premier Bollywood news and fashion website.

They are the leading online destination for Bollywood Gossip, Celebrity Photos and Entertainment News with visitors from over 200 countries.

They live streams celebrity fashion trends making it the talking point amongst industry insiders and readers.

The most exceptional part is that they are one of the most updated websites for anything Bollywood that is why it is very popular.

The journey was not as easy as it seems.

It was equal to boiling an ocean.

Nandini Shenoy and her husband, Jeu George, were skilled software engineer and that helped her to run the code and test the iterations of website.

PinkVilla laid its foundation back in 2007 where Bollywood sites were nowhere in talk.

She took a plunge and forthfully clinged to give an early rise to its dream.

Shenoy was always fascinated by the table talks of Bollywood celebs and grew up reading Stardust and Film fare at helm.

This probably was the starting point of it all.

She believed in excavating something out of the box with a touch a likelihood and thus her undying perseverance shoot her to successful heights of her life.

“Being from the tech background, I knew I had to figure out the SEO first before I decided on the content. If the content works and the SEO doesn’t work, the website can’t work. If Google and other tech platforms don’t understand the content on my website, I will go nowhere. I have to keep evolving because Google keeps changing its algorithms every other day,” says Shenoy.

(Source – https://www.entrepreneur.com/video/324551)

How PinkVilla was taken off to become an inspiring epitome?

The secret sauce of PinkVilla is that –Most bloggers choose technology related niche or blogging as a niche, but out of the blue Nandini Shenoy started blogging about Bollywood, Fashion, and Beauty & Gossip (liked by every woman).

Back in 2009, there were some photos of Sonam Kapoor that were posted on PinkVilla and they went viral.

Hindustan Times contacted her and said they would like to use the photos and in return they would provide her a back link.

After that, there was no looking back.

By 2010-11, some celebrities urged Shenoy to get themselves featured in PinkVilla because of paucity of digital websites at that time.

And this infused confidence into her.

She passionately took the interview of these celebs that too from the US.

On that way, she realised the requirement of setting an office in Mumbai.

She then created and hired approximately 35 people without any external funding.

Now when things went parallel and optimistic at PinkVilla, she quit her job at Microsoft and her entire concentration was then focused on the website.

In 2013 she was able to set up an editorial team in Mumbai sitting in USA with no contacts in India.

She believes having the right people is paramount. “If you don’t have the right people, you end up concentrating on what’s not really relevant,” says Shenoy.

Circle of achievement

  • Views and ranking

Believe it or not your perseverance will always pay you something and same happened with Nandini Shenoy.

PinkVilla was easily able to get 8 million views in a month and has earned Indian Alexa Rank 2,862.

Like, can you imagine how can such a gossip sharing website get such a short term boom?

  • Monthly Income

Nandini Shenoy earns around $15,000 per month.

Nandini Shenoy is a true spell binding personality in the field of blogging.

  • Social Media Followers

Currently, the traffic has hit the bars outrageously on social media.

PinkVilla already has 2.6 million followers on Instagram, a social networking site.

On twitter it is grabbed with 858K followers on PinkVilla account.

While PinkVilla telly is clutched with 50.8K followers.

Pompously, Facebook holds 1.5 million followers at a break neck.

What’s new and extra to PinkVilla in current scenario?

  • Fashion and lifestyle

Now, PinkVilla Hindi is leapfrogging in the field of news and media.

It aims towards rebranding itself with some customised touch of language, increasing the visitors from every corner of the world.

Apart from Bollywood and Television news, it will further showcase Fashion and Lifestyle related coverage.

  • Hindi Rush – to increase regional users

Hindi Rush is also available in the video format supported by YouTube channel, providing satisfaction to all PinkVilla loyalists and audiences to watch their favourite stuff anytime.

Hindi Rush is all set to proliferate its presence on Social Media- Twitter and Facebookvibrantly.

  • With a touch of south films and news

The website which has also a presence down South with PinkVilla South along with PinkVilla Telly for all the small screen news, has amassed quite a reach, as evident from its hugely-popular social media presence in Instagram (1.7 Million Followers), Facebook (1.5 Million Likes), YouTube (60 Million plus video views) and Twitter (830K Followers).PINKVILLA recently launched into the Television and regional markets including Kollywood.

