Gina Trapani – World’s Richest Female Blogger and Tech-preneur

Gina Trapani

A tech blogger, a web developer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a loving wife and a caring mother – what is left for a woman to achieve in her life that perfectly suits the wonderful and amazingly influential personality for entire womanhood – Gina Marie Trapani.

Gina Trapani Holdings

Born and raised in Italian Catholic family in Brooklyn, New York, Gina Trapani is the only female listed among the top 10 richest and most successful bloggers in the world.

She is best known for her foundation stone in the tech world – ‘Lifehacker’ – the self-improvement blog established in 2006 and her net worth from all writing, blogging and tech development arena accounts around $110,000 million. She resigned from Lifehacker in 2009 and moved on to form other ventures.

Professional Career

Gina Trapani – a 43 years old blogging sensation hooked on the internet, especially the social media community through her outstanding write-ups and most of her income sources from reviews and independent ads. She has successfully handled the responsibility of CEO of Lifehacker and later on also became a part of the Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo has been her other most significant achievements.

She has also co-founded and built an open source social media analytics service, ThinkUp and Makerbase – an IMDb for digital projects, now acquired by Fog Creek. Todo.txt and Narrow the Gap were two of her side projects as well.

The Brooklyn girl – Gina began her writing career in high school as a writer for New Youth Connections – a magazine for the New York teens presented and published by the Youch Communications.

As an author, she holds three books successfully written and published in her name along with other publications for Harvard Business Online. She also co-hosted the show ‘This Week in Google – TwiG’ with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis for up to 282 episodes.

Today, she is successfully serving as a Managing Partner at Postlight and shifted to California.

Her official website is and many other online ventures of Gina Trapani are successfully running on the internet.

Awards and Achievements

Being a successful writer, Gina Trapani has received immense recognition in the world of social media, technology and writer’s community. She received the prestigious Rave Award in 2006 by Wired Magazine and was rewarded with the title of the Most Influential Women in Technology by Fast Company in the year 2009 and 2010.

Gina Trapani – In Person

The academic background of Gina Trapani involves a combination of English/Creative Writing and Computer Science. Her talent and abilities brought her to be a professional blogger, occasional speaker, print magazine contributor and a night-time coder.

She is definitely a hard working and intelligent person and always aimed at fulfilling her jobs and responsibilities to the fullest of his abilities. Solving different hacks of life – she understands as her primary liability and this gave rise to ‘Lifehacker’. Hat’s off to her amazing abilities and skills that once she even have managed to write 18 posts a day for Lifehacker blog. This is absolutely terrific performance she gave to make her blog successful and it happened.


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