Shradha Sharma – The Self-Rising Star Behind YourStory


Everyone has a story.

Just like all you also might have fought tooth and nail to reach out your dreams.

But do you have someone to share your reel and real stories?

Your story might revolve around Blood, Sweat and Tears but do you know any medium to share with onlookers and inspire plethora of new breeding generation?

I will tell you about a platform that shares your story with others and inspire spectrum of audiences with the same grace and charm.

Yes, you guess it right.

I am talking about – YourStory by Shradha Sharma, a complete spellbinding personality.

So tighten your seat belts to dive into the hard-won pain striking story of Shradha Sharma who act as Durga and overcome all adversities to mould her dream and share stories of entrepreneurship to panorama of audiences.

The story of Shradha Sharma, a Red Baron

If you are here to listen to a story of someone who broke all other social prejudice, then this woman must rank first. Shradha was born in a small town in Bihar and brought up in Patna.

How To Succeed As A WOMAN Entreprenuer? | Shradha Sharma | YourStory

  • Education

Being intelligent and industrious, she graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and completed MBA from Maryland Institute College of Art. In fact she went MICA, Ahmedabad to study Mass Media and Communications.

  • Work Experience

She started working at The Times of India as a Brand Advisor and later joined CNBC, Mumbai with a dignified post of Assistant Vice President. Her work life experiences open her towards plethora of untold and undiscussed stories that can cater as a stimulating epitomes to multiple listeners.

Seeds of YourStory:

Not everything you sweat upon, gets labelled with victory.

Rejections are always part and parcels of it.

There was a phase when few of her entrepreneur’s stories faced rejection.

  • How YourStory was born?

Rejections never shuddered her from stepping ahead.

She discovered vistas of inexpressible stories and on that way realised that many of success stories are unheard, untold and unbelievable.

This struck a spark in her mind and she decided to create a platform where the entrepreneurs will share their flip-flops and motivate others.

She gradually launched a media technology platform for entrepreneurs, YourStory in year 2008 to glorify the range of entrepreneurial rib ticklers.

  • Nightmare though

Like every startups, Shradha Sharma too came across some nightmares – where her mother died, relatives bespoke bitter words and headed compulsion of leaving YourStory and continue to job.

But what kept YourStory moving was her determination to tell a new success story for every entrepreneur.

  • Concept of YourStory

Shradha’s proposal is forthright: Tell the tale of an entrepreneur that is breath taking and whose story can card up one’s sleeves, will get focus in our corporate structure.

YourStory isn’t a sort of archetypal news and media platform.

It gives coverage to the industrious stories of an entrepreneur with a rich, vibrant and positive content but never sceptical.

A Glitch in the Story

  • Picture changes before and after leaving CNBC

Approaching, connecting and communicating entrepreneurs was really a herculean task. When at CNBC, all were willing to share their word of success stories and after leaving CNBC the tables turned contrary.

The same entrepreneurs withdraw to come on board because no big reputed title was adhered thereon.

But Shradha Sharma is a lady with bright spark. She knew well how to convince them and keep them trusted with her approach.

  • But the kick was on

Her undying perseverance, pulled few entrepreneurs back by her side that too willingly to become a part of YourStory moment. They shared all their voice and that casted into a new success story for YourStory.

Few more entrepreneurs added to the list and this is how YourStory inspired thousands of lives and transformed into a storytelling platform with a splash of motivation and encouragement.

  • And made her world’s top influencer

Her non-stop endeavour received appreciation and acknowledgement fromhefty audiences that included her in the list of worlds’ top 500 LinkedIn influences.


Besides narrating empire-building stories, the Bengaluru-based YourStory interacts and arranged meeting with seed funders and marquee investors to get strong financial support to operate it at a much wider platform.

  • Some Top Investors

To the list of investors and their interests – Kalaari Capital, UC-RNT, 3one4 Capital, and Qualcomm Venture all together contributed funding over $8.5 million in YourStory since 2015.

  • Then Network18

Working in Network18 has help her in understanding the business model and procuring the fund there on. They supported her ability and her profound story model.

Ratan Tata’s learnings and love for startups | Storied with Shradha Sharma

The investments kept brimming when Ratan Tata personally showed interest in YourStory. That was really a magical moment for Shradha. That was a turning point for YourStory.

  • And some prominent ones

YourStory also received investments from Vani Kola, Karthee Madasamy and T V Mohandas Pai, the most prominent investors.

Inside and Beyond YourStory

Shradha Sharma is the Founder and Chief Editor of and past ten years, she is determined to make stories and startups- That Really Matter.