Some Partnerships for Wider Viewership

  • Partnership with Hotstar for online addicts

PinkVilla has partnered with online streaming major, Hotstar.

Under this partnership, original content from the popular entity will be available for viewing under the Hotstar app.

The collaboration will help the website in catering to a wider audience reach adding to increased viewership.

 Universal Advice by Nandini Shenoy, Blogger

“Be passionate about your writing. Don’t run behind monetizing your blog, take time, and work hard on your content. As soon as you started getting appreciations and traffic as well, you can monetize your blog”, Shenoy believes.

  • Ignite the spark within yourself

Every success climb its pinnacle when you choose your dream passionately. It all begins with a dream and its undying perseverance. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world if you IGNITE IT.

  • You will fail to win

The journey will be tough. Very tough. But your failure will teach you how to climb the rocks and hoist your dream with success. Just remember practically, every night of darkness ends with a bright glowing morning. Don’t stop. You will win

  • Blogging is an art

From blogging perspective, keep your content nonchalant, crisp and addressing. Authenticity is indispensable. Readers love your content if it’s authentic and involving. Writer daily to improve these basics funda. Ink work that you’re proud of, even if you don’t make much money from it initially. It’s an investment in your future.

  • Never stop learning

Learning is an ongoing process. You begin to work, you begin to learn. Sometimes you fall and learn and sometimes you rise and roll. The day you stop learning, the day you stop rising. Add an attitude of learning something from everything that surrounds you.

  • Don’t doubt. Believe in yourself

The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. Within your unspoken tragedy, don’t doubt yourself for failing. Stop regretting over your wrong decision. Just believe in yourself. Whatever happens, happens for a good worthy reason.

So to unwind the talks, always share a space for your dream.

Walk miles.

Chase it.

With every passionate moves, you will enjoy your journey.

Nothing comes with a well-furnished manner, you need to work hard, run through sleepless nights and days, working like nothing before, to achieve it like you never had.

Hey patrons, share your views and comments that you learnt from Nandini Shenoy and her passionate journey.

Share what inspired you the most and touched your heart.

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Harsh Agarwal: An ordinary engineering student to being the CEO of ShoutDreams

Ever been frustrated with your 9 to 5 job?

I’m pretty sure every working professional has been there not just once but many times in their lives.

But are you willing to leave everything and be your own boss?

If you’ve answered yes, this is what you should be reading right now.

This story isn’t about a multi-million-dollar start-up, but of an ordinary college student who became his own boss through the power of blogging.

Let’s discover the fantastic story of award-winning Blogger Harsh Agarwal.

The journey from a call centre employee to a blog scientist

The struggles of early life

Harsh Agarwal is an award-winning blogger and the founder of ShoutMeLoud.

His company is a part of the movement that aims at liberating every human being from their monotonous 9 to 5 jobs.

ShoutMeLoud is therefore not just a blog but a community and platform for like-minded bloggers. But constructing a successful blog isn’t as easy as it seems.

Just like other students of his batch, Harsh was an ordinary engineering student who was passionate about technology and computing.

He completed his graduation and was lucky enough to be placed in one of the front-running IT companies.

Filled with enthusiasm about his field, Harsh joined a call centre in the spare time he had before joining his campus job.

And it was then that he started blogging as a hobby. However, seldom did he know that it would be the turning point of his life.

Struck by the passion for blogging

I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with me on this.

Most of the first-time bloggers start writing on platforms such as blogger or Blogspot.

And so did Harsh, but with the responses he started receiving from his first blog, he soon moved to WordPress.

Purchasing the very first domain

Still, in his struggling phase, Harsh borrowed some money from his friends and invested in a domain name.

One of the most challenging tasks was choosing a domain name that was catchy to read and added a branding value.

After many thoughtful days, the idea of ShoutMeLoud finally took shape.

Building a connection through blogging

I’m sure by now you’re curious to know how a tech enthusiast found his writing niche in personal experiences and digital marketing ?

