Devin Thorpe, an Interesting Tryst with Destiny


“As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time.” Denis Waitley

A born philanthropist
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Devin Thorpe is a born philanthropist. However, he could not choose a career in philanthropy or writing during his academics, because that was not considered a lucrative career those days. He instead chose finance as it was considered more rewarding. He did well in finance and worked for a big multinational company as a CFO.  He also founded an investment bank, which was later registered on NASDAQ. But, all that couldn’t satisfy him as a person.

He always wanted to go back to his favorite activity i.e. helping people and making this world a better place. It was probably his divine call. It took him three decades to realize his dream, but the wait was worth it.

A writer, a philanthropist and a public speaker
At present, Devin Thorpe is a columnist at Forbes magazine. He also runs a YouTube channel. He advocates and works for social welfare around the globe. Born and brought up in Salt Lake City, Utah, he first discovered his passion for social welfare, when he was just 11 years old.

Are You Crazy Enough To Change The World

Thorpe got an opportunity to digging muck from the basements of a neighborhood near Idaho that was flooded. Initially, he was not very serious about the task, until he had a blissful feeling after performing this task. The feeling was so intense that he resolved to do it more and more. Later on, he never missed an opportunity to serve people.

Devin Thorpe was passionate about writing as a career during his childhood, but it was a common understanding at the time that it will not bring decent income and so the idea was dropped. He joined the bank at the young age of 21, when he was just an undergraduate in the University of Utah pursuing a degree in finance.

Later on, he completed a government internship in banking. Later on, he completed his MBA degree from Cornell University.  He learnt a lot about finance and entrepreneurship during his stint as a CFO. His finance career was full of growth and brought him many financial rewards, but somehow he was not fully satisfied. He always wanted to achieve his childhood ambition.

Pursuing his favorite career
In 1997, Devin Thorpe decided that he should pursue his childhood dream and wrote his first book. In 2011, he was fired from the senior position of CFO at a food and beverages company, but that was the last nail in the coffin of his finance career.

People first
Devin Thorpe soon began helping people around the world as his newfound passion. He was also working on his book “Financial Planning” at the time he visited China with his wife to teach in a university. Luckily he was connected with Forbes through a publicist, which provided a boost to his ambition to become an author. He also launched his YouTube channel at the same time. Till now, he has interviewed more than 600 celebrities including billionaires and top executives.

One thing that is common among these celebrities is that they all wanted to make a difference in the world.  He is also a passionate speaker and regularly speaks at various seminars, workshops, and conferences globally. He also volunteers 20 hours a week to his Rotary district.

You can change the world:

He spends the rest of the time in writing, conducting interviews, and sharing these interviews on podcasts.  He accomplishes a flow state of mind, when he is writing what he is extremely passionate about. He says that speaking sessions consume a lot of energy and need a lot of preparation.

The ultimate objective of any speaker is to wow his audiences. It needs hours of preparation before one is ready to speak. He also spoke at UN and that became a milestone in his career.  He was quite excited that business leaders were genuinely interested in using businesses for good and give back to the people.

His regrets and advice to young people
Devin Thorpe regrets the fact that he opted for finance as a career because of peer pressure. He says that one should follow their inner call and should not listen to anyone as far as choosing their career is concerned. To succeed in any stream of career, you must be passionate about it. If you don’t feel passionate, you can never achieve ultimate success in that domain. Here is a list of some of the books they Devin Thorpe has written.

Devin Thorpe’s Books

925 Ideas to Help You save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire a Millionaire: So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World     Dec 19, 2012

Want to be happy with your money? This book by Thorpe is a collection of more than 150 essays on personal and family finance to help you fix your financial woes. It contains tips to be frugal and how invest smartly. 925 Ideas is an incredible book that will help you live a life of financial freedom and peace.  It contains tips on topics such as finding agreement between you and your spouse on money matters, teaching your kids about the value of money, financing your children’s college education, and living life like a millionaire.

Don’t Just Build a Network, Build a Movement   2 August 2016
A collections of essays from author Devin D. Thorpe that contains tons of ideas about building a sales network, especially for a social cause and turn it into a movement like force.

Crowdfunding for Social Good: Financing Your Mark on the World Jul 27, 2013

A Devin Thorpe’s account of practical and inspiring stories from real life about crowd funding for Social Welfare! How they successfully raised huge funds using crowd funding and actionable tips to enable you to do it.

Your Mark On The World: Stories of service that show us how to give more with a purpose without giving up what’s most important. Jul 20, 2012
This book will help you to become the best version of yours. Devin Thorpe has worked very hard to compile his experiences and knowledge to give you practical insights about earning the best returns on your investments without indulging into unnecessary risks. He also offers tips about saving more for your future without compromising with the quality of your life. So, the book will not only help you to live a wealthy life, but also prepare you to leave your mark on the world.

Building Wealth for Building the Kingdom: A Financial Planning Guide for Latter-day Saint Families  Jan 10, 2012
It’s a simple but practical book from Devin Thorpe about personal finance that will help you to achieve all your financial goals, i.e. how to retire rich and how to finance the higher education for your kids, etc. It will help you take decisions that will change your life forever by learning to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Adding Profit by Adding Purpose: The CFO’s CSR Handbook May 8, 2016
Do you want to grow a corporate social responsibility program? If you are a CEO or CFO, it can be the ultimate source of information for you. Focused towards C Suite, Devin’s compelling book has actionable tips and ideas for office workers, entrepreneurs and executives alike.

Changing the world as an author, speaker and champion of social good

Devin Porte has achieved a lot in a short span of time as an author, educator and speaker. He calls himself a champion of social good. He is striving hard to solve some of biggest and most complex universal problems through his work, such as poverty, healthcare issues and environment. His books on personal finance, crowd funding and CSR are read by more than 1 million readers worldwide. Apart from his keynote at the United Nations, he gets various opportunities to speak in countries like Russia, Brazil, Canada, Australia and many other nations in the world, apart from the US. He has also worked in U.S. Senate Banking Committee staff.

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