  • Launched in Germany

Shradha sink her teeth into taking YourStory to new International territories. She launched in Germany last year and further aims to enter Israel with a powerful kick.

  • Reinforce in Hindi and other 11 languages

Back to home town, YourStory is reinforcing its roots by proposing content in Hindi Language and continues to serve with more 11 languages.


  • Net Worth

In 2018, the net worth of is pegged up at $ 437K USD. The website collects a predictable traffic of about more than 1.1 Million users/month making it a really promising venture.

  • Clients and Visitors landed with 4.5 million visitors this January.

Currently it flew over 140+ clients who became part of YourStory just for – Said Delivery, Rich Content and Powerful stories and articles.

“We do this matchmaking very effectively. From Google to Microsoft to IBM to Tissot, we work with all sorts of brands. This is also our moat to the business. I call it story as-a-service,” says Sharma.

  • Published stories

YourStory is undoubtedly the most galvanizing and updated website in today’s era – probably the most spoken one to add value and motivation to the Startup stories.

Since its launch in 2008, YourStory has published nearly 72,000 articles, engaging over 10 million readers from all over the world and zones.

  • Addition to team members

Team members are indeed maven and professionals with 22 reporters and 15+ freelancers at helm. In all the company has 100+ employees.

Wall of Awards and Achievement

  • NASSCOM Ecosystem Evangelist Award for her efforts in building an inclusive Startup community
  • Villgro Journalist of the Year Award in 2010 for her coverage of startups
  • 2015 – Listed amongst 500 LinkedIn Influencers across the world
  • 2015 – L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online influence
  • 2016 – PAT Memorial Outstanding Alumnus Award
  • 2016 – LinkedIn’s most viewed CEOs under Internet category
  • Inducted in the list of Fortune 40 nabbing the Economic Times promising entrepreneurs of India Award.

Shradha Sharma: What You Lack, Will Make You Run

Recognition And Titles From Outsiders

  • Colleagues and Audiences

By her audiences and colleagues, Shradha Sharma has been titled as “the biggest storyteller of India’s digital space.”She is also featured in a techgig story as one of “5 women Indian entrepreneurs in India you should know about.”

  • The Hindu

The Hindu, a Premium Indian Newspaper wrote about her as one who has shattered the glass ceiling. Her company has been described as “India’s biggest and definitive platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs-related stories, news, resources and research reports.”

Universal Thought by Shradha Sharma

Sharma believes that don’t ask people to rate you, to validate you and to signify your job.

This won’t make you successful.

You will be suppressed by these multiple opinions. “Don’t wear the labels that the world puts on you,” she says.

Here mentioned below, are some insightful tips shared by Shradha Sharma that helped her a lot infighting all storms within her journey of YourStory:

  • Rise. Succeed.

Things won’t always work optimistically.

But you need to keep moving further.

Stop looking for what others think.

You are the one to climb and hoist the flag.

No one will lend you a helping hand or a motivational pat on your shoulder.

Step ahead and raise your head and stay self-motivated.

  • Brim beyond comfort walls

Work beyond your limits.

Struggle beyond your comfort zones.

You need to dive in hard to achieve something sturdy and hard won.

Pull out all the stops and step in like a grindstone.

Keep Growing.

Keep Flowing.

  • Work in present for future

Don’t allow your yesterday to ruin your Today and Tomorrow.

Every morning gives you a fresh breakfast wrapped with an opportunity of kick starting with a different energy to prosper and flourish beyond your boundaries.

  • Don’t pay heed to criticisms

Never surrender for few castigated words.

Let others speak.

They don’t know your plans.

You work hard and prove your plans with a masterpiece implementation.

When the man believes in himself even during his roller coaster rides, then the world automatically starts believing him.

  • Work with heart, Passionately

Be crazy about anything you get involved into.

Sell your heart.

Be passionate about your subject matter.

Trust your journey.

Pull up your socks and make a headway to your dream.

Alter the way you think and work upon the way you do.

Stay classy.

Work classy.

  • Stay heated. Stay learnt

Life is summed up with constant highs and lows —contentment and perseverance that will examine your integrity and veracity, pushing you to overcome the challenges; leaving you with lessons that will heat you up -stronger than ever.


So to wind up all, Life is simply like a roller coaster ride.

You need to decide well whether you scream and enjoy or choose to weep and destroy.

Avoidance of Failure is not an option but standing back again is really a choice.

Shradha Sharma chose to fiercely stand and still and fulfil her dreams and here she is.

Hey pals, Share what you take today from this blog and how you are going to work upon it.

Stay tuned for something amazing.


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