Harsh Agarwal did write about tech in his initial days of blogging, but this gradually slid towards building his connection with people and sharing personal experiences.

The turn of events soon took place, and with a few experimental writing pieces and learning experiences, ShoutMeLoud found its niche.

Want to know a fun fact?

Even after all this, Harsh had no clue how to make money from blogging.

He started blogging out of fun and connecting with people.

But there was one thing that Harsh Agarwal swore by.

He was constantly reading day and night and learning how to improve his blog.

He read about SEO, AdSense, experimented and gradually added Adsense to his website.

3 Powerful Tips for Blogging Success

The excitement of first earning

Harsh Agarwal’s first income was $10, which he earned while helping someone fix their WordPress error.

After the implementation of Adsense, his first earning was $40.

By this time, the simpleton engineering graduate had realized that he wanted to be his boss.

Knowing what he really wanted to pursue, Harsh quit his job of 6 months and developed a blogging business plan to take ShoutMeLoud to the next stage.

The choices were tough especially when he had to leave his full-time career path, but Harsh managed to convince his family.

A life changing accident, and that’s how things turned!

But seldom does life go on without challenges.

It was in 2009 that Harsh met with a fatal accident that damaged his foot severely.

He was put on bed rest by the doctor for six months.

With nothing else left to do, Harsh dedicated all of his time to reading and exploring credible works from other bloggers.

And that’s when his life changed.

The new learning and experience pushed him to find a new direction in his life.

Harsh Agarwal was now writing nearly 14 hours a day and learning new things.

Within four months of this experience, Harsh was earning double than his job salary.

Never looking back…

Growing and evolving is a part of life, and so was it for Harsh Agarwal.

Once he started making decent money out of blogging, harsh expanded his blog into a venture.

Taking inspiration from his current blog name, he set up his blogging company ShoutDreams.

The Master of Digital Marketing

Over the years Harsh has partnered with various bloggers and currently owns a couple of blogs successfully running under his venture.

Some of these are ShoutMeLoud, WPhostingDiscount, ShoutMeTech, WPSutra, CoinSutra etc.

Every bussing blogger can find inspiration in Harsh Agarwal through the medium of his story and experiences that he shares on his blog.

Some of the Useful material that you can find on ShoutMeLoud are:

  • Digital marketing tips for bloggers, freelancers & businesses.
    Guides on “How-To” of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value of your website.
  • Exclusive deals & discounts on new tools.
  • The Affiliate Marketing Handbook & FREE WordPress eBook by Blog Scientist Harsh Agrawal that have more than 8K downloads so far!
  • You can also find a list of the top blogging tools recommended by Harsh here.

The Mind blowing Income report:

Harsh Agarwal has always been transparent about his earning so that people come to know how small changes on your website can impact it in a certain way.

The latest income reports from Harsh Agarwal blog ShoutMeLoud suggest that he earns an astonishing $200 thousand annually.

It is thrice the amount that he could have made doing a 9 to 5 job.

And the benefit is not just concerning the money.

Harsh is now his boss and enjoys the flexibility of working and doing what he loves to do.

According to his latest income report June 2017, Harsh earned a total of $32,480 from his blog.

He also shares a breakdown of his income on his website ShoutMeLoud.

And apart from the earnings, a lot of readers on ShoutMeLoud are from countries like UK, Nigeria, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh and Indonesia, making him a global icon.

His shares his income report regularly so that people understand that blogging is not just a hobby but a tool to be your boss and make unlimited money.

And the Award for the Blog of the year goes to…

Harsh inspires bloggers and businesses through his blogs.

He gets more than a million page views every month and impacts the lives of people positively.

ShoutMeLoud also won the best blogger of the year award for 2017 by Indiblogger.

It has also been featured in International media.

Harsh’s blog ShoutMeLoud has also received India’s best tech blog award for the year 2013.

Harsh has been popularly featured in YourStory, BloggeersPassion, Writersincharge along with SEMRush.


Interview with Professional Blogger Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud.com


5 Tips from Harsh Agarwal that will inspire the blogger within you

Hard word over smart work:

Harsh insists on pursuing hard work over intelligent work.

There is no easy way to learning.

If you want to introduce something to your audience, you will have to learn and experiment it yourself.

Smart work may help you earn easy money, but hard work is the only tool that will help you finish the race.

Start right away:

There is no specific time to start your blog.

If you keep on waiting for a perfect time, you will already lose a lot of it.

Once you start, you will keep moving, and that’s how one finds their ways.

Find your writing style and be creative:

As you keep on writing, you will discover your writing style.

Share your experiences, how you improved from experimenting, what new things did you learn and a lot more.

That’s how you will develop a writing style. Scratch your creative instincts and reflect upon your thoughts.

Never blog for money:

With all these years of experience in blogging, Harsh Agarwal genuinely believes that one cannot pursue blogging for money.

You can connect with people only if you do it with your instincts.

Money can just be a motivation in the short term.

You can also learn about the top 3 blogging tips from Harsh for the complete success of your blog.

Spend time with yourself:

Spending time and introspecting is one of the most important necessities for a prolific writer.

You keep on writing day and night, but until you spend time in nourishing your mind and body, you won’t be able to come up with new ideas.

The journey of Harsh Agarwal from being a college student to a prolific and award-winning blogger is inspirational in every sense.

His love for writing and passion for creating something of his own pushed him to become what he is now.

You can also learn how to be a successful freelance writer from Harsh Agarwal.

Harsh Agarwal is currently the CEO of his venture ShoutDreams and now planning to expand it to build one of the largest communities of self bosses.

Victoria Galpereina, Head of Affiliate Marketing at SEM Rush has also praised Harsh Agarwal for being one of the super affiliates in SEMRush’s affiliate programs.

Are you a blogger like Harsh Agarwal?

Tell us what inspired you to pursue writing.

Famous Bloggers

Jon Morrow: How to counterpunch life

Jon Morrow is a household name in the world of blogging.

He’s the founder of Smart Blogger (Formerly Boost Blog Traffic).

If you’re someone who’s serious about writing, Jon’s prodigious and phenomenal wisdom can help you to become a prolific writer and profitable blogger.

Jon Morrow is the master of storytelling and his blog posts could make anyone emotional. – Neil Patel

People call him the unstoppable, and today, we’re going to share his story here. Enjoy!

Early Life and Disease!

Pat was heartbroken when the doctors said that his one-year-old infant wouldn’t live past two years.

But she refused to take any of it.

She along with the team of specialists fought to keep the little Jonathan alive, who now is one of the most successful bloggers and the founder of Smart Blogger.

Jon Morrow was diagnosed with spinal muscular dystrophy at the age of one when his mother Pat grew alarmed at her toddler’s condition.

Little Jon wasn’t crawling so she took him to the doctor, like any other parent.

The doctors identified the syndrome and told Pat that Jon would get repeated Pneumonia and eventually die.

After all, SMD or spinal muscular dystrophy Type 1 was a syndrome that would make Jon would weaker as he grew old of age.

The prayers of Pat and combined effects of doctors did save Jon, only after he fought Pneumonia 16 times and grew to be one of the oldest people on the planet with muscular dystrophy.

Jon credits this miracle of life to his mother who fought for him like a warrior and slept endless nights beside him on a hospital chair.

Growing up Jon graduated his high school with a remarkable performance at an early age of 16.

Blogging Journey After the Crash

The atrocities of Jon Morrow’s life did not stop even after he grew up.

After battling from muscular dystrophy, seldom did he knew that he would have to suffer from a significant hit from a car that merely crashed into him at 85 miles per hour.

Jon’s legs were broken in 14 pieces, yet his strong will chose not to give up and he moved on from that incident.

The first three months after the crash were the toughest where all he could think of was enduring the pain and proceeding with his life hereafter.

But this incident turned out to be a significant turning point in his life where he decided to quit whatever he was doing hitherto and start writing.

This wild decision of selling everything he had and locking himself for a month just to read, write and engage with other bloggers, helped him channelize his real potential and achieve what he has today.

But this was just the beginning to Jon Morrow’s story.

An Unstoppable Entrepreneur with A Strong Voice

With a complete month of introspecting and discovering blogging, Jom Morrow started with gathering 2000+ visitors on a daily basis on his blog ‘On Marketing’.

Soon he was contacted to be the associate editor at world’s most popular blog CopyBlogger.

From the beginning of his life, Jon had to fight to be heard. This further pushed the zest within him to work heart and soul all by means of speaking.

Gradually, Jon decided to move to paradise and make money that paid more than just his medical bills.

He wanted to take care of his family and live a life where he would not have to worry about money every now and then.

Finally, he moved to Mexico and started a business where he could help people.

And that’s how Jon Morrow bought his father a car and became an established entrepreneur with Smart Blogger.

Jon Morrow’s Top 6 Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

Accomplishments and Projects

His works can be read on reputed blogs such as Copy Blogger, ProBlogger, KissMetrics, Penelope Trunk and most valuable Smart Blogger.

Every moment of his life is research, and he dedicates it to helping people achieve success through the means of writing.

His work with these blogs has garnered more than 200 million page views and $50 million in revenue.

The popularity of Smart Blogger has skyrocketed since its launch in 2012.

The latest projects of Jon Morrow include the blog ‘Unstoppable Me’ that was launched in 2016 and went viral with its most engaging post ‘7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face.’

Jon Morrow’s accomplishments are infinite, but the most impressive remains his ability never to give up.

5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Jon

Ever wondered what’s inside the mind of a genius? Jon Morrow is an inspiration to all budding bloggers, Here are five life lessons that you can learn from him:

There is tremendous power in pain

Sooner or later life throws up punches at you to knock you down. And all that matters is how well do you take the hit.

You may fall down, but it is about the ability to bounce back.

Jon stresses the fact that if you’re feeling pain or depression in life, it is because you were not prepared for the suffering.

He advises increasing the tolerance level of pain systematically so that your rate of success can be directly proportional to your pain.

The mystery of survival

How do you survive in a world that is trying to knock you down every second with an endless competition?  

Jon shifted his focus away from the difficulties of life.

He accepted the situations that could not be changed. And that’s what one must do.

People often assume acceptance as a weakness, but it is the opposite in life.

Acceptance is acknowledgment and helps you create a plan for the future.

In other words, it is a victory.

Counterpunch difficulties

The art of counterpunching is directly inspired by boxing. What do you do when the opponent strikes you? You evade and prepare a counter punch, and that’s the only way to win.

The moment your opponent strikes you, they let their guards down, and that’s when you have the best opportunity to attack.

When it comes to the boxing ring of life, whenever there is a time of hardships, there is an equal action-packed opportunity trapped underneath.  

All you need is to look for that deliberate counterpunch. No matter how bad situations are, there is always a way to turn it into an opportunity. And that’s what you must be looking at.

Finding self-courage

After all that punches and smashes life presents, how does one find the motivation to get up?

We’ve all read that getting up is the most critical aspect of winning over life, but the question is where to find that courage that keeps you moving forward?

Whenever you find something scaring you, think of something that could scare you even more.

And it does not mean at all to sink your entire life in fear but instead, do crazy things that you want to do instead of doing nothing at all.

Turn fear into the fuel that keeps your aspirations burning.

Never Give up

Jon Morrow’s mom made him whisper these words almost every day before going to sleep. And it was ‘Never Never give up.’

Sooner or later in life, we reach the saturation point where the pain becomes unbearable and quitting is the easiest option.

You might feel poor and hurt and unlucky and what not! But remind yourself that you’re not.

The greatest gifts that you’ve got is that you’re still breathing, and that’s all you need for a power-packed comeback.

Believe when you say, “I NEVER GIVE UP.”

Jon Morrow’s Writing Advice for Bloggers

  1. Pre-launch page

Before you start your blog, you must put a coming soon page. This coming soon page can help you to build your email list. It’s better than nothing.

  1. Offer a Freebie as Content Upgrade

If you want your readers to become your blog subscribers, you have to offer them something valuable.

A Freebie. It can be a checklist, ebook, white paper, a video, a free report, or anything else that is valuable.

Put your freebie in the header of your blog.

  1. Build Relationships with Influencers on Social Media

Create a list of popular bloggers, podcasters, and best-selling authors, and public speakers in your niche.

Now, it’s time to stalk them.

Know more about them and build a relationship with each and every influencer on your list.

Subscribe their blog/podcast and follow them on social media channels. Share their content and pay attention to what they’re sharing.

  1. Write Every day

Serious bloggers don’t take breaks.

They write every day.

No matter what.

It doesn’t matter what’s going in their life, It doesn’t matter if they’re sad or inspired.

They write.

If you want people to take your blogging seriously, become one.

Treat your writing like a job, not something you do in your spare time.

  1. Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most fruitful strategies for new bloggers.

It will help you to build a credibility and other popular bloggers will start noticing you.

Find out the popular blogs in your niche (who accept guest posts), read their guidelines, and send them a short pitch offering your post idea and a short synopsis.

Jon Morrow’s Best Loved Quotes

  1. “I’ve written because it fulfilled me. Maybe it paid off the mortgage on the house and got the kids through college, but those things were on the side – I did it for the buzz… I did it for the pure joy of the thing.”
  2. “Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well.”
  3. “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”
  4. “Put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room. Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.”
  5. “Write with the door closed, and rewrite with the door open.”

Jon Morrow sets a quintessential example to people who decide to give up with little austerity in life. With his treasure, all you require to do in life even if the naysayers try to knock you down. After all, its one of the wisest lessons from the guy who can’t move anything but his face.

Famous Bloggers

Gina Trapani – World’s Richest Female Blogger and Tech-preneur

A tech blogger, a web developer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a loving wife and a caring mother – what is left for a woman to achieve in her life that perfectly suits the wonderful and amazingly influential personality for entire womanhood – Gina Marie Trapani.

Gina Trapani Holdings

Born and raised in Italian Catholic family in Brooklyn, New York, Gina Trapani is the only female listed among the top 10 richest and most successful bloggers in the world.

She is best known for her foundation stone in the tech world – ‘Lifehacker’ – the self-improvement blog established in 2006 and her net worth from all writing, blogging and tech development arena accounts around $110,000 million. She resigned from Lifehacker in 2009 and moved on to form other ventures.

One of World’s Richest Blogger on the Earth

Professional Career

Gina Trapani – a 43 years old blogging sensation hooked on the internet, especially the social media community through her outstanding write-ups and most of her income sources from reviews and independent ads. She has successfully handled the responsibility of CEO of Lifehacker and later on also became a part of the Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo has been her other most significant achievements.

She has also co-founded and built an open source social media analytics service, ThinkUp and Makerbase – an IMDb for digital projects, now acquired by Fog Creek. Todo.txt and Narrow the Gap were two of her side projects as well.

The Brooklyn girl – Gina began her writing career in high school as a writer for New Youth Connections – a magazine for the New York teens presented and published by the Youch Communications.

As an author, she holds three books successfully written and published in her name along with other publications for Harvard Business Online. She also co-hosted the show ‘This Week in Google – TwiG’ with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis for up to 282 episodes.

Today, she is successfully serving as a Managing Partner at Postlight and shifted to California.

Her official website is ginatrapani.org and many other online ventures of Gina Trapani are successfully running on the internet.

Awards and Achievements

Being a successful writer, Gina Trapani has received immense recognition in the world of social media, technology and writer’s community. She received the prestigious Rave Award in 2006 by Wired Magazine and was rewarded with the title of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company in the year 2009 and 2010.

Gina Trapani – In Person

The academic background of Gina Trapani involves a combination of English/Creative Writing and Computer Science. Her talent and abilities brought her to be a professional blogger, occasional speaker, print magazine contributor and a night-time coder.

She is definitely a hard working and intelligent person and always aimed at fulfilling her jobs and responsibilities to the fullest of his abilities. Solving different hacks of life – she understands as her primary liability and this gave rise to ‘Lifehacker’. Hat’s off to her amazing abilities and skills that once she even have managed to write 18 posts a day for Lifehacker blog. This is absolutely terrific performance she gave to make her blog successful and it happened.